TechRadar's ultimate Christmas guide: have yourself a very techy Christmas


When Andy Williams crooned that Christmas was the “most wonderful time of the year” we like to think he had TechRadar's festive features line-up in mind, as well as all the caroling and toasted marshmallows. 

Although we’re not going to break into song outside your home (you’re welcome) or fill you with sugar (we’re sorry), we are here for all your wintry tech needs and really, that’s the best Christmas gift of all.

Whether you’re looking for the latest essential tech reads, advice on how to set up your new gadgets, or you’d like help making it through the Boxing Day sales without feeling like you’ve gone three rounds with Rudolph, TechRadar is here to help.

Gifting guides

 When you wake up the morning after a heady Christmas, the last thing you want to do is shed your pyjamas and trek to the shops. Fortunately, the best Boxing Day deals can now usually be found online. Think of Boxing Day as a second Christmas except the only person you have to gift is yourself.

We’re here to help you shop the key Boxing Day retailers and find the best deals for the tech that was disappointingly passed over on your wish list.

Don't forget to keep checking back – we're adding more every day.

Christmas 2017 deals

When frightful is an understatement for the weather outside and you just want to spend your weekends recovering from all the pre-Christmas parties you've attended through the week, the last thing you want to do is shed your pajamas and trek to the shops. Fortunately, the best Christmas deals can now usually be found online. 

We’re here to help you find the must-have Christmas tech gifts and get the best deals on everything you can. Below we've got some essential buying guides for the best deals before Christmas.

Christmas 2017: essential buying guides

For essential tech

For gaming

For computing

For your TV

For your home

Christmas reading list

The weather is too bitter to face, everyone’s resting in a comfortable silence in front of the TV and the chocolates are within reaching distance. This is the perfect time to curl up with excellent reads on TechRadar. 

Here we have guides to the things you should be watching, fantastic roundups of the past year in tech, as well as some thoughts on what we should be looking forward to in 2018. 

How to set up your Christmas