The best AirPods Pro sales and deals for December 2022

AirPods Pro deals sales
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AirPods Pro deals are about to take on a life of their own now that the new model is set for release in October. That means we expect to see some excellent savings across previous generations over the next couple of months, with upcoming Christmas sales representing a particularly lucrative discount opportunity. That means there are going to be plenty of AirPods Pro sales kicking around the web right now - you just need to know where to look. 

That's exactly what we're doing here, bringing you all the cheapest AirPods Pro deals from around the web. Having spent a good chunk of time on the market now, we're starting to see price drops hit the AirPods Pro in a number of regions. The record low in the US comes in at $169, a sales price that proved popular over last year's Black Friday deals event period meanwhile, the UK has seen prices drop to £169 in the past. If you spot an AirPods Pro sale nearing these figures, you've got yourself a bargain.

If you're looking to spend less than that, we'd recommend pointing you toward older second-generation AirPods and the previous non-Mag Safe version of the AirPods Pros. While you might be limited to renewed options, there are even more discounts to be found here. 

You'll find today's best AirPods Pro deals below, comparing prices from the top retailers online so you can find the lowest price available. 

The best AirPods Pro deals available now

AirPods Pro deals sales

Where to find the best AirPods Pro deals and sales

If you're still after AirPods Pro deals, you can check out the retailers below in addition to our comparison chart above for the best chances of finding the sale price for you. The standard AirPods Pro price is $249/£249, so make sure you don't pay more than that during your deals hunt. 


  • Amazon (opens in new tab): usually offers some of the best AirPods Pro deals around
  • Newegg (opens in new tab): flash sales can see record price lows
  • Best Buy (opens in new tab): regular discounts down to around $199
  • Verizon (opens in new tab): matches Amazon for top AirPods Pro deals


  • Amazon (opens in new tab): frequent discounts available
  • Laptops Direct (opens in new tab): has offered some of the best AirPods Pro deals going
  • Argos (opens in new tab): often price matches Amazon's iPad Pro sales
  • Very (opens in new tab): regular sales mean cheaper prices 
  • Currys (opens in new tab): discounts available with fast shipping and price matching
  • John Lewis (opens in new tab): infrequent sales but excellent warranty guarantees

Is the AirPods Pro price worth it?

Even with all the AirPods Pro deals available, the cost of Apple's premium true wireless earbuds is still considerably higher than the standard 2019 generation. However, there are several features and quality of life enhancements that make the AirPods Pro price worth it if you're looking for a more luxurious experience. 

The buds have been completely redesigned, with Apple taking consumer frustrations over the fit of previous generations to heart and building their latest model to not only house all its tech in an ear-friendly shell but also remain flexible in its size. Three tips offer different-sized buds, while internal microphones measure the audio being received by your ear to let you know if you've selected the correct fit. 

The AirPods Pro price also reflects the new Transparency Mode, which allows certain sounds to break through noise cancellation when required. Plus, intelligent, active sound monitoring is achieved through an internal and external microphone adjusting your noise cancellation 200 times per minute. 

The biggest improvements over the previous AirPods lie in this noise cancelation and improved fit. Apple has also spent time in the sound quality department, however. While the audio quality has undoubtedly been improved thanks to custom low-distortion drivers and high dynamic range amplifiers, it's the new Adaptive EQ feature that will boost your music's quality the most. This nifty little piece of tech molds the sound of your tunes to you, tuning low and mid frequencies to the shape of your own ear to boost the quality and richness of the audio on offer. 

If all of that doesn't sound like it appeals, why not check out cheaper AirPods prices in the comparison table below.

When to shop for AirPods Pro sales

These true wireless earbuds hit the market in October 2019, and since then we've seen AirPods Pro deals dropping to their lowest prices during Amazon Prime Day and the Black Friday holiday season. We're used to price drops on these accessory products every time Apple heads into its annual September / October release window, so shopping for AirPods sales is especially fruitful in this lead-up.

More AirPods deals

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