The best Now pass offers, boxes, smart sticks and deals in 2022

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Now - formerly known as Now TV - is a handy alternative to Sky. Offering a flexible way to get all the best shows, films and sports usually reserved for people with Sky TV deals.

Here we compare the current deals directly from the website and retailers around the UK, to get you the best Now TV prices and deals. 

The best bit? We've got the best TV offers now on everything - including passes, memberships, voucher deals for new and existing clients, boxes, the Now Smart Box 4K and the Now Stick (both of which come with a voice-remote control).

But don't worry if you don't want these gadgets, you don't need a Now Smart Stick or box as you can get the Now app on plenty of devices including smart TVs, tablets, or even on your PS4/Xbox One.

And of course, if you also are looking for broadband with your TV, the streaming service also has some tempting broadband and TV deals

Ready to find the best Now offer for you? Just keep scrolling.

The latest Now membership offers

You can go directly to the Now website to check out the latest pass offers...or we can tell you about the best ones right here! Especially as they're not always on the Now site itself.

You probably already have a device which is very capable of running the Now TV app (tablets, gaming consoles, Smart TV etc), so once you select your Now membership offer you're set to go! 

Now don't be disheartened if you don't happen to have a device, because we've also listed for you further down this page how you can get a cheap Now TV Smart Box or Now TV Stick and which are the current best deals on both devices.

The only bad news we have to deliver is that these offers are usually for new members only, but you can often find other discounts by picking up Now TV passes from other retailers instead.

Now TV Entertainment Membership at CDkeys| 50% off | One month| £7.99£3.99

Now TV Entertainment Membership at CDkeys| 50% off | One month| £7.99 £3.99
If you want to try out the Entertainment Membership, then this would be the ideal offer for you! Not only is this over a 50% discount, but you're still getting full access to all the Entertainment channels and show for a ridiculously cheap price!

now TV box 4K

Now Smart Box 4K prices

The Now Smart Box 4K is ideal for anyone who wants access to a wide range of apps, which includes Netflix, YouTube, and all the UK TV catch-up services. It's easy set-up and reasonable pricing which include the voice remote make it an easy choice.

However, it is important to note that you'll only be able to stream Netflix along with Sky Sports Membership channels and select Entertainment and Cinema Membership channels in 4K, as the rest of the services such as BBC iPlayer is limited to HD.

And currently, Now is only selling the smart stick, it seems they are focusing more on promoting the device as it's much smaller and easier to transport yet still has the same functions as the Now TV smart box.

 So, basically you won't be able to purchase the Now smart box from the website - but you will be able to get it from other retailers, you've got a few options below.

If you don't want the Now TV smart box, the good news is you probably already have a device which is very capable of running the Now TV app (tablets, gaming consoles, Smart TV etc), so once you select your Now TV membership you're set to go. And if you don't have a device, why not get a Now smart stick instead?

Now TV Stick deals

Now TV Smart Stick deals

The best Now Smart Stick deals

This is by far the cheapest hardware option for the Now family, not only is it quite affordable but it is excellent value for money. Most purchase options from our price comparison chart now include a Now Entertainment or Cinema membership too to get you going. 

It's extremely similar to the Amazon Fire TV Stick, but a fair bit cheaper - simply plug it into an HDMI slot on your TV and get streaming. The added bonus is that it comes with a remote control that supports voice-commands and search too!

The best Now Membership deals

If you’ve already got a Now box, gaming console or another device that can stream the service (such as a Roku player or a Chromecast) then all you need is a Now membership to get subscribed to the various streaming packages offered on the service.

There are currently four memberships available for Now; Entertainment, Sky Cinema, Kids and Sky Sports. These are available for subscription periods as short as one day (for Sky Sports), or as long as one month.

Ironically, the cheapest way of getting your hands on cheap passes is often to get them bundled in with a Now box, but you can also find cheap Now TV passes available. Below, we have compiled a selection of the best deals around for each pass below.

Now Entertainment membership offers

The Now Entertainment Membership gets you access to Sky Atlantic shows like Chernobyl, Tin Star, Catherine the Great, Watchmen and more. With this pass you also get access to Sky Living, Sky 1, FOX, Comedy Central, MTV and many more - so you can watch all the movies and shows available on these channels. 

It costs £9.99 a month, but this pass gets you fresh content to watch on a regular basis across multiple genres and you won't find the same programs on the likes of Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

Below you can see our favourite Now Entertainment pass deals from a few retailers.

Now Sky Cinema membership (aka Sky Movies pass) offers

If you're more interested in film than television, then the Now Cinema pass is the subscription for you. With this you'll get access to an immense amount of films, as well as the added bonus that Sky Cinema has a new premiere every day! Make sure to check the Now TV website for offers, our current number one pick is below - and don't forget that we have our comparison chart below that always shows the latest and best Now Cinema membership deals (so make sure you keep an eye on this page!)

Now Sky Sports membership and pass deals

Sky's sporting selections are all represented and available via a Now Sky Sports pass, which also has the added benefit of not needing a lengthy and expensive contract commitment.

With the Sky's Sports Membership you get access to all 11 Sky Sports channels including: Sky Sports News, Sky Sports Main Event, Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Arena, Sky Sports Golf, Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Football (for Football League, La Liga and more), Sky Sports Mix, and Sky Sports Racing. 

The monthly pass is usually £33.99 a month. Or if you're just looking to watch one event or you just want to try it out then the day pass at £9.99 instead.

Now TV kids membership

At just £3.99 a month, the Kids pass is one of the cheapest of the Now TV subscriptions, and as such, it takes some beating. It features a range of shows such as Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, SpongeBob SquarePants and plenty more, making it ideal for the little ones. The best news? If you're unsure if you want to get it or not it does offer a seven-day free trial, it has no contract but it does have a rolling monthly membership. As things stand, the cheapest way to get the subscription is to buy it from Now TV directly at the link below.

Now TV Hayu membership

cheap now tv pass vouchers offers deals hayu

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If reality TV is your thing then a mere £4.99 a month Hayu pass is ridiculously hot value for all the reality TV fans out there. We're talking Project Runway, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, all of the Real Housewives saga, The Simple Life and much more! So if you're looking for your reality TV fix this pass is the way to go.

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