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The best iPhone deals and prices in September 2020

best iphone deals prices sales
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iPhone deals represent the best way to pick up some of the most coveted flagships around for a price that could much lower than you'd think. Right now there are plenty of devices to choose from, going from the relatively budget-minded new iPhone SE 2020, all the way to the stunningly premium iPhone 11 Pro. We've put this article together to help you find not only the best prices this week, but to give you just a taste of the iPhone models currently available on the market (and a few old favorites too).

With such long-lasting popularity and premium features, these phones often come with higher price tags than their Android rivals. Luckily, there are iPhone deals everywhere if you know where to look, and if you're willing to do a little bit of legwork in comparing retailers, you'll also find some surprisingly affordable iPhone prices. 

We've gone through the laborious steps of searching all the best retailers to save you all that effort. Below you'll find our top picks this week, as well as breakout sections for each of the current iPhone models. Further down still you'll find a handy comparison chart featuring all the latest plans from the big carriers, as well as our handy tips for scoring the best iPhone deal.

The best iPhone deals in August 2020

Which is the best iPhone deal for me?

  • Best all-round: iPhone 11
  • Most powerful: iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Best cheap iPhone: iPhone SE
  • Also great value: iPhone XR
  • Best older iPhone: iPhone 7

iPhone 11 & 11 Pro deals

Apple iPhone 11 Pro: save $350, plus up to $850 with eligible trade-in at Verizon
Thanks to a whole combination of offers at Verizon you can potentially score yourself a free iPhone 11 Pro right now. Firstly you'll get a $350 discount if you purchase online with an unlimited plan plus up to another $850 if you're trading in an eligible device. What's more, Verizon will also throw in a free $150 giftcard if you're switching over from another carrier.
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Apple iPhone 11: free at U.S Cellular for new customers with an unlimited plan
You don't even have to trade in your old phone to get this iPhone deal over at U.S Cellular - simply activate a new unlimited plan and you're eligible. Overall you're looking to save $700 in total here, so it's a significant saving for those who have good U.S Cellular coverage in their area.
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Apple iPhone 11: $23.34 $11.67/month at AT&T with a new Unlimited plan
Sure, it's not free, but we'll still take this 50% off iPhone deal at AT&T any day of the week. Not only is it a great way to save on a new flagship, but AT&T is a great carrier to go with. They've currently got the second-best coverage nationwide, as well as unlimited data plans which are generally much cheaper than Verizon's.
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Apple iPhone 11: $699.99 $599.99 at Boost Mobile
Boost Mobile is knocking $100 off any iPhone right now, so that means not only can you get a cheap iPhone 11, but you could also save on the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max as well. Boost already offers one of the best value prepaid plans out there, so this is a great option if you want to save on your bills overall.
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Apple iPhone 11: Free Bose headphones with purchase, port and activation at Visible
Visible are throwing in some freebies right now for every customer who switches over to their excellent prepaid unlimited plan. You'll get a free pair of Bose SoundLink wireless headphones with every iPhone 11, which is a nice offer if you were thinking about making the switch anyway.
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Apple iPhone 11: $699 $449 at PureTalkUSA
PureTalkUSA is knocking $250 all iPhones right now if you buy them with an Unlimited or 20GB data plan. This is absolutely one of the cheapest iPhone deals right now and a great option if you're looking for a cheap unlimited data plan on the AT&T network.
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The latest flagship from Apple

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OS: iOS 13 | Screen size: 6.1-inch | Resolution: 828 x 1792 | Memory: 4GB Ram | Weight: 194g | Dimensions: 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3mm |Storage: 64/128/256GB | Battery: 3110mAh | Rear camera: 12MP + 12MP | Front camera: 12MP 

The iPhone 11 range represents the latest flagships from Apple and subsequently occupy the top spot of the best iPhones you can get right now.

The standard iPhone 11 launched at a starting price of $699 / £699, surprisingly affordable for a new iPhone and right in that Goldilocks zone for most people. Inside it features some small, albeit worthwhile iterative improvements over last year's iPhone XS - namely a larger battery, beefier processor, and a dual camera lens.

The iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are even more powerful still, and are currently the iPhone of choice for power users. Interestingly, the iPhone 11 Pro is actually the smallest of the trio, while the 11 Pro Max features the traditional phablet sizing you find on the most premium models. Both these iPhones feature three back cameras, as opposed to the two on the standard iPhone 11, and upgraded OLED screens. These upgrades do however come with an eye-wateringly high price - $999 / £1,049 in the case of the iPhone 11 Pro, and $1,099 / £1,149 for the 11 Pro Max.

If you'd like to read more, check out our iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max reviews.

iPhone SE deals

Apple iPhone SE: $399 free with an Unlimited plan at Verizon
Verizon is throwing in a brand new iPhone SE for absolutely free when you purchase one with a new Unlimited line right now. That's a total saving of $399 overall and an amazing way to save on those pesky monthly cell phone bills.
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Apple iPhone SE: $16.66 $5 a month with an Unlimited plan at AT&T
If you're locked into AT&T for coverage reasons, or simply prefer them over Verizon then there's no reason to feel left out - you can get the same great iPhone SE deal over there too. Like the above Verizon deal you'll have to set up a new Unlimited line to be eligible, but once you do you'll be able to enjoy the same discount.

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Apple iPhone SE: $399.99 $299.99 at Boost Mobile
If you like your discounts upfront and simple then check out Boost Mobile, which is offering a straight $100 price cut on the new iPhone SE. Coupled with one of their excellent cheap prepaid plans you've got an overall good option for saving money on an iPhone deal.
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Apple iPhone SE: $47 $30/mo at Mint Mobile
If you're looking for an overall package that's extremely good value, check out Mint Mobile's limited time iPhone SE offer. They'll knock a couple of bucks off your monthly finance bill plus give you a whole two years of premium wireless for $15 a month. All in all, you can bring your bill down to just $30 a month right now - superb value.
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Apple iPhone SE: $384 at Visible plus free Nimble charging bundle
If you want to buy your iPhone upfront and switch over to one of the best prepaid unlimited plans available right now, then check out this limited time offer from Visible. They'll knock $15 off your phone cost and give you a free Nimble charging bundle plus Speck case - useful gifts, no matter your setup.
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Apple iPhone SE: save up to $170 with a trade-in at Apple
If you're simply looking for an unlocked iPhone SE for maximum flexibility down the line, check out the official Apple store. Right now they're running a trade-in program that can score you up to a $170 discount on a brand new iPhone SE when you trade in your device. Android users can also switch for a discount of $100.
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Apple's latest budget phone

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OS: iOS 13 | Screen size: 4.7-inch | Resolution: 750 x 1334 | Memory: 3GB Ram | Weight: 148g | Dimensions: 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3mm |Storage: 64/128/256GB | Battery: 1821mAh | Rear camera: 12MP | Front camera: 7MP 

The new iPhone SE is Apple's second generation edition to the hugely popular budget range of iPhones. While Apple hasn't traditionally been known for its value (normally the territory of the best android phones), this new budget iPhone packs in a whole range of up to date components.

A powerful A13 Bionic chip means this fresh new budget iPhone is fully capable of 4k video capture, sports a new portrait mode, supports wireless charging, and even features that good old fashioned Touch ID biometric fingerprint sensor. 

Apple has kept the cost down on this new device by re-using the old iPhone 8 chassis, dropping down to a single camera lens, and slimming down the battery -which are sensible cuts for most users. You're of course still getting that powerful processor, and thanks to those downgrades, these devices launched for just $399 / £419.

Want to know a bit more about this fantastic budget iPhone? We've put this phone through its paces in our iPhone SE (2020) review.

iPhone XR deals

Apple iPhone XR: Save up to 50% off when you switch at Verizon
Verizon is knocking up to 50% off right now on a new iPhone XR when you switch over from another carrier. If you happen to be buying one with a new Unlimited line they'll also knock $150 off, plus give you a free $150 gift card and some Amazon googles - that's a lot of free stuff.
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Apple iPhone XR: $20 $15/mo at AT&T with a new unlimited line
If you like the idea of going with the iPhone XR over the new iPhone SE then AT&T is currently knocking $5 off the monthly cost when you purchase with a new unlimited line. This one's an even bigger monthly saving than the iPhone SE deal above and currently only available from AT&T.
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Apple iPhone XR: $599.99 $499.99 at Boost Mobile
Boost is back again with a no-nonsense upfront saving on a brand new iPhone XR this week. Coupled with their cheap prepaid plan options, you're looking to save significantly on your monthly bills overall versus going with one of the bigger carriers.
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Apple iPhone XR: up to $220 off with trade in at Apple
Apple's iPhone trade-in program can knock up to a massive $220 off an iPhone XR right now.  Whether you're looking for a carrier-specific version or an unlocked device, all are applicable and available right now via Apple - great for those who need some flexibility or choice.
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Another top budget pick

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OS: iOS 12 | Screen size: 6.1-inch | Resolution: 828 x 1792 | Memory: 3GB Ram | Weight: 194g | Dimensions: 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3mm |Storage: 64/128/256GB | Battery: 2942mAh | Rear camera: 12MP | Front camera: 7MP 

The iPhone XR was Apple's last-gen budget-minded device before the iPhone SE came and supplanted its throne as the best cheap iPhone. That's not to say you should write the iPhone XR off though, as this phone still offers an excellent balance between features, specs, and affordability - especially now it's got a little bit of competition. 

Back in 2018 this device launched for $749 / £749, but right now, thanks to a whole range of iPhone deals, you can snag this device up for around $599 / £629 depending on what storage capacity you're looking for.

Whether you prefer this or the new iPhone SE is a purely subjective matter. The iPhone XR features a slightly slicker, more modern bezel-less design, while the iPhone SE opts for an older chassis but overall more powerful components. Both feature a single camera, and are available in a number of colors - although the iPhone XR has a few more to choose from.

Want to know more? Head over to our iPhone XR review.

iPhone XS deals

Apple iPhone XS: Save $300, plus get up to $550 off with trade-in
If you purchase a new iPhone XS online with a new unlimited plan Verizon will credit $300 back into your account over 24 months. This will effectively bring that monthly phone bill down to $24.99, which is always a nice bonus when you're pairing it with an unlimited plan.
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Apple iPhone XS: $30 $1 a month with an unlimited plan at AT&T
Even cheaper still is this fantastic limited time iPhone XS offer from AT&T, which is available when you purchase the device with a new unlimited plan. Since this contract is over 30 months, you're saving a massive total of $770 here on your overall phone bill.
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Older but still top tier

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OS: iOS 12 | Screen size: 5.8-inch | Resolution: 1125 x 2436 | Memory: 4GB Ram | Weight: 177g | Dimensions: 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7mm |Storage: 64/256/512GB | Battery: 2658mAh | Rear camera: 12MP | Front camera: 7MP 

The iPhone XS was Apple's last generation of flagships - decidedly more premium than the XR and an iterative improvement over the previous iPhone X. While the iPhone 11 Pro has firmly supplanted the XS as the power-user iPhone of choice, there's still a lot of top-end specs on offer here and now that it's no longer top dog, we're also starting to see prices come down.

Launched at a hefty starting price of $999 / £999, the iPhone XS can now be found for as little as  £629 / $849 if you're lucky enough to snag the right iPhone deal. Make note that the iPhone XS still has a great camera, powerful A12 Bionic chipset, OLED screen and 2658mAh battery - which are specs that will challenge the latest from Apple and Samsung. If you opt for the more expensive iPhone XS Max, you're getting even more power, albeit for a substantially bigger price tag.

If you'd like to read more, head over to our iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max reviews.

Older iPhone deals

Apple iPhone 7: free with a new line at Verizon
What's better than an iPhone deal? A free iPhone of course, and Verizon are generously throwing in an older (but still great) iPhone 7 for free with every new line. You're not even locked into a specific unlimited plan here, so this really is a freebie - perfect if you're adding a line to your existing account and need a backup.
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Apple iPhone 7 Plus: $499 $249 at PureTalkUSA
PureTalk is offering a straight $250 price cut across all iPhones right now when you purchase one with an unlimited or 20GB data plan. That means you can bag an iPhone 7 Plus, yesteryear's flagship phone, for half price right now - an absolute bargain.
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Apple iPhone 8 Plus: $499 $249 at PureTalkUSA
Since that $250 discount on iPhones at PureTalk is across the whole range, if you wanted to upgrade slightly to the iPhone 8 Plus you can also do so. Again, this is deal is only valid with an unlimited or 20GB data plan, but thankfully these are some of the best value prepaid plans around right now.
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iPhone deals FAQ

best iphone deals prices sales

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When is the next iPhone coming out?

The most recent batch of iPhones - the 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max - very recently came out, bringing Apple up to date with its competition. That does, however, mean that we now won't see a new iPhone until late 2020. You can expect Apple to launch its next batch of devices in September 2020. The iPhone 12 is expected to be a similar price to the iPhone 11 and could maybe be a 5G enabled device.

Does Apple have any 5G iPhone deals?

Not yet. There were a number of rumours suggesting Apple would release one alongside the iPhone 11 range however none came. That means for anyone wanting to break into the future and get a 5G iPhone, you will have to wait until 2020 when reports suggest they will join the 5G game.

Are refurbished iPhone deals any good?

Looking to bag a cheap iPhone? Refurbished could well be the way to go. When you invest in a refurbished iPhone, you're looking to save a good few hundred dollars. Everything from the iPhone XS Max to the iPhone 6S can be found through refurbs. 

There is a certain stigma about refurbished iPhone deals. People expect a phone covered in fingerprints and weird marks you can't quite place. Luckily, most of these issues don't actually occur on refurbished devices.

The large majority of second-hand phones have simply been bought and returned in a few weeks. Also, most iPhone deals coming to you refurbished have a 12 month warranty.

How can I get cheap iPhone deals?

iPhone deals aren't exactly notorious for their affordability, however there are still a few ways to land a smaller price tag with Apple. The most obvious option is to go for an older device. Cheap iPhone 7 deals could land you monthly bills in the $20 area. Or even iPhone 8 contracts don't cost too much now.

But, if you want your cheap iPhone to look, feel, and act like a flagship - things get a little bit harder. You won't be able to get cheap iPhone 11 deals yet but prices have started to come down on the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. And if you go refurbished you can get those phones at a surprisingly affordable price.

Getting yourself a refurbished iPhone could save you in the ranges of $100-200 overall. Despite the common objections, refurbished iPhones aren't broken or dirty, in fact they are usually just returned within 2 weeks of their purchase.

You can even track down phone contracts with no upfront costs and see if that helps dampen your overarching cost.

What is the best iPhone right now?

This really is a completely subjective question and completely depends on what you need from your phone contract. However, there is definitely a few key iPhones, out-performing in certain areas.

iPhone 11 Pro Max: This is now Apple's biggest and most powerful phone. If you have the money to spare this will be the best iPhone. It has the biggest battery and the biggest screen to really enhance your phone experience.

iPhone 11: Like the iPhone XR last year the iPhone 11 has one sole goal - bring high-end Apple specs at a more affordable price. For the majority of people wanting a new iPhone this will be the option to go for, avoiding the Pro Max and its monstrous price tag.

iPhone SE: This will be the handset for anyone who is looking for Apple on a budget. The iPhone SE is a 2020 device taking the iPhone 8's style and design and filling it with some newer and more powerful specs. It includes 4K video, the iPhone 11's A13 Bionic chipset and more.

iPhone XS: It is now a year old but the iPhone XS offers a lot of what Apple's most recent phones can do but without the head-splitting price tag.

iPhone XR: Same premise as the iPhone XS - it is a cheaper option for Apple fans than the iPhone 11 and still offers an excellent phone. And, offering a bigger battery than the iPhone XS, you'll be able to power through the day with ease.

When is the best time to buy iPhone deals?

Like a lot of the other questions here, there isn't an exact answer but there are certain times that can offer better prices on Apple's phones.

- New releases: Like all other phones, when a new iPhone comes out we frequently see the other devices in Apple's arsenal come down in price. With the iPhone 11 now out this is the time to invest. Your next Apple release will be in 2020.

- Black Friday: The yearly mega sale, Black Friday, can be the perfect time to get iPhone deals. Every year we see phones come crashing down in price and we'll be shouting out the best offers to grab when the time comes this year.

- Amazon Prime Day: Amazon's impressive sale for Prime Subscribers, we almost always see a load of cheap iPhones appear during this two day sale - as long as you're looking for an unlocked or prepaid device.

- Absolutely any day: Realistically, there isn't any specific time or place that is best for getting a new iPhone deal. There are price cuts, promotions and major discounts every day and you just have to catch them as they happen. Luckily, our iPhone deals round-up is here, freshly updated and aims to offer all the best from across the web.

Should I get an iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro deal?

With its far lower price tag, we can't help but feel that the iPhone 11 is a far superior choice for the majority of people. However, if you're the kind of person who likes having the best phone around then the upgrade to either the iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max will be pretty necessary.

With an iPhone 11 Pro (or Pro Max) you'll be getting a bigger battery and an additional camera. However, if you're a fan of smaller phones, the iPhone 11 Pro is the smallest of Apple's trio of phones.

What is the cheapest iPhone?

Right now, the cheapest iPhone you can get is the new 2020 iPhone SE. Yes, the iPhone 7 and 6s will see prices go slightly lower but realistically, for all-round value, the iPhone SE is going to be the best choice.

It can be found with bills below $30 a month or $380 upfront while holding some strong specs on the inside. While it does look identical to the iPhone 8, it is a surprisingly powerful phone for the money.