The best broadband deals in July 2019

The best broadband deals can be hard to find. Trawling through ISP websites and hoping to spot a discount or offer - not only is it time consuming, but you'll inevitably ending up hearing a few days later that a friend or family member got a much better internet deal than you that you just didn't spot.

That's where this TechRadar broadband deals guide comes in. By collating all of the UK's best prices, promotions and precious freebies, we'll help you quickly and easily compare broadband and save you a few quid in the process. Pop your postcode in and use the handy set of filters to narrow down the perfect plan for you - it literally takes less than a minute to compare broadband deals with our tool.

Compare broadband deals

Alternatively, you can see our handpicked favourites for fibre (if you can get it), broadband and TV packages and cheap broadband only plans that are really impressing us this month all below. We'll tell you about all the best broadband deals and free gifts around today.

So what broadband deals are standing out for us this month? In terms of purely monthly price, nobody can come close to matching Onestream where your bills will be a mere £13.99. While BT is always popular, too - you can get its Superfast fibre broadband for around £30 per month with an attractive pre-paid credit card.

But July is proving a great time for some very handsome freebies, too. Vodafone, for example, is now throwing in a free Amazon Echo Plus with its already cheap £21/pm fibre, and there's an exclusive Sky deal to be had where you get a £40 voucher with its most affordable plan. Or there's a free Google Mini Home for TechRadar readers if you opt for one of Shell Energy's reasonably priced fibre packages.

Still undecided as to what kind of broadband deals you should be considering? Then keep reading for some handy buying advice. Do you need super fast fibre broadband? Should you go for a cheaper broadband only plan for less than £20 per month, or add TV and phone plans to your internet package? There are dozens upon dozens of combinations to pick from, with the best broadband deals from providers such as Virgin Media, Sky and John Lewis all fighting it out for your business.

Best Fibre broadband

Fibre broadband deals: top 4 in the UK this month (subject to availability at your postcode)

BT Superfast Fibre | 18 months | Avg. speed 50Mb | Weekend calls | £9.99 delivery | £31.99pm + £90 BT Reward Card
BT is the most popular broadband provider out there, and with deals like this it's easy to see why. Its standard fibre package gets you average speeds of a nifty 50Mb, free weekend calls, a £90 pre-paid credit card to spend on what you like in store or online. Total effective cost over 18 months is £485.82

See this super popular broadband deal here - or call 0800-587-1366 to purchase by phone

Vodafone Superfast 1 | 18 months | Avg speeds 35Mb | Line rental incl. | £9.99 activation | £21pm + FREE Amazon Echo Plus
Coming in at £21 each month, Vodafone has reclaimed its crown as the most affordable big name passage to fibre broadband in the UK. With speeds of 35Mb, free activation and the fact that Vodafone will guarantee minimum speeds of 25Mb or money back, there's a lot to love about this offer - especially as you now get a free Amazon Echo Plus thrown in, too! Total cost over 18 months is £387.99

Get this super cheap broadband deal from Vodafone

EXCLUSIVE Shell Energy Superfast Fibre Plus | 18 months | 63Mb average speed | Line rental inc. | FREE activation | £26.99 per month + FREE Google Home Mini
Need superfast speeds? This package goes all out offering average speeds of 63Mb. That is easily enough to cover most households for all of their streaming and general internet use. A very affordable price for these kind of speeds and a free Google Home Mini to boot! Deal ends midnight on Sunday July 21

Get high speeds and a Google Home Mini with Shell

Virgin Media M100 | 12 months | 108Mb avg speed | Weekend calls | £35 set-up | £33 per month
Quite simply, this is the best value you can pay for Virgin's super fast internet. It costs just £33 per month for speeds of over 100Mb. Weekend calls are included, too. It's a fantastic price for speeds so fast. Only around 60% of the UK can get Virgin broadband though, so use our postcode checker above to see if you qualify. Total cost of 12 months £431

See more on this fast broadband at Virgin Media - or call 0808-281-2998 to order by phone

Best cheap broadband

Cheap broadband only deals: our top 3 affordable tariffs 

Onestream Flow Unlimited Broadband | 12 month contract | 11Mb average speed | Line rental inc. | £9.99 upfront | £13.99 per month
When it comes to pure price, no other ISP can compete with Onestream. It's had the best bills on the market for a while now, and we can't see anybody beating them any time soon. You'll only be tied into a one-year contract, and there's nothing naughty in there like usage caps either. Total effective cost over 12 months is £177.87

Click here to get Onestream's extremely cheap internet 

EXCLUSIVE Sky Broadband Essential | 18 months | 10Mb average speed | £20 per month | £29.95 upfront | £40 voucher
Sky has hit back against the likes of TalkTalk, Plusnet and the Post Office with an absolute peach of a cheap broadband deal - and it's only for you TechRadar readers! £20 a month for such a big brand is brilliant, but now you get a £40 voucher for your choice of Uber, Argos or Tesco, too. Total effective cost for 18 months is £349.99

Stick with Sky for this really cheap internet deal

BT Broadband | 18 months | Avg. speed 10Mb | Weekend calls | £29.99 upfront | £24.99pm + £60 BT reward card
We understand why people tend to gravitate to BT Broadband deals - BT remains a trusted name and is the ISP you'll see most in UK homes. £24.99 per month is more than some other providers charge but you do get a £70 pre-paid Mastercard. Plus the inclusion of unlimited UK weekend calls is generous, too. Total effective cost over 18 months is £399.81

See this the cheapest BT broadband here - or call 0800-587-1366 to purchase by phone

Best Broadband and TV

Broadband and TV deals: top 3 in the UK

Fibre Max Broadband + Sky Entertainment | 18 months | 63Mb avg speed | Line rental incl. | 300+ channels | Sky Q | £39.95 upfront | £51.50 per month
Sky will be the first name on most people's list when it comes to broadband and TV packages, and it doesn't disappoint in terms of what's available. With this super fast fibre plan, you get aaaaaall those lovely TV channels, a Sky Q box and over 60 catch-up TV channels. Not to mention hundreds of box sets to binge on. Total cost for 18 months is £966.99

View this bundle or head to our dedicated Sky TV and broadband deals guide for more options

Now Brilliant Broadband + Sky Entertainment Pass | 12 months | 11Mb avg. speed | FREE upfront | £22.99 per month
Now TV has been a go-to service for affordable TV plans for ages, and its broadband branch doesn't let the side down. Here you get standard broadband speeds and add its Sky Entertainment pass for an extra fiver a month, which means an absolute stack of great, premium channels to choose from (including Sky Atlantic) and over 300 box sets to binge on. It's only £7 a month more if you want fibre, too. Total cost for 12 months £275.88

View this brilliantly priced NOW package deal

Virgin Media Big Bundle | 12 months | 54Mb 108Mb avg speed | Weekend calls | £35 set-up | £29 per month
If you can get Virgin where you live (and it's a big if) then it's hard to look past this brilliant broadband deal. For less than £30 per month you get...deep breath...100+Mb cable broadband, Mixit TV bundle with over 110 channels, apps for iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube, a Virgin TV TiVO box to record and pause live TV, inclusive weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobiles. Total cost of 12 months £383

Head to Virgin Media for this package - or call 0808-281-2998 to order by phone

Broadband deals FAQ

Can I order these broadband deals over the phone?

We understand that buying broadband is a big purchase that you're going to be committed to for at least a year. If you feel more comfortable ordering over the phone, we can offer a call centre service - but only for a selected few providers:

  • BT broadband: 0800-587-1366 
  • Sky broadband: 08000-142-334
  • Virgin broadband: 0808-281-2998
  • TalkTalk broadband: 08000-492-103
  • EE broadband: 08000-795-137

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What broadband speed do I need?

Super fast fibre broadband deals may sound appetising, but they may not be necessary for your home - especially if you want to cut costs. It could be worth considering slower, cheaper ADSL internet instead.

Broadband speeds are represented in megabits per second, or Mb. Crudely speaking, the more Mbs, the faster the broadband speed. But remember that the advertised speed is the 'average' (more on which below) and doesn't necessarily represent the actual speed you'll end up getting. That varies depending where you live.

0-12Mb This entry-level broadband speed is transmitted via an ADSL connection to your nearest BT exchange. The equivalent to just over 1MB per second, It should be fast enough for small households where only one or two people are using the internet at once. Be aware that if you stream TV, you may experience the odd interruption.

25-50Mb Where Virgin led the way, the rest followed. Now every big provider offers rapid fibre broadband. This is the sweet spot between fast speeds and good value and just the ticket for a family household where four or five members are all streaming, downloading and surfing at once.

50+Mb If you stream 4K TV or have loads of people trying to use your broadband connection at once, then it may be worth shelling out for the extra speed. It may cost you more, but you're pretty much guaranteed lag-free use - plus, the providers often sweeten the deal with added extras and rewards.

best broadband deals

What is 'average' speed for broadband?

Since May 2018, the Advertising Standards Authority changed the requirements for how internet providers promote the speed of their service. Instead of 'up to' speeds, they must now give an 'average'.

For these purposes, average means the speed in Mb received by over 50% of their users between the peak usage hours of 8pm and 10pm in the UK. You're not guaranteed that speed though, so double check with the provider exactly what their minimum speed provisions are.

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Is fibre broadband available in my area?

There's one very easy way to find out...scroll to the top of this page and input your postcode. We'll tell you straight away whether you can get fast fibre broadband - alternatively head over to our best fibre deals guide for all your options and some handy buying advice.

Roughly speaking, 90% of UK homes now have the option of connecting to fibre broadband. But if you have your heart on Virgin Media fibre optic broadband deals, it's more like around 60%.

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What contract length should I go for?

Most broadband providers lock you in for at least 12 months, with one year plans being by far the most common.  That said, perhaps taking their cue from mobile phone contracts, we are now seeing some providers experimenting with longer plans, with 18 month contracts rearing their heads.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, some providers now offer short term rolling contracts. Virgin Media, for example, have 30 day plans for commitment-phobes. The downside is you'll be expected to play a larger setup fee.

When your contract comes to an end, be prepared for your monthly tariff to be hiked - especially if you were lucky enough to get a great introductory offer at the outset.

best broadband deals

Will I have to pay anything upfront for broadband?

Possibly. Sometimes known as 'setup', 'upfront' or 'activation' fees, most of the major broadband providers ask for at least some payment when you kick off your contract, even if it's just to cover the cost of delivering your new router. The amount usually depends on what level of package you go for, but it will likely be somewhere between £10 and £60.

But plenty of providers now bucks the old trend and have scrapped their activation fee completely (TalkTalk for example), while others run frequent promotions where they temporarily scrap their upfront cost.

There may be other added extras, too, however. If you take a broadband and TV package, you might be charged for the TV set-top box - that could be totally worth it if you don't already have a device to pause and record live TV.

best broadband deals

Do I have to pay more to have a phone line?

If you still use a home landline to make and receive calls, you're in luck - many broadband plans don't  just feature a landline, but they actually include it in your monthly price.

You will have to start paying more though when you have a personalised call plan. You'll see your standard monthly bill begin to escalate when you start adding unlimited evening, daytime or international calls to the mix.