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The best Sky TV deals, packages, upgrades and Sky Glass offers September 2022

Sky TV deals
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Sky TV leads the charge in the UK with 12.7 million customer subscribing to the digital broadcaster - that's in part thanks to some of the best Sky TV deals and packages it offers, loaded with grit and variety to keep everyone under one roof entertained.

Leading the charge is Sky TV's most affordable bundle, bringing together your Sky TV package and Netflix subscription under one umbrella. You can also now save £6.99 a month when you opt to add Sky Cinema to your package, with Paramount Plus thrown in free.

For existing customers, there are some great upgrades, too. Get a taster of the likes of Sky Ultimate TV and Sky Kids with two months free. For sports fans who want to feel as though they're pitch-side of a 2022/23 Premier League live stream,  keep reading as we list the best Sky TV deals and packages for new customers, as well as Sky TV upgrades for loyal customers.

Highlights to watch this month?

  • Belfast, streaming from September 2
  • The 355, streaming from September 9
  • Marry Me, streaming from September 16
  • Uncharted, streaming from September 23
  • This England, season 1
  • Vampire Academy, season 1
  • In sports: Formula 1, Premier League, EFL Championship, Men's Test Cricket

Sky TV deals: What is the cheapest Sky TV package?

While the definition of 'cheap' may be subjective in terms of how you value the money you spend, when it comes to Sky TV and its most affordable package it makes sense that you can snatch up your Sky TV and Netflix subscription in one. 

From there you can build it up by selecting any add-ons to your package, or simply enjoy the fantastic selection of content that comes with it, with over 100 channels and 500 ready-to-watch boxsets.

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Sky TV & Netflix (opens in new tab) - best for binge watchers
Combine Sky TV and Netflix under one subscription in this excellent value Sky TV package for just £26 a month, essentially getting your monthly membership to Netflix for free on top of Sky TV's 100 channels and 500 boxsets.

Today's best Sky TV deals and bundles

Latest Sky TV bundle deals

If you're flicking through for TV-only offers that include excellent entertainment on the box, we've got the best of the bunch for Sky TV deals. From combining your Sky TV with other add-ons to make one great value Sky TV package to securing a lower overall cost, or ensuring you won't miss the next match when your team plays with Sky Sports, these are certainly the best Sky TV offers to keep your eye on right now.

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Sky TV + Sky Sports (opens in new tab) - best for sports fans
Save £342
in total across 18 months with this Sky TV bundle now just £40 a month and fill your boots with sporting coverage straight from Premier League Football, Test cricket, NFL games, and more.

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Sky TV + Sky Sports + BT Sport (opens in new tab) - the ultimate sports package
The ultimate Sky TV sports package, thrown in BT Sport on top and enjoy UFC fights, Champions League football, and more. Now £65 a month, save £396 in total.

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Sky Sports + Sky Movies (opens in new tab)- the best package for families
Something for everyone, enjoy thousands of movies on demand, as well as movies premiering on Sky Movies, along with the best of sports coverage from Sky Sports. Now £52 a month, save £342 in total across 18 months.

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Sky Sports, BT Sport and Movies (opens in new tab) - money's no issue package
Go big or go home with the ultimate Sky TV bundle, filling your boots with great TV series, movies and sporting action, all for £77 a month right now, with a huge saving of £396 across 18 months.

Sky Glass deals

Introducing the latest innovation from Sky, Sky Glass is the broadcasters very own OLED TV, well and truly assimilating Sky into your home. With the ability to voice active its AI, you can be taken straight to what you want to watch and enjoy great entertainment in all its full potential. Discover the best Sky Glass deal below.

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Sky Glass Ultimate TV package from £39 a month (opens in new tab) - an immersive Sky experience
Bringing Sky into your home ecosystem with Sky Glass (opens in new tab), you can get your hands on the sharp TV itself, and throw in Sky TV and your Netflix subscription from £39 a month. Choose between a 43, 55, or 65-inch screen, available in white, pink, green, blue, or black.

Sky TV upgrade deals

While existing customers will need to log into their account to get the full breadth of Sky TV upgrades and existing customer deals, here's just a taster of what's on offer to those already with a Sky package in their household.

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Sky Cinema with Paramount Plus (opens in new tab) - save £6.99 a month
Paramount Plus has now launched in the UK and Sky Cinema customers can throw it into their package at no extra cost. Save £6.99 a month and watch Scream, Halo, iCarly, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, and more.

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Sky Ultimate TV (opens in new tab) - up to 5 months FREE
For customers with a Sky Q box, you can upgrade now and get the Sky Ultimate TV package with up to five months completely on Sky. This includes Sky Originals and Netflix covered.

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Sky Kids (opens in new tab) - up to 2 months free
With the summer holidays here, give yourself a breather and enjoy up to 2 months on Sky for its Sky Kids package and get lots of great entertainment for kids of all ages.

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Complete Sky Sports package (opens in new tab) - extra £25 a month
Add all eight Sky Sports channels to your pre-existing Sky TV package and add £25 to your bill with access to the Premier League and F1 channels, and more.

Sky TV and broadband deals

Want to tick off the TV and broadband bill in one clean sweep? Sky have you covered with its excellent Sky TV and broadband bundles. Benefit from exceptional speeds, and - if you're not satisfied - get your money back with Sky's Speed Guarantee. Choose between its Essential, Superfast, and Ultrafast broadband packages, and browse, stream, and game to your heart's content.

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Sky TV +  Superfast Broadband + Netflix - the best of both (opens in new tab)
For 18 months, get average speeds of 59Mbps with Sky's Superfast broadband, and the Sky TV + Netflix package, all for just £46 a month and with a set-up fee of up to £68.95.

Want a bit more choice? We have a page dedicated to the best Sky broadband deals, where you'll find Sky's current Internet packages in full.

Sky TV deals: all Sky TV package add-on prices

Want to spice up your Sky TV subscription? Well, there are plenty of add-ons, whether you're after extra content to binge or you want to change the way you watch and how you watch it. 

It's also worth bearing in mind, much like the constantly changing Sky TV deals, add-ons also receive their own price reductions, meaning you can enjoy the likes of Sky Sports, or the Kids package at a discounted rate for the next 18 months. So keep your eyes peeled below, and mix and match to keep everyone under your roof satisfied.

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Sky Sports | £32 £18 a month (opens in new tab)
Watch live action from all eight Sky Sports channels, in HD as standard (you'll get 4K if you've selected the Ultra HD add on), with the Complete Sports pack. It's a pricey add-on so it might be worth going to the Sky TV website and checking if they have any bundles or packages to see if it comes out cheaper.

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Sky Cinema | £19 £12 a month (opens in new tab)
With a new premiere every day and over 1000 other films to choose from, the Sky Cinema is great for movie fans - and it now comes with Paramount Plus at no extra cost. You'll be spoilt for choice with this add-on, with plenty of movies from Aladdin, to Bad Boys, Crazy Rich Asians, Venom and many more!

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BT Sport | £28 a month (opens in new tab)
Thanks to BT's latest TV packages, you can now get the best of both worlds. So why not subscribe to this add-on for £25 a month and get access to all four BT Sport channels? You'd be getting access to exclusive Premier League games and every match of the UEFA Champions League!

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Sky Kids | £6 a month (opens in new tab)
A mere fiver a month grants access to over 4500 episodes on demand. There's more though as there are also 10 live channels. Don't worry about them hogging the TV though as you can also have up to 10 individual profiles on the Sky Kids app with shows tailored to the age of your little ones.

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Sky TV in HD | £8 a month (opens in new tab)
This is one of the most essential add-ons to any Sky TV package. If you have a HD TV, you'll want to upgrade to HD and enjoy your content with five times more detail than the old standard definition pictures. 

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Ultra HD + HD | £12 a month (opens in new tab)
So you may be asking, what's the difference between HD and ultra HD? Well according to Sky, with Ultra HD you're getting "four times the detail of HD". Plus, it gives you access to watch Netflix on four screens rather than just two. So if you want the best screen quality, we recommend getting this add-on.

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Multiscreen | £15 a month (opens in new tab)
This is ideal for anyone who wants to be able to enjoy Sky on multiple devices. With this add-on you can watch Sky on up to four different devices in your home.

Sky TV deals FAQ

What is Sky Q?

Sky Q is Sky TV's way of adapting to the way people now watch television, with less tuning in to live broadcasts, instead opting for video on-demand and streaming services. Bringing you a modern interface where you can find all the content you want to watch in one place, including each individual service you subscribe to as well as Sky TV itself, Sky Q integrates both Netflix and Spotify onto one easy-to-use ecosystem.

Better still, Sky Q allows you to access content across devices, not simply your TV. Download the app and login on your smartphone or tablet, as well as being able to access on desktop, meaning you can watch just about anywhere, and comes as a part of any new Sky TV packages purchased.

What are Sky TV packages?

When it comes to Sky TV, there are plenty of options and price points for you to choose from. A Sky package allows you to get more for your money with the option of both building your own bundle (opens in new tab) or choosing one of Sky's pre-curated TV deals (opens in new tab)

And that's not all. Sky packages aren't all about putting TV in the spotlight. Sky TV packages can also throw broadband into the mix (opens in new tab), securing both for a great price and ensuring your Internet connection is just as fabulous as the series and films you get to watch.

Why should I become a Sky TV customer?

Offering front row seats to some of the most anticipated releases, Sky TV really does have it all when it comes to content across the board with amazing TV shows, movies, as well as coverage of some of the biggest sporting events every year. 

Of course, as well as Sky TV, you can also get superb, fast broadband deals under the same umbrella, as well as landline calls in one easy, succinct package. 

While this can prove pricey, Sky TV is forever offering new customers the best Sky TV deals with new bundles and offers every month to entice you into its ever expanding library.

Are Sky TV deals available to existing customers?

Looking for Sky TV deals for existing customers doesn't always feel like the most straight-forward thing to find. However, there is a page dedicated to Sky TV upgrade deals (opens in new tab) for those who are already subscribed to Sky. 

You may also find more tailored for you when logging into your account.

What's more, if you're really not happy with the price you're paying, it's always worth giving their customer service line a call to see if they can match any of their current deals you've got your eye on. If all else fails, it has been known Sky will budge if you threaten to leave.

What happened to Sky One?

As of September 1, Sky One was pulled from Sky TV's scheduling and replaced by new flagship channel Sky Showcase. This replaces Sky One's linear TV offering as can be found on channel 106 on the Electronic Program Guide. The clue is in the name, Sky Showcase will bring together the best of Sky's roster of entertaining titles.

Sky Max was also launched at the same time, offering both a linear and on demand service, and will be home to Sky's blockbuster content.

All the latest Sky TV deals

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