Disney Plus: how to sign up, price, movies, TV shows, and more

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Disney Plus is home to one of the most impressive libraries of movies and TV shows on the planet – unsurprisingly, that's what happens when your parent company, the Walt Disney Company, owns Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and the old Twentieth Century Fox back catalogue. 

Every time you log in to Disney Plus, you're just a click away from superheroes, galaxies far, far away, timeless fairytales, and – courtesy of 33 seasons of The Simpsons – Springfield. In fact, there's no question that Disney Plus is one of the best streaming services on the market, and this guide is here to explain everything you need to know about a platform that boasts well over 100 million subscribers around the world. 

As well as telling you how to sign up, we detail what you'll get for your money, and what it will cost you – including details of upcoming price increases and a possible Netflix-style crackdown on password sharing. You'll also find information on Star, SharePlay, and GroupWatch, and the best new Disney Plus movies and TV shows heading your way before the end of the year. And if you want a little more guidance on whether the streamer is for you, read our Disney Plus review.

Disney Plus: How to sign up

The Mandalorian: Season 2

The Mandalorian was arguably the first breakout show on Disney Plus. (Image credit: Disney)

It's very easy. In fact, if you want to start watching the riches Disney Plus has to offer, all you need to do is sign up for Disney Plus here

Depending on where you live you can choose between various different options to suit your wallet and your viewing preferences. We'll explain more below.

Is there a Disney Plus free trial?

Nick Fury stands in a garden looking into the sky in Secret Invasion

Samuel L Jackson headlined Marvel's latest Disney Plus show, Secret Invasion. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Disney Plus offered a seven-day free trial when it launched in November 2019, but discontinued the option in 2020.

Disney Plus: Price and bundles explained

Best Pixar Moments

The brilliant Inside Out is one of many Pixar classics available on Disney Plus. (Image credit: Disney/Pixar)

The Disney Plus price structure has monthly and annual subscription tiers

In terms of Disney Plus price, iewers in the US can choose between two subscription tiers: the "With Ads" Disney Plus Basic ($7.99 per month) or the "No Ads" Disney Plus Premium ($10.99 per month).

While you can't buy an annual Disney Plus Basic subscription, you can save money on the ad-free Premium version by buying an annual subscription for $109.99 – that's a saving of more than $21 over the course of a year, effectively giving you 12 months of viewing for the price of 10. 

US subscribers can also take advantage of several Disney Plus bundles that allow you to make a saving by combining Disney Plus with other streaming services owned by the Walt Disney Company. 

A Duo Basic package includes Disney Plus and Hulu (which is home to plenty of grown-up fare you won't find on Disney Plus in the US), and is available for $9.99 a month (with ads). The Trio Basic package, meanwhile, gives you access to Disney Plus, Hulu and sports behemoth ESPN Plus for $12.99 a month (with ads). If you want to remove the commercials from Disney Plus and Hulu (going ad-free isn't an option on ESPN+), the Trio Premium option will set you back $19.99 a month.

All of the options above give you the option to stream Disney Plus shows and movies in 4K, and on up to four devices at once. It's worth noting, however, that the Basic subscription tiers don't allow you to download Disney Plus content to your device for offline viewing. That means you'll need an active internet connection every time you want to enjoy the televisual delights the streamer has to offer.

Here's what a subscription to Disney Plus will cost you elsewhere in the world:

  • In the UK, Disney Plus is now £7.99 per month, or £79.90 annually. (Again, paying annually gets you 12 months for the price of 10.)
  • In Australia, a Disney Plus subscription costs AU$13.99 per month or AU$139.99 annually. 
  • In Canada, it's $11.99 CAD a month and $119.99 CAD annually.
  • In New Zealand, you'll pay NZ$14.99 a month or NZ$149.99 annually.

Upcoming changes to Disney Plus pricing and plans

The Millennium Falcon model

Brilliant Disney Plus documentary Light & Magic looks back at the history of ILM. (Image credit: Lucasfilm/Disney)

Disney Plus is about to make some significant changes to its plans and pricing around the world. 

As confirmed in a press release in August 2023, the cost of an ad-free Disney Plus Premium subscription in the US will go up to $13.99 per month ($139.99 annually) from Thursday, October 12. (The price of Disney Plus Basic will remain unchanged at $7.99 per month.)

On the same day, the cost of the ad-free Trio Premium bundle (Disney Plus and Hulu ad-free, with ESPN Plus) will increase to $24.99 per month, while the Trio Basic package (Disney Plus, Hulu, ESPN Plus with ads) goes up to $14.99 per month.

From Wednesday, September 6, a new Duo Premium option will also be available. This bundle will give US viewers ad-free access to Disney Plus and Hulu for $19.99 per month. The existing Duo Basic option stays at $9.99 per month.

The Simpsons

When Disney bought 20th Century Fox in 2019, they gained access to the vast back catalogue of The Simpsons. (Image credit: Disney)

Having followed Netflix's lead by launching its own with-ads Basic package in the US, Disney Plus has announced it's rolling out an ad-free plan in the UK, several other European territories, and Canada. This will roll out from November 1. 

In the UK, there will be three plans. Standard with Ads will be the cheapest option at £4.99 per month. As well as ads, you'll get video quality up to Full HD (1080p), 5.1 and stereo audio, and the option to watch two streams concurrently – a step down from the four streams available on the UK's current Disney Plus plan. Downloads will not be available, so you'll need an active internet connection to view your favorite TV shows and movies.

The Standard plan will be ad-free and cost £7.99 per month or £79.90 annually. This tier will offer video quality up to Full HD (1080p), 5.1 and stereo audio, downloads, and the option to watch two streams concurrently.

The Premium option is equivalent to the current Disney Plus package, but comes with a significant price increase. For £10.99 per month (or £109.90 annually) you'll get video quality up to 4K UHD and HDR, Dolby Atmos sound, downloads and the option to watch up to four concurrent streams. 

Disney have said that existing UK subscribers will automatically move across to the new, rebranded Disney Plus Premium tier when the new pricing structure kicks in, but "will have the option to switch to Standard Plan or Standard with Ads Plan. Existing customers who choose not to switch will be billed the new price starting from their next billing cycle on or after December 6."

In other words, if you want to avoid paying an extra £3 per month, you'll need to switchover to one of the Standard packages in November.

Disney CEO Bob Iger has also revealed that the company is "actively exploring" ways to clamp down on users sharing their Disney Plus accounts. However, no firm date has been set for this change – in fact, Iger has hinted it might not come in until 2025.

What is Star on Disney Plus?

Jeremy Allen White in The Bear

Critically acclaimed comedy-drama The Bear is one of the many highlights available via Star on Disney Plus. (Image credit: Hulu)

Star on Disney Plus launched outside the US in territories including the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada on February 23, 2021. 

Whereas viewers in the US need to subscribe to another Disney-owned streamer, Hulu, to enjoy a broader range of entertainment from the many production companies under Disney's vast corporate umbrella, Star provides Disney Plus account holders elsewhere with plenty of additional content from the likes of FX, 20th Century Studios and ABC.

When Disney Plus users in countries offering the Star service log in to their home screen, the usual family-friendly core content (Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, Pixar, National Geographic) is bolstered by more grown-up fare such as 24, Lost, Atlanta, Desperate Housewives, the Die Hard, Alien and Predator franchises (including recent prequel Prey), and – in the UK – The Walking Dead.

Disney Plus Star is also home to some of the hottest new TV shows on the planet, with the likes of The Bear, Only Murders in the Building and The Full Monty all debuting their latest episodes on the platform. In the UK, the quality and volume of the Star on Disney Plus offering makes the platform a viable contender to streaming behemoths like Netflix. 

And in the not-too-distant future, US viewers may also find their House of Mouse entertainment is available on one platform, as Disney CEO Bob Iger has said he hopes to unite Disney Plus and Hulu in a "one-app experience". This is currently TBC but we'll update you on developments as they happen.

Disney Plus: Apps and compatible devices

The Beatles Get Back

Disney Plus hangs out with the Fab Four in Peter Jackson's brilliant documentary, The Beatles: Get Back(Image credit: Disney)

These are the devices/platforms that are compatible with Disney Plus and the Disney Plus app:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Apple TV
  • Fire TV devices
  • Roku
  • MacOS
  • Windows PC
  • Chrome OS
  • Chromecast / Chromebook
  • Xbox One, Series X, Series S
  • PS4, PS5
  • Nvidia Shield (via Android TV)
  • Smart TVs (including Android TV, LG WebOS, Samsung Tizen, Vizio SmartCast)

The Disney Plus app can be downloaded on almost any device, and you can watch it in web browsers on desktop, too. A Disney Plus subscription currently supports up to four simultaneous streams – though from November, UK viewers on the Standard tiers will find this is cut to two – and up to 10 registered devices. You can also create up to seven profiles for other people using your account, with each profile offering the facility to create its own bespoke Watch List. 

Disney Plus also has different age ratings for content, meaning you can create kids' profiles that will restrict access to content that isn't suitable for younger members of the family.

As well as having different content hubs for Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel and National Geographic, the Disney Plus app has curated content lists themed around different subjects. These hubs include the major franchises mentioned above, as well as options to see Disney's vast library of content organised by decade, or watch  episodes of The Simpsons grouped by theme – with over 700 episodes to choose from, this could be a good place to start your Springfield journey! Also, hubs like this can be a nice way to find something to watch without being reliant on Netflix-style algorithms. 

And if your Disney Plus plan allows downloads, you can download as much content as you want to watch offline – as long as you sign in to the app online every 30 days.

What are Disney Plus SharePlay and GroupWatch?

A Na'vi rides an aquatic creature into battle in Avatar: The Way of Water

Both of James Cameron's Avatar movies are available on Disney Plus. (Image credit: 20th Century Studios)

SharePlay is a feature on iPhones, iPads and Apple TV that allows Disney Plus subscribers to watch content with their friends and family.

SharePlay enables up to 32 users – NB: you're still limited to four concurrent streams per Disney Plus account – to simultaneously watch the same movie or TV show while on a FaceTime call. Users have the opportunity to select the audio settings of their choice, too, while individual subscribers can add subtitles if necessary. (Disney Plus say that SharePlay is "only available on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV with the latest system update", so viewers with older devices may not be able to take advantage of this feature.)

For non-Apple users (or those running older software), Disney Plus's GroupWatch offers an alternative. GroupWatch enables up to seven people to watch a synced-up film or TV episode.

Essentially, the host picks a title to watch and sends a GroupWatch link to their fellow viewers. Once everyone in the group has accepted the invitation and streaming has begun, anyone can pause or resume the stream – or even skip ahead to the exciting moments. Subscribers can also react in real-time to what they're watching, using GroupWatch's in-built emoji system. You can find out more in our dedicated GroupWatch hub.

Best upcoming Disney Plus movies and TV shows

Ariel sits on a rock in the ocean as she sings in The Little Mermaid

Disney's live-action remake of The Little Mermaid will be available on the platform from September 6. (Image credit: Walt Disney Studios)

There's no question the platform  boasts one of the most impressive libraries out there. The selection of the best Disney Plus movies and the best Disney Plus shows features numerous hits from Pixar, Disney, the Star Wars and Marvel universes, as well as essential documentaries (The Beatles: Get Back, Light & Magic) and classics from the Twentieth Century Fox back catalogue, including a whopping 33 seasons of The Simpsons. 

There's also new content added to the service regularly, with the excellent Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 3 heading up the list of the best new Disney Plus movies, and new episodes of Futurama and Only Murders in the Building debuting every week on Star. 

Here are a few of the most exciting movies and TV shows heading your way before the end of 2023:

  • StarWars: Ahsoka (TV show) – releasing August 23
  • The Little Mermaid (movie) – releasing September 6
  • I am Groot season 2 (TV show) – releasing September 6
  • Justified: City Primeval (TV show) – releasing September 6 (Star)
  • Welcome to Wrexham season 2 (documentary) – releasing September 13 (Star)
  • Marvel Studios Assembled: The Making of Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 3 (documentary) – releasing September 13
  • Lang Lang Plays Disney (concert) – releasing September 15
  • Marvel Studios Assembled: The Making of Secret Invasion (documentary) – releasing September 20
  • The Kardashians season 4 (documentary) – releasing September 28 (Star)
  • Loki season 2 (TV show) – releasing October 6
  • Echo (TV show) – releasing November 29
  • Pixar's Win or Lose (TV show) – releasing December (date TBC)
  • The Kardashians S4: 28 September

If the streamer follows its usual release pattern, recent theatrical releases Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Elemental and Haunted Mansion are likely to show up on Disney Plus before the end of the year. We may also see another Star Wars TV show in the form of the Jude Law-starring Skeleton Crew though this is very much TBC.

Disney Plus error codes: What the numbers mean

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is now part of the Disney Plus family. (Image credit: Paramount Pictures)

Having trouble with your service? Check out our list of Disney Plus error codes for more on what the different numbers mean. If you're having issues with Disney Plus you can't seem to solve, try the Disney Plus help center for more. 

If you can't resolve the issue yourself, you can contact Disney Plus customer service by calling 888-905-7888 if you're based in the US. You can also tweet the Disney Plus help account or email DisneyPlusHelp@Disney.com

Disney Plus gift subscriptions: Get a year of Disney Plus for a friend or family member

Star Wars content on smart TV

(Image credit: Disney)

Disney Plus Gift Subscriptions are available, and a year of viewing makes for an ideal last-minute present. You can buy Disney+ Gift Subscriptions here

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