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The best Verizon deals for June 2022: free iPhones, discounts on plans, and more

We've rounded up all of this week's best Verizon deals into one handy page right here. Looking for a new iPhone? Perhaps an Android flagship is more to your taste. Either way, you'll find this week's promotions on all types of devices directly compared and laid out just below.

This week's Verizon deals include some really, really great options if you're willing to get a device on a new unlimited data line. Not only can you get a new iPhone SE 2022 or an iPhone 12 on the house this way, but Verizon has also extended this promotion to include the Google Pixel 6 - a great Android choice.

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While most will be interested in the latest iPhones, Verizon deals also include great options for those who choose Android as their OS of choice. Samsung's foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3 devices in particular offer compelling choices if you're looking for something truly different.

Regardless of what device you're looking for, our Verizon deals roundup aims to give unbiased buying advice with each entry. We've independently reviewed most of these devices (especially the flagships) and we wouldn't recommend anything we wouldn't use ourselves. Plus, there's a lot on offer this week so a bit of guidance should be helpful if you're deciding which handset is for you.

While focused on phones, you'll also find Verizon's latest deals on tablets and accessories on this page, including the latest iPads and Apple Watches. While not quite as good as the carrier's options on handsets, these are well worth checking out because bundle savings are often up for grabs.

If you're in a rush, just below is a selection of this week's best Verizon deals at a glance. Just below that, we've got more detailed recommendations - starting with this Verizon's iPhone deals followed by this week's promotions on Samsung and Google devices. And below that, you'll find tablets and smartwatches.

Want to do see what other carriers are offering? See this week's best cell phone deals. Alternatively, read more about Verizon with this week's best Verizon plans and our recommendations for the best Verizon phones.

The best Verizon deals available today

iPhone deals

Apple iPhone 13: save up to $800 with a trade-in at Verizon (opens in new tab)
This week's Verizon deal on the iPhone 13 is directly in line with what we've come to expect from the carrier, with the device being available for 'free' via a trade-in rebate. While you'll need a new line on an unlimited data plan and a fairly recent device handy to trade, this week's maximum rebate of up to $800 is enough to cover the entire device. New customer? You can also get an additional $200 gift card as a welcome gift if you make the switch this week.

Apple iPhone 12: free with a new unlimited data line at Verizon (opens in new tab)
Perhaps the best Verizon deal on the entire site is available on the humble iPhone 12. Right now, you don't even need a trade-in to get this device for free, just a new line on an unlimited data plan. While there are more recent devices available for free under the same terms (see below), we think this is a stellar option. Not only is this device still worth $699 new, but its modern design, powerful chip, and full 5G capability still make it a top choice as of 2022. 

Apple iPhone SE 2022: free with a new unlimited data line at Verizon (opens in new tab)
Another amazing Verizon deal this week, you can get the brand new Apple iPhone SE 2022 on the house right now with a new line on an unlimited data plan. A close second to the iPhone 12 deal above, some may prefer to opt for this new budget device instead due to its speedier chip. At $499 new, it's slightly less valuable than the iPhone 12, however.

Apple iPhone 13 mini: save up to $700 with a trade-in at Verizon (opens in new tab)
A nice middle ground between the iPhone 13 and the iPhone SE cost-wise, the smaller iPhone 13 mini is also available with the same basic trade-in rebates as most flagships at Verizon. Again, we've seen this one go for as little as $5 per month with a new line (no trade) recently but this week's deal is definitely better if you're looking for a trade in. This week's maximum discount of $700, open to both new and existing customers, is technically enough to bag this device on the house.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro: save up to $800 with a trade-in at Verizon (opens in new tab)
Verizon's deals on the iPhone 13 Pro remain the same this week a with a big focus on trade-in rebates. Currently, the maximum rebate on this one is the same as the standard iPhone 13 and not quite enough to get it for free. We've seen discounts of up to $1,000 before on this device but $800 off is still really good. As with most trade-in rebates at Verizon this week, this deal is open to both new and existing customers, although upgraders will need a 5G data plan to be eligible. 

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max: save up to $800 with a trade-in at Verizon (opens in new tab)
You guessed it - those same excellent Verizon deals are also available on the more premium iPhone 13 Pro Max. As with on the standard 13 Pro, your saving on this device is going to be locked behind a trade-in and a new line on an unlimited data plan. Unfortunately, the carrier's old maximum saving of up to $1,000 doesn't apply right now - although getting $800 is still enough to cut down the costs significantly.

Android deals

Google Pixel 6: free with a new line on an unlimited data plan at Verizon (opens in new tab)
No trade-in required:
One of this year's best Verizon deals is back again this week on the excellent Google Pixel 6. No trades are required to bag this flagship device (which is worth $699) for free right now, simply a new line on an unlimited data plan. For outright value, this one is really, really hard to beat right now and well worth considering. New customers can also get an additional $200 gift card if they switch over from another carrier.

Samsung Galaxy S22: save up to $800 with a trade-in at Verizon (opens in new tab)
For you Android lovers out there, consider this week's Verizon deals on the fantastic Galaxy S22 series. With a superb chip, great screen, and all-around premium design, these phones are a perfect alternative to the iPhone 13. Speaking of which, those same excellent trade-in rebates of up to $800 - available to both new and existing customers - are up for grabs here. You will, however, need a new line on an unlimited data plan to be eligible here, so bear that in mind. Note, check out this deal on the Galaxy S22 Plus (opens in new tab).

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: save up to $800 with a trade-in at Verizon (opens in new tab)
And, if you're looking for something a little more premium, consider this week's Verizon deals on the stunning Galaxy S22 Ultra. As you'd expect, promotions on this device closely follow those on the other two devices in the series with a focus on trade-in rebates. With a maximum saving of up to $800 off with a new unlimited line, you're looking at cutting the exorbitant price on this device right down to size.

Google Pixel 6 Pro: save up to $800 with a trade-in at Verizon (opens in new tab)
Annoyingly, Verizon's deals on the more premium Google Pixel 6 Pro have also suffered the same fate as the standard device this week, with the $5 per month promo being replaced with a trade-in rebate. On the plus side, the $800 maximum rebate being offered on this device is still really good and could see you paying just $99 for this device over a three-year contract.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: save up to $700 with an eligible trade-in at Verizon (opens in new tab)
Also available with this week's Verizon deals is the Galaxy S21 FE  - Samsung's latest mid-range smartphone. It's a little bigger than the standard S21 and a little smaller than the S21 Plus, which makes it a great middle-ground if you think a 6.4-inch size will appeal. Right now, you're looking at a maximum trade-in rebate of up to $700 on this device. Unfortunately, the old 'BOGO' promo isn't up for grabs this week.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: save up to $800 with trade-in at Verizon (opens in new tab)
If you can afford it, there are fantastic Verizon deals on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 - Samsung's latest foldable flagship. As with all the other Samsung devices on our list this week, Verizon has pared down its offerings on this device to just an $800 trade-in rebate. That means no more BOGO promo for now. That said, the rebate was the better deal of the two anyway so it's not a huge loss.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: save up to $800 with trade-in at Verizon (opens in new tab)
And the Fold 3 isn't the only new 'foldable' device from Samsung that's now included in our Verizon deals roundup - there's also the Flip 3. This one's featuring a vertical clamshell design that's refreshingly old-school and makes it a real pocket-friendly gem. It's also way cheaper than the Fold 3, despite having just as powerful of a processor. Those same excellent trade-in rebates of up to $800 are available on this device, open to both new and existing customers as long as they're going for an eligible unlimited data plan.

Free phones

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G: free with a new unlimited data line at Verizon (opens in new tab)
Here's an older deal from Verizon but one that's well worth considering. The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE isn't the latest in the range anymore (see the S21 FE above) but it's still a stellar choice - even in 2022. Not only does it have a great camera and speedy processor but it's fully 5G compatible to boot. It's just simply a great Android flagship for those who don't want to fork out the extra for something like a Pixel 6 or Galaxy S22.

Samsung Galaxy A02s: free with a new line (opens in new tab)
If you're loyal to the Samsung brand, then you could consider the new Galaxy A02s - the current budget offering from the Android giant. This one's got a really huge 5,000MAh battery, dual-camera system, Snapdragon 450 processor, and rather large 6.5-inch display too. Like many budget devices, this one also supports microSD cards of up to 1TB if you'd like to expand your storage.

Upgrade & plan deals

AMC+ subscription: now available on select unlimited data plans (opens in new tab)
Sign up to an unlimited data plan at Verizon and you'll now score up to 12 months of AMC+ on the house. This is a brand new promo from Verizon just this past week and joins the already impressive lineup of Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, Google Play, and other excellent streaming perks. Note - to get the full 12 months free you'll need to sign up to the Play More plan and upwards, Start Unlimited customers will only score 6 months for free. 

Upgrade to a 5G device: up to $800 off select phones (opens in new tab)
(opens in new tab)
Most of the big Verizon deals on our list include offers for new lines or new customers specifically. However, if you're an existing customer then you're not excluded from a saving. In fact, if you're trading in an older device you can still get yourself up to $800 off one of the very latest flagships. Depending on the device, that's actually enough to score some of the cheaper options for free. 

Switch: get $500 when you bring your own device (opens in new tab)
Bring your own phone over to Verizon and they'll give you a redeemable $500 e-gift card to spend pretty much anywhere online. You'll have to redeem this offer yourself via their Digital Rebate Centre (opens in new tab) within 30-days of your switch, but if you do happen to bring your own device over, you'll also have the option to skip your credit check.

Plan deal: students save up to $25 a month with unlimited plans (opens in new tab)
If you're an actively enrolled student right now you can save $25 off your monthly plan when you pick up two unlimited plans and $10 if you pick up a single unlimited plan. You'll have to provide the relevant identification but you're potentially going to get four years of savings if you meet the requirements.

Tablet deals

Apple iPad 10.2 (2021): save $100, plus up to $180 with trade-in at Verizon (opens in new tab)
The 9th generation 10.2 iPad is now on sale at Verizon and available with a nice little trade-in rebate if you pick it up with a plan. While the cheapest device in the range, this one is a great pick if you're looking for a quality do-it-all tablet for streaming, games, and productivity. It's not as powerful as the other tablets (see below), but it'll give you great bang for the buck.

Apple iPad Air (2022): save $100, plus up to $180 with trade-in at Verizon (opens in new tab)
Verizon deals on tablets this week also include excellent options on the latest Apple iPad Air 2022. This is the newest entry in the range and a superb pick if you like the idea of a mid-range slate with a decent mix of features and a reasonable price. As with all other Apple devices a nice little saving if available upfront for an LTE version, plus additional savings if you're looking to make a trade.

Apple iPad mini (2021): save $100, plus up to $180 with trade-in at Verizon (opens in new tab)
And, if you prefer a smaller-sized tablet, that same excellent Verizon trade-in deal is also available on the latest Apple iPad Mini. Even better still, the carrier is offering an additional $100 saving if you pick up an LTE tablet via its online store. At just 8-inches, this tablet is much smaller and more bag-friendly than the other iPads. As you'd expect, however, it's still really powerful and features the same great design as its bigger siblings.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2021): save up to $180 with trade-in at Verizon (opens in new tab)
Save yourself more than a few bucks with this week's Verizon deals on the latest new Apple iPad Pro 2021 models. In particular, trade in an old device and get yourself a saving of up to $180 on your new slate. If you're looking for a powerful LTE tablet, this is one's a great choice as it not only has a super powerful M1 chip inside but one of the best displays you'll find on a tablet anywhere.
Apple iPad Pro 11: see the same deal here (opens in new tab)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G: save $100, plus up to $180 with trade-in at Verizon (opens in new tab)
Prefer Android? Here's Samsung's latest high-end tablet, the Galaxy Tab S8+. This one's available with the same discounts and trade-in values as the iPad this week and it's a superb choice if you're looking for one of the best tablets on the market. Not only does it have a superb AMOLED display capable of 120Hz, but it packs in a super speedy Snapdragon 8 chip inside.

Accessory deals

Apple Watch Series 7: up to $180 off with a trade-in at Verizon (opens in new tab)
If you're looking for a new Apple Watch then you can trade-in for a nice little price cut with this week's Verizon deals. The Apple Watch 7 is the current king of the iOS wearables and a great pairing with any LTE plan if you're going to cut the connection to your phone. Note, we've regularly seen further price cuts for those buying these devices with iPhones recently, so it could be worth waiting for that promotion to return if you're looking for a bundle deal.

Apple Watch SE: up to $180 off with a trade-in at Verizon (opens in new tab)
And that same trade-in rebate is also available on the Apple Watch SE this week - the more 'budget' orientated device of the two new Apple smartwatches. That lower price means a trade-in can potentially score you a watch for just $159 here, which is an absolute bargain when you consider how fully featured this smartwatch is.

If you haven't found the Verizon deals you're looking for this week, feel free to bookmark this page and return next week. Alternatively, check out our AT&T deals page for all the latest offers on Verizon's main competitor.

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