Best Sky broadband deals in February 2024

Sky broadband deals
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Sky's broadband offering is one of the most popular available and regular features in our rundown of the best broadband deals. Whether it’s their fast speeds, reliable service, the array of add-ons, or the prestige of this long-established tech brand – it’s not hard to see why so many households choose Sky Broadband.

A key difference between Sky and other broadband-only providers is that Sky often doesn't provide the cheapest broadband deals. However, if you want to opt for a bundled broadband and TV deal, Sky is typically considered to be the best choice over others like Virgin Media.

That said, if you don’t want any TV add-ons or boosts to your package, Sky also has a variety of gigabit internet, Full Fibre and standard fibre broadband deals, and a limited selection of slower and ADSL speeds.

Today's best Sky broadband deals

If you shop around you'll see that you can pick up some great deals on your broadband - and Sky Broadband is no exception. Moreover, if you look online you'll find that Sky regularly partners with other websites offering incentives, such as reward cards, if you sign up via these third-party platforms.

However, if you go directly to Sky you'll find there are currently several special offers available (subject to your location and fibre/Full Fibre connection), which are amongst the best you can get from the provider right now. Sky also has some special discounts available on its broadband for any businesses looking to use its services.

Here's a selection of what's currently available:

Sky Superfast Broadband | 61Mbps | £28 a month for 18 months

Sky Superfast Broadband | 61Mbps | £28 a month for 18 months
With an 18-month contract and no setup fees, this deal is a real winner. It’s available to new customers and comes with unlimited data that will fit any small or medium-sized household. It also features Sky Pay As You Talk, which means you can have a landline and you'll only pay for the calls you make.

Sky Ultrafast Broadband | 145Mbps | £29 a month for 18 months

Sky Ultrafast Broadband | 145Mbps | £29 a month for 18 months
If you’re all about streaming in UHD, online gaming, and can get a Sky Full Fibre connection, this offer might be of interest. This is one of Sky's top deals in terms of its faster download speeds and it offers an impressive 145Mbps. You even get Sky’s Wall-to-Wall WiFi Guarantee included.

Sky Full Fibre 100 | 100Mbps | £38 a month for 18 months

Sky Full Fibre 100 | 100Mbps | £38 a month for 18 months
Sky’s newest broadband option is a solid choice as an entry-level Full Fibre package. As the name suggests, you can get 100Mbps average download speeds, which should be plenty for any medium to large-size properties with high online demands. Right now it also has Sky’s Wall-to-Wall WiFi Guarantee included. 

Sky Ultrafast+ Broadband | 500 Mbps | £33 a month for 18 months

Sky Ultrafast+ Broadband | 500 Mbps | £33 a month for 18 months
Get game-changing speeds for just £33 a month on an 18-month contract, with no setup fees. You also get a reliable connection and upwards of 30 devices can stream in UHD at the same time - thanks to the mighty 500Mbps average speeds. It does require a Full Fibre connection.

Sky Gigafast Broadband | 900Mbps | £42 a month for 18 months

Sky Gigafast Broadband | 900Mbps | £42 a month for 18 months
This is the fastest Full Fibre broadband option you can get with Sky and right now it's on offer for new customers only. You get huge 900Mbps average download speeds on this deal on an 18-month contract, all with unlimited usage. These speeds are sure to cover the broadband needs of any property and Sky says you can download a HD movie in just over 10 seconds with this connection. 

What broadband speeds can I get?

Sky uses the Openreach network for its fibre connections. This means that if your property can access this network, you’ll also be able to access Sky’s Superfast packages. However, the top ‘Ultrafast/+’ and its gigabit-capable Gigafast services rely on a ‘Full Fibre’ connection and right now this is only available in around 47% and 40% of households in the UK, respectively.

If you’re unsure about your property’s connectivity status, you can check using the latest Full Fibre rollout information from Openreach. Or you can simply check directly with Sky when browsing their broadband packages.

For a top-level overview, here’s a breakdown of each Sky Broadband package (without any deals or promotions applied) that is usually available – again, this is broadband-only and dependent on your location and fibre/full fibre connection:

  • Essential Plus: From £30 per month, average speed 11Mbps, unlimited usage and an 18-month contract
  • Superfast 35: From £25 per month, average speed 35Mbps, unlimited usage and an 18-month contract
  • Superfast 80: From £30 per month, average speed 61Mbps, unlimited usage and an 18-month contract
  • Full Fibre 100: From £38 per month, average speed 100Mbps, unlimited usage and an 18-month contract
  • Ultrafast: From £38 per month, average speed 145Mbps, unlimited usage and an 18-month contract
  • Ultrafast Plus: From £48 per month, average speed 500Mbps, unlimited usage and an 18-month contract
  • Gigafast: From £58 per month, average speed 900Mbps, unlimited usage and an 18-month contract

Sky Broadband

Sky Broadband deals - FAQs

What contracts does Sky offer?

Sky used to offer some 12-month contracts with their broadband, but now all their packages are exclusively for 18 months. If you look online, there are stories of customers being able to select 12-month and ‘rolling’ contracts by speaking directly with Sky when choosing a broadband deal. However, this is purely anecdotal evidence. 

Can I add Sky TV packages to my broadband?

In short, yes, but it will increase your monthly costs.

Sky has a range of TV options, including movies, sport and kids’ channels. What’s more, certain features like catch up, streaming app integration and UHD can be chosen. But, these are all subject to things like your broadband speed and the package you select.

If you’re considering getting Sky TV with your broadband then it’s a smart move to check out our guide on the best Sky TV and broadband deals on offer right now.

Do I get a phone line with Sky Broadband?

Most of Sky’s broadband services include a phone service, which comes through their own phone service called ‘Sky Talk’.

The basic phone service option with Sky Talk can then be included in your broadband, but you do have a selection of tariffs to choose from to suit your needs. For example, if you rarely use a home phone, you can have a simplified ‘Pay-as-you-Talk’ option which just gives you broadband, and as the name suggests, you pay as and when you use your landline.

If you know you'll regularly use your landline you can upgrade to packages that come with free inclusive calls, even on weekends. You can learn more about how phone lines and landlines work in our guide here to get a better understanding of the situation. 

However, if you definitely want a landline phone service included with your broadband, the best thing to do is to check directly with Sky about the options you have with your chosen deal. 

Can I keep my old phone number?

Sky says that in most cases you’ll be able to keep your old phone number. Although, if you do need a new number Sky will provide you with this prior to your broadband and phone setup/installation.

Does Sky allow you to keep a phone service with another provider?

This can depend on the provider and also the type of package you want from Sky. However, Sky does say that if you ‘have an active service, you'll be happy to know that Sky will take over the line at no extra cost’.

How good are Sky’s broadband customer services?

As you would expect from a major broadband provider, Sky offers a variety of customer service support options. This covers everything from a phone helpline, to online chat, FAQs, help centres, email and even social media contact.

While its Trustpilot reviews don’t paint a great picture, these aren’t a fair reflection of the quality of the support you can get from Sky. What’s more, according to Ofcom’s latest consumer report, Sky generated the ‘fewest complaints per 100,000 subscribers’. 

Has Sky won any awards for its broadband?

The most recent accolade Sky has earned for its broadband was in fact in relation to its customer services. Last year (2022), it received the prestigious ‘gold’ level of recognition in the Choose Broadband awards. 

How do you switch to Sky Broadband?

Switching to Sky can be easy and unless you’re with Virgin Media or a provider that doesn’t use the Openreach network, Sky will handle the whole process for you.

In terms of activating your broadband, Sky will also handle that, unless you need to be connected to the Openreach network. If that is the case, you’ll have to arrange a time for an engineer to visit your property via Sky.

Then, once you’ve agreed a time for a Sky engineer to come out to your property, the installation should be completed on the same day - although they won’t be able to move any existing broadband sockets. The cost for this is usually covered as part of your chosen package, but make sure you check this with Sky when signing up.

Sky also states that if you’re switching from Virgin Media an engineer will be required to set up your broadband. Sky will also remind you to make sure your contract with Virgin Media has ended or been cancelled.

What is ‘Sky WiFi’?

As a Sky Broadband customer, you can download and use ‘Sky WiFi’, an app which allows you to connect to Sky’s UK-wide Wi-Fi hotspots - all for free and with unlimited usage. You can connect up to six devices to the hotspot locations, which include popular coffee and restaurant chains.

What is Sky’s ‘WiFi Max’?

This is Sky’s ‘Next Generation broadband hub’ and comes with selected ‘Full Fibre’ packages. Sky says it gives its ‘fastest WiFi guarantee’ and has advanced security settings for online browsing. You can also attach WiFi boosting ‘Max Pods’ to it, which help improve the WiFi signal around your home.

What is 'Sky Broadband Shield'?

Sky Broadband Shield is included with every Sky Broadband package and adds a layer of online security to your internet.

As well as seeking out and preventing you from accessing sites with viruses, malware and phishing scams, Sky Broadband Shield includes parental controls and filters for Google and Bing search results. It even works for any device that connects to your Sky Broadband.

What is 'Sky Protect'?

This is Sky's latest insurance product that it promotes as 'Smart Home Insurance'. It has a specific focus on smart tech and is often marketed alongside its broadband and tv packages. It is now also 5-star Defaqto rated.

What is 'Sky Broadband Boost'?

One of Sky's many add-ons, Sky Broadband Boost, allows you to upgrade your Sky Broadband package in a few key ways. It mostly offers a more concrete system if anything goes wrong.

Some of Sky Broadband Boost’s features include:

  • A Wi-Fi guarantee that your speeds shouldn’t drop below 3Mbps (you get money back on your Boost subscription if it does)
  • You can get Sky engineer visits at times that suit you
  • Daily checks of your internet line
  • Control of your family’s screen time via the ‘Sky Broadband Buddy’ app.
  • If you're a Sky Mobile customer, you'll get 2GB of data added to your plan.

While these features won't be worthwhile to everyone, those looking to have the best experience of their Sky Broadband will find some good value here.

Sky now only tends to offer this product to customers still using its older generation Broadband Hubs. Any new customers, or those who upgrade to the new ‘WiFi Max’ hubs, will instead be offered Sky’s improved ‘Wall to Wall WiFi Guarantee’ as well as all the features listed above.

What is Sky’s ‘Wall to Wall WiFi Guarantee'?

This is a standard guarantee Sky now has with its latest broadband packages. Like the name suggests, it gives you ‘Wall to Wall WiFi in every room of your home or money back’. The speed guarantees can differ depending on the speed of your connection.

Sky Broadband deals comparison

With all the above you should hopefully be able to make an informed decision on whether a Sky Broadband deal is right for you. 

However, if you want to compare Sky’s broadband with the rest of the market, you can check out our guide to the best broadband deals. This will show you what else is on offer from other providers so you can see how Sky measures up.

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