The best cheap Beats headphones sales and deals for June 2024

Beats headphone deals
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Beats headphone deals are far more commonplace these days. The previously premium cups have taken some serious price cuts over the years, which means cheap Beats headphones are often lining the shelves if you're browsing at the right time. We often see these headphones taking heavier discounts during holiday sales, but if you're browsing outside of an event, there are still likely to be some solid offers on the table. 

For you Beats deals hunters, that means some fantastic cheap Beats Headphones sales on the older models, although the new ones are often for sale as well. There are Beats Headphone prices for everyone as well, thankfully, as prices range from just $69/£69 all the way to $249/£249.

We're helping you find all the latest Beats headphone deals right here, with our price comparison software running through all the biggest offers on the web every half hour. Whether you're after one of the more luxurious models or a budget pick, you'll find all the lowest prices right here.

Beats headphones are something of an institution when it comes to consumer audio tech and are absolutely up there with the very best brands when it comes to popularity. Acquired by Apple back in the heady days of 2014, the Beats brand has gone from strength to strength and now encompasses a wide range of over-ear headphones and in-ear earphones, including some of the best wireless headphones.

Today's best Beats headphone deals

The best Beats headphone deals

Beats Studio Buds Plus

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1. Beats Studio Buds Plus (2023)

The best Beats earbuds you can buy

Design: In-ear | Noise cancelling: Yes | Wireless: Bluetooth | Battery life: 9h | NFC: No | Controls: Touch | Weight: 5g | Colors available: Black, Silver, Ivory, Transparent | Year released: 2023 | Launch price: $169/£179/AU$269

Unique transparent design
Impressive noise cancellation
Improved microphone quality
Lacks wireless charging

The Beats Studio Buds Plus were launched in 2023 with a starting price of $169 / £179 / AU$269, only $10 more than the original Beats Studio Buds cost. The earbuds feature improved Active Noise Cancelling and Transparency Mode and better microphone quality that filter background noise for crisp and clear calls. The most glaring new feature of the Studio Buds Plus, is the transparent design option, which allows you to see the inner workings of your earbuds, including circuits, power supplies and components. The Beats Studio Buds provide up to 36-hours of battery life and feature enhanced compatibility with both Apple and Android devices.

Beats Fit Pro

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2. Beats Fit Pro (2021)

A cheaper alternative to the AirPods Pro 2

Design: In-ear | Noise cancelling: Yes | Wireless: Bluetooth | Battery life: 6h | NFC: No | Controls: Touch | Weight: 5.6g | Colors available: Black, Red, White, Gray, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Nude | Year released: 2022 | Launch price: $199/£199/AU$299.95

Comfortable and secure fit
Active noise cancellation
H1 chip for hands-free Siri

The Beats Fit Pro were released in 2021 as workout-friendly earbuds that are an alternative to Apple's pricey AirPods Pro 2, costing $199 / £199 / AU$299.95 at launch.

The wireless earbuds feature active noise cancellation and deliver impressive sound quality thanks to Apple's powerful H1 chip that gets you access to hands-free Siri. You're also getting a comfortable and secure fit thanks to the wing tip design, plus an impressive six hours of battery life, on-device controls, and new fun color options like Stone Purple and Sage Green.

beats studio buds

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3. Beats Studio Buds (2021)

Budget earbuds with active noise cancellation

Design: In-ear | Noise cancelling: Yes | Wireless: Bluetooth | Battery life: 8h | NFC: No | Controls: Touch | Weight: 10g | Colors available: Black, Red, White, Gray, Blue | Year released: 2021 | Launch price: $149/£159.99

Active noise cancellation
Cheaper than the AirPods Pro
Quality sound
Comfortable fit
Lacks H1 Wireless Chip

The Beats Studio Buds were released in 2021 as a cheaper option to Apple's AirPods Pro, with a starting price of $149.99 / £129.99 / AU$199.95, which is considerably less than Apple's earbuds.

The Beats Studio Buds deliver a powerful, balanced sound with dynamic range and active noise cancellation, a feature the below Powerbeats Pro lack. You're also getting a comfortable fit with three soft eartip sizes included and full volume and track controls on the earbuds, so you don't need your device to adjust your music. The Beats Studio Buds also provide an impressive 8 hours of battery life and are compatible with Apple and Android devices.

Beats Flex

4. Beats Flex (2020)

Beats cheapest earbuds

Design: In-ear | Noise cancelling: No | Wireless: Bluetooth | Battery life: 12h | NFC: No | Controls: Touch | Weight: 18.6g | Colors available: Black, Blue, Gray, Yellow | Year released: 2020 | Launch price: $69.95/£69.99

Fast charging
Long-lasting battery life
Not true wireless earbuds

The Beats Flex wireless earbuds are the brand's cheapest earbuds, retailing for just $69.99 / £59.99 / AU$99.95, which is significantly less compared to other premium earbuds. You're getting many of the same features of the Powerbeats Pro, including the Apple W1 Wireless Chip for seamless connectivity and a built-in sensor that automatically plays music when they're in your ears and pauses when attached around your neck. The Beats Flex also offer an impressive 12 hours of battery life, and a 10-minute Fast Fuel charge will give you 1.5 hours of playback time when the battery is low

cheap powerbeats pro deals prices sales

5. Powerbeats Pro (2019)

Workout-focused earbuds

Design: In-ear | Noise cancelling: No | Wireless: Bluetooth | Battery life: 9h | NFC: No | Controls: Touch | Weight: 22g | Colors available: Black, Ivory, Navy, Moss | Year released: 2019 | Launch price: $249/£219

Excellent battery life
Snug fit while exercising
The best in-ear Beats sound
Still expensive

Released in 2019, the Powerbeats Pro were the most exercise-friendly Beats headphones at the time, thanks to the hook that reaches behind the ear that ensures your Beats stay in place during any activity.

In addition to that signature bass-heavy sound, you're getting surprisingly adept quality in mid-range clarity as well as superior noise-isolation to the AirPods. Make no mistake, though, Beats are at their best with high-energy, big tunes. So, if you're hitting the gym, these are the Beats you want. They're not waterproof, mind, so be careful if you go running in the rain.

We're loving the 9-hour battery, and that can be boosted to around 24 hours thanks to the charging case that comes with the new Powerbeats Pro headphones. Running late? A five-minute quick charge gives you 90 minutes of playback. Nice.

Even better, the Powerbeats Pro see regular inclusion in cheap Beats headphones sales, making them a fantastic option for deal hunters in particular. 

Cheap Beats deals on headphone models

Beats Studio Pro

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1. Beats Studio Pro (2023)

Beats latest noise canceling over-ear headphones

Design: : On-ear | *Active Noise canceling: Yes | Wireless: Bluetooth | Battery life: 40h (22 with NC) | NFC: No | Controls: Touch and voice | Weight: 260g | Colors available: Black, Deep Brown, Navy, Sandstone | Year released: 2023 | Launch price: $349 / £349

Active noise cancellation
Impressive battery life
Sleek design

The Beats Studio Pro are the company's latest over-ear headphones, and their retail starting price is $349 / £349 / AU$530. The 2023 Studio Pro features a beautiful design that Beats is known for and come in a sleek fabric case with four different colors available: black, deep brown, navy, and sandstone. You're getting impressive sound, deep bass, and active noise cancellation with personalized spatial audio. The wireless headphones feature 40 hours of battery life, and a 10-minute fast charge will give you four more hours of playback.

The Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphones are the most popular model, offering an on-ear design

2. Beats Solo 3 (2018)

Still a fantastic pair of headphones

Design: On-ear | Noise cancelling: No | Wireless: Bluetooth | Battery life: 40h | NFC: No | Controls: touch+wired | Weight: 215g | Colors available: Matt Black, Satin Gold, Satin Silver, Gloss Black, Gloss White, Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Red, Black/Red | Year released: 2018 | Launch price: $299/£250

Punchy sound
Excellent wireless connection
Often available at a discounted price

If you have a modern iPhone and want a pair of the best Beats headphones made specifically for Apple's latest range, you really should take a look at the Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphones. In addition to a fantastic wireless connection and punchy sound, you're getting a huge battery run-time. A single charge can last for up to 40 hours which could last you for an entire week's worth of commuting between charges. 

The Solo 3 Wireless are the most popular over/on-ear headphones in the Beats range and are regularly featured in cheap Beats headphones sales. They're also available in a whole range of different color designs so there's plenty of scope to choose a color scheme that best represents your personality - whether that's jet black or blingy gold! 

They fold neatly away in a bag and don't look massive on your head - although there are no noise cancelling options with this model - for that you'd need either the Beats Studio 3 Wireless or the newer Beats Solo Pro. If you're looking for cheap Beats headphones prices on a set of over-ear cans that don't feel outdated in their spec, the 2018 Solo 3 model is for you. 

cheap Beats Solo Pro prices deals

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3. Beats Solo Pro (2019)

Difficult to find in stock

Design: : On-ear | *Noise canceling: Yes | Wireless: Bluetooth | Battery life: 40h (22 with NC) | NFC: No | Controls: Touch and voice | Weight: 267g | Colors available: Black, Ivory, Dark Blue, Light BLue, Red, Gray | Year released: 2019 | Launch price: $299 / £269

Great noise-cancelation
40-hour battery life
Useful transparency mode

Studier than the Solo 3 line and sporting a cool matte finish in each color, the Beats Solo Pro feels like the biggest step up in quality the series has seen in some time for its larger line of headphones. Beats work best with iPhones and pairs fast thanks to modern chipsets, and we love the hands-free Siri integration, too, which is a first on the Beats Solo Pro.

The active noise cancellation brings Apple's Beats somewhat closer to the best offerings from Sony and Bose, although those two are still ahead by some distance. We do like the simple one-button access to the transparency mode here, though. This optional feature allows some outside noise to come through, which can be handy in an office if you want to be aware of someone calling your name or make sure you're aware of traffic around you when walking or cycling.

You'll see one of the higher Beats headphones prices attached to this particular set of cans, but for a 2019 model with such power as these, it's easily worth it. 

The Beats Studio 3 Wireless headphones are at the top end of the range - they sound the best but cost the most

4. Beats Studio 3 (2017)

The best Beats headphones for noise-cancelling

Design: Over-ear | Noise cancelling: Yes | Wireless: Bluetooth | Battery life: 22-40h | NFC: No | Controls: touch+wired | Weight: 260g | Colors available: Black, White, Blue, Red, Grey, Black/Red | Year released: 2017 | Launch price: $349/£299

Excellent noise-cancelling
Better battery
Solid performance

The Beats Studio 3 were first launched in 2017 with a starting price of $349 / £299, but since then, you can find frequent discounts on the wireless headphones. Using an over-ear, closed-back design, the Studio 3 is one of the best noise-cancelling sets of headphones Beats has ever made. The battery has massively improved, too, so that you can enjoy music for up to 22 hours, or 40, with the active noise cancellation turned off.

The Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones are a great match for users of modern iPhones missing 3.5mm jacks - you can pair them with any smartphone, though, thanks to the Bluetooth technology. The Studio 3 is available in multiple colors, including red, matte black, white, porcelain rose, blue, and shadow grey. They are more expensive compared with the Solo 3 Wireless, and they're bulkier and heavier, too - so do make sure you're aware of this before you buy.

The Beats EP headphones are the 'cheap' option in the range

5. Beats EP headphones (2016)

The cheapest big Beats headphones currently available

Design: On-ear | Noise cancelling: No | Wireless: No | Battery life: N/A | NFC: No | Controls: Wired | Weight: 204g | Colors available: Black, White, Blue, Red | Year released: 2016 | Launch price: $99/£89

Budget-friendly Beats
Great color options
Balanced and rounded sound

The Beats EP headphones are the cheapest on-ear headphones in the Beats by Dre lineup and are a fine place to start if you've had your eye on the colorful stylings for a while. They're wired via a 3.5mm jack, but at least you'll never have to worry about them running out of battery juice.

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Which cheap Beats headphones should you buy?

On the over-ear and on-ear side of the Beats headphones range you'll find the Beats Solo Pro and Beats Studio 3 Wireless leading the charge with the best sound and highest price. The Beats Solo 3 Wireless is the most popular option, and also one of the more recent, with an on-ear slightly more compact design. Meanwhile, the Beats EP is a cheap Beats headphone option that goes for under $100. You can also still pick up a pair of Beats Pro headphones, made for DJs - though they're no longer listed on the Beats website.

Meanwhile, the Powerbeats Pro are the latest true wireless earbuds in the Beats in-ear headphone range, offering totally wireless listening with a sporty finish – think Apple Airpods but with better noise isolation and better sound. 

They're backed up by the Powerbeats3 Wireless, the previous wireless option that connects the earphones behind your neck. The Powerbeats3 and the slightly newer Beats X, a more traditional style of wireless earbuds, are your best bet for cheap Beats headphone sales right now. However, at the bottom end, you also have the wired urBeats3 earphones, available with either 3.5mm or Lightning connector for an iPhone. This is where you'll find the best Beats headphones prices, but not necessarily the quality to back them up.

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