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The best Verizon deals for May 2021: free iPhones, discounts on plans, and more

You'll find all of this week's best Verizon deals all neatly arrayed out right here on this page. Looking for a bargain on the latest iPhone 12? Perhaps the new Galaxy S21 series is more your bag. Well, you'll find big red's top promotion on both lined up and compared on this page with plenty of budget-friendly Verizon deals on cheaper devices to check out too. This week especially we've got great options thanks to a myriad of trade-in rebates, buy-one-get-one promos, and even some new iPad to check out.

Verizon deals quick links

With our Verizon deals roundup, we're aiming to not simply just list out what's available, but also provide a ton of juicy buying advice for anyone in the market for a new phone. We've independently reviewed most of these devices, so we're in a good position to inform our readers, plus, we also really love phones here at TechRadar!

To start, you'll find a summary of the best promotions listed out right at the top of the page with the various links to the relevant pages - aimed towards those who want to jump on right through to the Verizon site. If you're not in a rush, however, you'll find our thoughts on each deal and further information further down the page.

Apple fanatics will find all the latest iPhone 12 deals, iPhone 12 Mini deals, and even iPhone 12 Pro Max deals ready to peruse right here in this article, although if you prefer Android don't fret - as we've already mentioned you'll also find the latest Samsung and even Google devices here as well. 

Indeed, if you're looking for something specific we've added navigation links to this article for each navigation. Since there's a lot on offer in this week's Verizon deals, you can use these links to simply jump to the section that's relevant to you - be that iPhones, Android devices, or even accessories.

Want to do see what other carriers are offering? See this week's best cell phone deals. Alternatively, read more about Verizon with this week's best Verizon plans and our recommendations for the best Verizon phones.

The best Verizon deals available today

iPhone deals

Apple iPhone 12: BOGO, or save up to $800 trade-in and new unlimited plan at Verizon
Verizon deals this week include a freshly raised maximum trade-in rebate of up to $800 off over 24 months. That's a $100 increase from the previous maximum saving and means you can effectively bag this device for free with a trade if you're lucky. If you'd prefer, you can also score an additional device for free right now when you purchase the first outright with a new unlimited plan - another really strong option.View Deal

Apple iPhone 12 Mini: free with a switch at Verizon
Unlike its bigger siblings, you can bag an iPhone 12 Mini for free without a trade-in with this week's best Verizon deals. You will, however, need to be porting in your number over from another carrier and picking the device up with a new unlimited plan. This makes it quite a niche offer, but a very good one nonetheless when you consider how powerful this device is.View Deal

Apple iPhone 12 Pro: BOGO, or save up to $800 trade-in and new unlimited plan at Verizon
If you're not looking for a switching offer, and are in fact looking for something a little more premium, then you could consider the iPhone 12 Pro. This device has the same Verizon deals as those on the standard 12 - a really awesome trade-in rebate or the chance to bag an additional device for free with a new unlimited plan. View Deal

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max: $1,000 off second, or save up to $800 trade-in and new unlimited plan at Verizon
And you guessed it - those same Verizon deals this week also cover the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the current flagship device from Apple. Since this device is so pricey, Verizon's 'buy-one get-one' promo will only cover $1,000 off the price of the second device if you purchase the first outright with a new plan, but it's still a great option. Of course, you could go for the trade-in rebate here instead, which is likely to be the better choice for most.View Deal

Apple iPhone SE: $10/mo free with a new unlimited data plan
If you're an Apple fan on a budget, definitely consider Verizon deals on the iPhone SE. This device isn't the slickest looking anymore, but it is pretty powerful, and even better still it's going for free at big red right now with a new unlimited plan - no trade-ins required. Note, this device is currently on backorder at Verizon, but you can still put your order in and snag this deal.View Deal

Apple iPhone XR: $20.83/mo free with a new unlimited data plan
Here's another great 'budget' Apple device courtesy of this week's Verizon deals. The iPhone XR isn't quite as powerful as the iPhone SE internally (above), but it's definitely a more modern-looking device all around with its bezel-less display. What's more, it can also be picked up for free right now with a new unlimited plan, making it a very, very strong option indeed.

Apple iPhone 11: save up to $440 with an upgrade at Verizon
We've seen the iPhone 11 go for as little as $10 a month with a new plan in recent Verizon deals, but big red is really pushing other devices right now it seems. Still, a big saving is up for grabs for those looking to upgrade - $440 in fact, which can really help offset that cost. If you're looking for a price cut with a new unlimited plan, however, we'd recommend holding off on this device right now.View Deal

Android deals

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: $1,000 off second, or save up to $800 with a trade-in and new unlimited plan
The Galaxy S21 Ultra is our favorite Android flagship device currently and right now it can be picked up with a ton of juicy Verizon deals. First up is the chance to score a whole $1,000 off a second device when you purchase the first outright with a new unlimited plan. If that's not your thing, however, you can also get a potential saving of up to $800 off with a trade-in - also eligible with a new plan.View Deal

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus: BOGO, or save up to $800 with a trade-in and new unlimited plan
If you're after something a little more reasonably priced, those same Verizon deals also cover the Galaxy S21 Plus - the middle ground between the Ultra and standard S21 device. Trade-in for a maximum rebate of up to $800 over 24 months, or, alternatively score yourself an additional device for free with a new unlimited plan. Both good options.View Deal

Samsung Galaxy S21: free with a trade-in and new unlimited plan
Verizon deals have also landed on the standard Samsung Galaxy S21 this week, but you don't get the option to score a free second device with a plan. You do, however, get the chance to get up to $800 off a single device with a trade-in plus new plan right now - which is potentially enough to cover the entire cost of this brand new Android device.View Deal

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: $1,000 off second, or save up to $800 with a trade-in and new unlimited plan
No list of this week's Verizon deals would be complete without the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra - a device that's often overlooked in favor of the fancy new Galaxy S21 Ultra. Don't discount this dark horse though, especially if you like larger devices, it's still a very powerful flagship device for 2021 and beyond.
 View Deal

Google Pixel 5: $29.16/mo at Verizon
The Google Pixel 5 is a great choice if you want something a little different from the usual Apple and Samsung fare. Unfortunately, there are no Verizon deals specifically for this device this week - you'll most likely have to wait it out a bit longer to get that same $700 to $800 off trade-in rebate that's available on most of the flagships this week,
View Deal

Google Pixel 4a 5G: $5/mo with a new unlimited data line at Verizon
If you're an Android fan on a budget, there's no Verizon deal on the whole site better than this one on the Google Pixel 4a 5G right now. Currently, big red is giving away this awesome mid-range 5G compatible device for just $5 a month with a new plan. This is the cheapest we've seen so far from the carrier and the fact you don't need a trade here makes it even better.View Deal

Google Pixel 4a: $10/mo with a new unlimited data line at Verizon
Out of stock: Verizon deals on the Google Pixel 4a are out of stock right now, although we expect it to return with the same promotion that's been previously featured. Fingers crossed, we'll be able to score this device for just $10 a month with a new unlimited plan soon, which is one of the better deals out there for this budget Android device.View Deal

Motorola Edge Plus: save up to $800 trade-in and new unlimited plan at Verizon
Motorola is back in the flagship big leagues with their latest Edge Plus handset, now available exclusively through Verizon, and with some handy offers to boot. Right now big red is offering a trade-in promotion that closely mirrors other flagship devices, which can potentially save you upwards of $800 off over 24 months.
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Free phones

Motorola one 5G: free with a new unlimited line
The Motorola One isn't just the priciest phone being offered for free in this week's Verizon deals, it's also the only one to include 5G support. With a large 6.7-inch screen and 48 MP quad-array camera, this one's a great choice if you want something resembling a flagship on a budget, note, however that you can only get this for free with one a line on one of the more pricey unlimited data plans.View Deal

Samsung Galaxy A01: free with a new line
The Galaxy A01 may be a more budget phone from Samsung, but it still features all those excellent design hallmarks you'd expect from the phone giant. With a decent 5.7-inch display, generous battery life and 13 MP camera, you're getting a basic but effective device here, which also features fully expandable storage via MicroSD.View Deal

Nokia 2 V Tella: free with a new line
The Nokia 2 V Tella is another top budget contender, and a pretty new phone having been released back in October 2020. With a dual back camera, 5.45-inch display, Biometric scanner, and 3,000mAH battery, it's not a bad choice for those who don't want to break the bank on their phone bill.
View Deal

Motorola Moto G Power: free with a new line
A mainstay on best budget phone recommendations across the web, this year's latest Moto G device packs in a lot of fantastic tech for not a lot of money. With 64GB of expandable storage, 4GB of RAM, a 16MP rear camera and 8MP front camera, this is definitely the best free android phone you can get at Verizon currently.
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Upgrade & plan deals

Upgrade: up to $440 off select phones
You'll have to log into your account to see which specific phones are available for you, but right now Verizon is offering up to $440 off on trade-ins. Note however, this upgrade deal is only available for unlimited plans currently - not limited or prepaid.
View Deal

Switch: get up to $800 when you trade-in your old device
Verizon will credit up to $800 to your account when you switch over from a rival carrier right now. You need to be switching from a postpaid option, as stated in the fine print, and will need to trade in a phone that's in good working condition. Once you do that however, you'll get a hefty reimbursement when you activate your new device.
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Switch: get $650 when you bring your own device
Bring your own phone over to Verizon and they'll give you a redeemable $650 e-gift card plus a free Verizon stream TV. You'll have to redeem this offer yourself via their Digital Rebate Centre within 30-days of your switch, but if you do happen to bring your own device over, you'll also have the option to skip your credit check.
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Plan deal: students save up to $25 a month with unlimited plans
If you're an actively enrolled student right now you can save $25 off your monthly plan when you pick up two unlimited plans and $10 if you pick up a single unlimited plan. You'll have to provide the relevant identification but you're potentially going to get four years of savings if you meet the requirements.
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Tablet deals

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2021): save $100 with trade-in, plus $250 with an iPhone purchase
Save yourself more than a few bucks with this week's Verizon deals on the latest new Apple iPad Pro 2021 models. These tablets are rocking the latest Apple M1 chip under the hood, full 5G compatibility, and in the case of the 12.9 model - a stunning new display upgrade. Trade-in that old iPad for a saving of up to $100, plus save an additional $250 on this device when you purchase a tablet in conjunction with a brand new iPhone.
Apple iPad Pro 11: see the same deal hereView Deal

Apple iPad Air (2020): save $100 with trade-in, plus $250 with an iPhone purchase
Verizon deals on tablets start this week with a few great ways to save some bucks on the latest Apple iPad Air 2020. These mid-range tablets straddle the common ground between the entry-level standard iPad and the more expensive iPad Pro, but anyone would be happy with one of these - they are absolutely stunning tablets. Trade in to save $100, or buy one of these in conjunction with a new iPhone for a massive $250 saving this week.
View Deal

Apple iPad 10.2 (2020): save $100 with trade-in, plus $250 with an iPhone purchase
If you're looking for a more budget-friendly Apple tablet consider the standard iPad 10.2 2020 model, which can be picked up with a number of Verizon deals this week. Currently, a huge discount of up to $350 is possible for those who make use of the combination of a trade-in saving plus buying their tablet outright with a new iPhone. With both of those together, you'll be looking at paying just $109 in total for one of these new iPads.View Deal

Apple iPad Pro 11 (2020): save $100 with trade-in, plus $250 with an iPhone purchase
The venerable old iPad Pro 11 2020 is set to be superseded with the release of the new 2021 models very soon, but if you fancy a hefty discount there's a lot on offer with this week's Verizon deals. Right now you can save yourself a maximum of $350 off these premium tablets if you trade in an old device, plus buy one in conjunction with a new iPhone too.View Deal

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 5G: save $100 with trade-in
Verizon deals also cover the stunning Galaxy Tab S7 range - one of the first-ever 5G tablets on the market. Currently, this device is on back-order right now, but you can still pre-order the next batch with a healthy saving for a trade-in. If you're willing to wait, we've also seen $100 discounts on this model regularly, so it could pay dividends to be patient with this one.
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Accessory deals

Apple Watch Series 6: get $100 off with trade-in, or $250 off second device
Verizon deals don't just include phones - you can also bag yourself a real bargain on a number of top-end smartwatches. Take the Apple Watch Series 6 for example. Not only can you get $100 off with a trade-in right now, but you could also score $250 off a second device after you purchase the first with monthly installments if you'd prefer.View Deal

Apple Watch SE: get $100 off with trade-in, or $250 off second device
The other new Apple Watch available at Verizon this week is the Apple Watch SE - a slightly more 'budget' device that's still a powerful watch in its own right. Like the Series 6, you can trade-in for a discount here or, if you'd prefer, get yourself a $250 discount off a second device after you purchase the first on monthly installments.View Deal

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: buy one, get $280 off second device
Verizon deals on the Galaxy Watch 3 don't quite offer the same type of flexible trade-in options offered on the Apple Watch series, but you can get a massive discount on a second device right now. With a stunning premium design, excellent fitness features, and cool rotating bezel control, the Galaxy Watch 3 is a great option for anyone who wants something a little different from the Apple Watch.View Deal

If you haven't found the Verizon deals you're looking for this week, feel free to bookmark this page and return next week. Alternatively, check out our AT&T deals page for all the latest offers on Verizon's main competitor.