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VPN deals: get the best price on privacy protection for 2020

vpn deals
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It's all very well reading our guide to the very best VPN providers, but we know that - just like any tech gadget or software - you probably just want to to know what the most attractive deals are right now. Well if that's the case, you've come to the right place and there are some great discounts floating around right now.

Below is the curated list of the most impressive VPN deals you can get in the world at the moment, full stop. Some are just generally a really low price, others may be a limited time discount. And there are even a couple of EXCLUSIVE prices in there too that are for TechRadar readers only. For the most part, you just won't find a lot of these offers by going directly to the provider's website.

But this isn't about solely the price and we only recommend deals from VPN providers that we really rate. Which is why the ExpressVPN deal is at the top - it's a great price on our #1 favorite VPN.

Whether you plan to use your VPN to protect your privacy, watch Netflix on holiday or remain anonymous while you surf online, you will find the perfect VPN offer for you in our list of bargain sales. And if you're located somewhere outside the US, don't let the $ signs put you off - that's just how most providers display their pricing, but can still be purchased from anywhere.

ExpressVPN | 1 year | $12.95 $6.67 per month and 3 months FREE
With fast speeds, 24/7 live chat, and best-in-class encryption, ExpressVPN is TechRadar's #1 trusted offshore VPN for privacy and unblocking content worldwide. Get it today with a no-hassle 30-day money-back guarantee, a massive 49% discount off suggested retail price AND 15 months for the price of 12. Fantastic value.
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IPVanish VPN + SugarSync cloud storage | 1 year | $143.88 $39 | 73% off
Not only do we rank IPVanish among the best VPN service overall, but the fact that you get 10 simultaneous connections on one device for the equivalent of $3.25 a month makes it incredible value for money. In addition, it will throw in a whole year of cloud storage service SugarSync as well.
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CyberGhost | 3 years | $2.45 per month | 79% saving
CyberGhost is a pretty affordable VPN at the best of times, at an effective price of $2.45 a month. It means your next three years of VPN are sorted for less than $100. Not only is CyberGhost a superb provider with a powerful Windows client, over 5,700 servers and can support up to 7 devices. And you can give it a nice long try with a 45-day money back guarantee.
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Surfshark | 2 years | $11.95 $1.99 per month | 84% saving
Woooooah there Surfshark! You're showing everybody else up at the moment when it comes to pure price. A massive cut means that a solitary payment of $47.76 will give you two years of outstanding VPN service - it has loads of features and excellent, speedy chat support.
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NordVPN | 3 years | $11.95 $3.49 per month | 80% saving
NordVPN goes big on discounts with its long term plan. If you commit to Nord's excellent service for the next three years, it will slash 80% off the price, bringing things down to an effective $3.49 per month.View Deal

SaferVPN | 3 years | $12.95 $2.50 per month | 81% saving
As you might guess from its name, SaferVPN's main selling point is how secure it promises to make your online life. Our testing found that it does exactly that and generally without costing you too much in the way of connection speed. This discount for the next 36 months is pretty eye-catching.
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VyprVPN | 2 years cover | $12.95 $2.50 per month | 80% saving
You can now get a humongous 81% off VyprVPN two-year plans (just $60 USD for 24 months). VyprVPN is a fast, highly secure VPN without third parties. Enjoy unlimited data usage and up to three simultaneous connections. Get this VyprVPN offer here.
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Hotspot Shield | 3 years | $12.99 $2.99 per month | 77% saving
This is a stroke of luck...Hotspot Shield is still displaying its excellent Black Friday pricing. The 77% discount is clearly very eye-catching, and you can't really argue with an effective monthly cost of just $2.99 - you have to pay the full $108 upfront. We have no idea when it will end, though.View Deal

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