The best phone 2024: top smartphones in the US right now

The best phone you can buy won't be the same thing for everybody. Some folks might want a feature-packed technology marvel like the Galaxy S24 Ultra, our best phone all around to start 2024. Others might want a more simple and sociable phone that gets everything right, like the Apple iPhone 15. No matter what you need, we've got recommendations for all of the best phones available right now. 

Now that we've spent time with the Galaxy S24 Ultra, we're happy to recommend it as the best phone all around, especially if you need a bit more out of your smartphone. It earns top marks for its amazing battery life, superior performance, and improved durability, but it does so much more than other phones that it's almost a class by itself. It can practically replace a laptop computer, and the S Pen is much more than a simple stylus. 

For the year ahead, we're not just hoping for better performance and cooler cameras, we're expecting a lot more from our smartphones. Samsung and Google set a new standard with promises to support the latest flagship phones for seven years of Android OS and security updates. That's a major leap forward, and even beats Apple's traditional five years of support. We'll see if Apple tries to match the Android world, and if other Android phone makers can keep up. 

The best phones you can buy aren't just the most expensive flagship phones, though. You can find great performance and excellent cameras on phones that cost hundreds less, like Google's Pixel 8 Pro and phones from OnePlus. If you don't care as much about cameras, you can even get a cool foldable phone in the Motorola Razr Ultra for less than a new iPhone. 

If you don't find a model that takes your fancy among the below options, check out our brand-specific rankings instead. We’ve reviewed all the latest handsets, and detailed the best Samsung phones, best iPhones, and best Google Pixel phones elsewhere on TechRadar.

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