Encryption isn't an option, it's a necessity

From government-backed monitoring initiatives to advanced malware attacks orchestrated by criminal organisations, the need to keep your online activity secure and private has never been so high, regardless of whether you’re on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

And encryption is the key to that. Recent examples, such as DDoS attacks using the Mirai Botnet, the UK IP Bill (commonly known as the Snooper’s bill) or hackers that stole millions of data records, highlight the importance of strong encryption and security processes.

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service – which relies on end-to-end encryption to transmit data- will help maintain your privacy, anonymity and security online.

VPNs are usually associated with content streaming but there are numerous use cases such as accessing your data abroad, P2P torrenting or buying online that make a compelling case for VPN services.

They make it impossible for internet service providers to monitor your activities and applying aggressive speed throttling (e.g. when for P2P activity).

With the start of the holiday season, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, VPNs have become an essential part of the security toolset available to the end user, both online and on the desktop. 

Choose wisely 

There are more than 200 VPN service providers globally so make sure that when you select one, you ensure that no third parties have access to the data transmitted, that the encryption used is at least uses a 256-bit key, that it offers automatic protocol selection and Wi-Fi security.

Other features such as a dedicated IP, DDoS protection, an internet kill switch, a NAT Firewall and support for multiple protocols (OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2 for different devices) are more than just niceties.

A robust infrastructure and support for the main platforms and devicesare also vital to provide a solid VPN solution. A local presence in most countries of the globe, preferably with more than one server per territory is desirable.

As is the ability to connect more than one device at the same time and the availability of a large number of IPs globally. Back this up with a year-round, 24x7x365 live chat support and you pretty much get the perfect service.

That’s what PureVPN aspires to. They pride themselves for being the world’s fastest VPN service, with more than one million users, AES-256 encryption and the ability to support more than 50 types of devices (and that even includes gaming consoles).

Up to five users can connect to it at the same time and with a proprietary network of over 500 servers disseminated in more than 140 countries and more than 80,000 IPs, PureVPN delivers the sort of unlimited, unrestricted access that all VPN users deserve.

Delivering cutting edge, online security and privacy solutions with innovative features (like the new virtual router) while maintaining customer centricity is at the core of what PurePVN is all about.