The best cheap iPhone deals and prices for June 2023

You'll find all of this week's best iPhone deals on everything from the humble SE to the latest iPhone 14 neatly lined up and compared right here on this page. We've included options from all types of carriers - both big and small - and you'll also find the best options for unlocked devices right now. We've laid out our iPhone deals page in easy to navigate sections, so if you're looking for a specific series of devices, you can simply skip on ahead or compare everything in one easy resource.

iPhone deals: jump links

For the biggest possible savings, we'd recommend this week's iPhone deals from the bigger carriers like AT&T and Verizon. While the top promotions are usually tied in to either a trade-in or an unlimited data plan, savings can reach all the way up to $1,000 off if your eligible. The bigger carriers often also throw in freebies like iPads and Apple Watches if you're lucky, although these are often not quite as good value as they seem since you'll need to pay for device lines on plans.

A good option if you want to skip out on the pricey unlimited plans is to check out iPhone deals from prepaid carriers. Mint Mobile is a good choice here as it often offers free months of service for new customers and the occasional discount. Trading in for an unlocked device at Apple can also be a good choice, although the trade-in rebates from the official store don't tend to reach anywhere near those you'll find at the big carriers.

With such long-lasting popularity and premium features, these phones often come with higher price tags than cell phone deals on their Android rivals. Luckily, there are iPhone deals everywhere if you know where to look, and if you're willing to do a little bit of legwork in comparing retailers, you'll also find some surprisingly affordable iPhone prices.

Today's best iPhone deals at a glance

Which is the best iPhone deal for me?

  • Best all-round: iPhone 14
  • Most powerful: iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Best cheap iPhone: iPhone 12 mini
  • Also great value: iPhone 13 mini
  • Best older iPhone: iPhone 12

iPhone 14 & 14 Plus deals

Apple iPhone 14: up to $800 off with trade, plus $200 off an iPad and Apple Watch at Verizon

Apple iPhone 14: up to $800 off with trade, plus $200 off an iPad and Apple Watch at Verizon
Verizon's current deal on the iPhone 14 offers a trade-in rebate of up to $800 and the option to bundle in some cheap accessories ($200 off an iPad and an Apple Watch for $5 per month). The rebate is the real bulk of the deal here since it's enough to cover the entire cost of the device and you'll still have to pay for those device lines if you pick up the accessories on the cheap. We've also seen the carrier throw in free iPads and Apple Watches on occasion previously, so you could wait it out for a similar promotion again if you want the best value possible with bundled accessories. 

Apple iPhone 14 Plus: $5/mo with an unlimited data plan, plus free iPad and Apple Watch at Verizon

Apple iPhone 14 Plus: $5/mo with an unlimited data plan, plus free iPad and Apple Watch at Verizon
If you're not looking to trade-in, a fantastic option with this week's iPhone deals at Verizon is on the iPhone 14 Plus. This new flagship is currently going for just $5 per month with an unlimited data line - a promotion that doesn't need the usual trade-in to be eligible. The only caveat? We've actually seen Verizon offer this device for free previously under the same terms previously so it could potentially be worth holding out to see if that promo crops up again in the next few weeks.

Apple iPhone 14 & 14 Plus: up to $700 off with trade-in and unlimited plan at AT&T

Apple iPhone 14 & 14 Plus: up to $700 off with trade-in and unlimited plan at AT&T
Another top destination for carrier iPhone deals, AT&T is offering a trade-in rebate of up to $700 off the two 'standard' models in the new iPhone 14 range. While good, this particular rebate is just shy of the record $800-off we've seen previously. That said, this is still a solid choice if you get good AT&T coverage in your areas as you'll be able to significantly shave off the cost of your new device. See this same deal on the iPhone 14 Plus.

Apple iPhone 14 & 14 Plus: save up to $600 with a trade-in at Apple

Apple iPhone 14 & 14 Plus: save up to $600 with a trade-in at Apple
Do you want an unlocked iPhone 14? We've got good news and bad news. First up, the bad news is you'll have to get your device directly from Apple - sorry, no other choices. The good news, however, is that you'll be able to get a fairly sizeable trade-in rebate of up to $600 off right now, which is decent, even if it doesn't challenge the big carrier promotions. As always, you'll need to have a really decent phone to fetch the maximum rebate but even fairly modest devices should also be able to score more than a few bucks off here.

Apple iPhone 14: save up to $700 with a trde-in and unlimited plan at Xfinity Mobile

Apple iPhone 14: save up to $700 with a trde-in and unlimited plan at Xfinity Mobile
A top choice if you'd prefer a prepaid carrier, Xfinity Mobile is currently offering generous trade-in rebates of up to $700 on the latest iPhone 14 range. This isn't the biggest saving out there right now but it's pretty great considering Xfinity has some flexible options for reasonably priced plans. Also available at this carrier is an alternative saving of $400 for those who bring their number over from a rival carrier - a discount that doesn't need the trade-in to be eligible. 

Apple iPhone 14 & 14 Plus: save up to $900 with a trade-in at Walmart

Apple iPhone 14 & 14 Plus: save up to $900 with a trade-in at Walmart
Walmart offers a small but welcome $100 gift card in addition to trade-in rebates for carrier devices, which can be a good option alongside the carrier promotions themselves. Right now, the biggest trade-in rebate is exclusive to AT&T devices at $800 off, although Verizon customers can also get up to $350 off their new device with a trade.

The latest flagship from Apple

iPhone 14 in black on white background

(Image credit: Apple)

OS: iOS 15 | Screen size: 6.1-inch Retina XDR (60Hz)| Resolution: 2532 x 1170 | CPU: Apple A15 | Memory: N/A | Weight: 174g |Storage: 128 / 256 / 512GB | Battery: N/A | Rear camera: 12MP wide, 12MP ultrawide| Front camera: 12MP 

The Apple iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Plus are the new 'standard' flagships for 2022 and the two devices that are going to appeal the most for people who want a nice mix of power and features without completely breaking the bank.

The 14 Plus is a completely new model for 2022, replacing the old iPhone mini model as an alternative option to the standard iPhone 14 - this time with an expanded 6.7-inch size instead of a slimmed-down version. As with the previous iteration, the normal iPhone 14 comes with a 6.1-inch display.

Apple is very much doing its usual iterative upgrade with the standard iPhone 14 and new 14 Plus model, with essentially the same display, chip, and overall design. Where they've focused on this year is the camera system, which includes new sensors, wider apertures, and even more computational wizardry. If Apple's is to be believed, you'll get up to 2.5x the low-light performance versus the old camera.

While some may have been holding out (and hoping) for a bigger upgrade with the iPhone 14 it's worth noting that the design and chip are still up there with the very best flagships for 2022. If you're eligible for an upgrade in particular, then it's definitely worth considering making the jump to this generation.

iPhone 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max deals

Apple iPhone 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max: up to $1,000 off w/ trade-in and unlimited plan at AT&T

Apple iPhone 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max: up to $1,000 off w/ trade-in and unlimited plan at AT&T
The best carrier iPhone deal this week for the iPhone 14 Pro devices is over at AT&T, which is offering a huge trade-in rebate of up to $1,000 off. This is a match for the biggest saving we've seen at AT&T and it's actually enough to cover the entire cost of the standard iPhone 14. As always, however, you'll still need that pricey unlimited data plan to be eligible for a saving. See this same deal on the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max: up to $800 off with trade, plus $200 off an iPad and Apple Watch at Verizon

Apple iPhone 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max: up to $800 off with trade, plus $200 off an iPad and Apple Watch at Verizon
Verizon's current line up of iPhone deals on the Pro models offer a maximum trade-in rebate of up to $800, which is good but not quite the $1,000 off we've seen on occasion before. On the plus side, you can also get $200 off an iPad and an Apple Watch for just $5 per month right now as an optional extra. See this same deal on the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max: save up to $600 with a trade-in at Apple

Apple iPhone 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max: save up to $600 with a trade-in at Apple
Apple, again, is going to be the sole provider for iPhone deals if you're on the hunt for a shiny new unlocked Pro model. Choice-wise, it's a bit of a bummer but the official Apple Store does have its own trade-in program that you can take advantage of. Right now, the maximum saving is capped-out at $600, which isn't bad considering you don't need a pesky carrier contract to be eligible. As always, you'll need to have a fairly decent old phone to fetch your maximum rebate here but mid-range devices should be able to fetch a sizeable rebate too.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max: save up to $900 with a trade-in at Walmart

Apple iPhone 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max: save up to $900 with a trade-in at Walmart
As with the standard iPhone 14 devices, you'll also be able to get that $100 gift card with eligible Pro model purchases this week at Walmart. This gift card stacks on top of the usual trade-in rebates to offer a maximum saving of up to $900 off AT&T devices, or $450 off Verizon devices, which isn't bad in the case of the former.

iPhone 14 Pro: specs

iPhone 14 Pro in creme on white background

(Image credit: Apple)

OS: iOS 16| Screen size: 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR (variable 1Hz to 120Hz)| Resolution: 2556 x 1179 | CPU: Apple A16| Memory: N/A | Weight: 206g |Storage: 128 / 256 / 512GB / 1TB | Battery: N/A | Rear camera: 48MP wide, 12MP ultrawide, 12MP telephoto| Front camera: 12MP 

Apple has made a clear distinction between the 'standard' 14 models and the more premium 14 Pro models for 2022. In short, these are the two devices you'll want to check out if you're looking for the latest and greatest in design and features.

They're not cheap, retailing for $1,099 and $1,199 at launch, but they're both at the same price as last year's Pro models while featuring a number of cutting-edge upgrades and new firsts for Apple.

Both the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max are the first iPhones to do away with the divisive notch display design in favor of a more slimmed down 'Dynamic Island' housing. This is essentially a clever little feature that hides the housing with a number of software integrations - namely notifications, widgets, and status bars. It's a neat feature, and one you'll only find on the Pro models as of 2022.

Other key upgrades include the new Apple A16 Bionic chip, with increased battery efficiency and gaming performance, a brighter 2000 Nits OLED display, and a greatly upgraded camera system. This is probably the headline feature of the devices as you're not only getting new lenses, bigger sensors, but a massive 48MP main camera now. Overall, you're looking at improved computation photography and up to three times the low-light performance if Apple's marketing is to be believed.

iPhone 13 & 13 mini deals

Apple iPhone 13: free with a new unlimited line, plus $200 off iPad and Apple Watch at Verizon

Apple iPhone 13: free with a new unlimited line, plus $200 off iPad and Apple Watch at Verizon
While it's a little older now, don't discount the iPhone 13 if you're looking for a decent device on a budget - especially since you can pick it up for free right now at Verizon without the need for a trade-in. On top of the device itself here, you can also bundle in a $200 saving on an iPad and get an Apple Watch for just $5 per month, a promotion that's shared across nearly every Apple device at Verizon. Note that this particular promotion is also available on the iPhone 13 mini and the iPhone 12, and we've also recently seen the iPhone 14 Plus available for free under the same terms. If you're looking for the best possible value with this kind of deal, an option could be to wait for it to crop up on the Plus again. 

Apple iPhone 13: $20

Apple iPhone 13: $20 $10.99 with an unlimited plan at AT&T
If you're not looking to trade in an old device, you could also consider AT&T's most recent deal on the iPhone 13. This device is available at a half-price monthly cost right now if you pick it up with an unlimited data plan - a promotion that doesn't require a trade-in. We've seen this $10 per month deal crop up previously at the carrier but it remains a very strong option for those who aren't interested in going via the traditional trade-in route for their next upgrade at AT&T. 

Apple iPhone 13 & 13 mini: 6-month plan free /w device at Mint Mobile

Apple iPhone 13 & 13 mini: 6-month plan free /w device at Mint Mobile
Mint Mobile is one of the most popular prepaid carriers right now thanks to their incredibly competitively priced plans. While this particular iPhone deal will see you paying for an iPhone 13 upfront - which is admittedly pricey - you'll be getting a nice 6-month plan free as a welcome bonus. With plans for as little as $20 per month, Mint is a great choice if you're looking to cut out those pricey unlimited plans at the major carriers. See this same deal on the iPhone 13 mini here

Apple iPhone 13 & 13 mini: save up to $600 with an eligible trade-in at Apple

Apple iPhone 13 & 13 mini: save up to $600 with an eligible trade-in at Apple
Going unlocked? If you want a new device you'll have to pick it up from Apple itself as it's the sole vendor for these kinds of devices right now. What you lack in choice, you can make up for in the form of trade-in rebates, however. Currently, a maximum saving of up to $600 is available, which isn't the highest Apple has offered but still pretty good considering the freedom you'll get by getting to pick and choose your carrier and plan.

2021's flagship is still great

Apple iPhone 13 boxout image

(Image credit: Apple)

OS: iOS 14 | Screen size: 6.1-inch Retina XDR (60Hz)| Resolution: 2532 x 1170 | CPU: Apple A15 | Memory: N/A | Weight: 173g |Storage: 128 / 256 / 512GB | Battery: N/A | Rear camera: 12MP wide, 12MP ultrawide| Front camera: 12MP 

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini are the two 'standard' 2021 flagships from Apple, which retail for $699 and $599 now the 14 series has arrived. At launch, they were actually priced the same as last year's 12-series devices and at first glance, the new 2021 models look strikingly similar. One look at the specs sheet, however, and you'll see there's a whole host of improvements under the hood to justify that price tag.

Firstly, a new Apple A15 Bionic processor means these are easily the most powerful mobile devices yet from the company. In fact, Apple claims that these latest chips provide a level of power that's a whopping 50% more than the closest rivals from other companies. It's not just that chip that's new either, improvements to the screen (now brighter), battery, and camera lens mean these devices aren't just merely iterative upgrades over last year's models - even if they do look very similar.

Also new is an upgraded storage capacity, which now starts at 128GB on both models - not the 64GB that we've come accustomed to on previous models. If you've already got an iPhone 12 that might not be enough to sway you into an upgrade, but for some, that's going to be a nice bonus indeed and well worth the $100 extra versus the iPhone 12's newly reduced price.

iPhone 13 Pro & 13 Pro Max deals

Apple iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max: save up to $830 with a trade-in at T-Mobile

Apple iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max: save up to $830 with a trade-in at T-Mobile
Stock on these discontinued devices is starting to get really thin on the ground now but you can still grab a device with a great deal over at T-Mobile this week. Essentially your choice here is the usual carrier fare, with up to 50% off with a trade-in, or a buy-one get-$700-off a second deal. Both are quite good, but only eligible with an unlimited data plan, so bear that in mind. See these same deals on the iPhone 13 Pro Max here.

The 120hz OLED iPhone

Apple iPhone 13 Pro boxout image

(Image credit: Apple )

OS: iOS 14 | Screen size: 6.1-inch Retina (60Hz)| Resolution: 2532 x 1170 | CPU: Apple A14 | Memory: N/A | Weight: 164g |Storage: 64 / 128 / 256GB | Battery: N/A | Rear camera: 12MP wide, 12MP ultrawide| Front camera: 12MP 

The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max were the two 'premium' options for Apple fanatics in 2021. No surprises here - these are pricey phones for discerning buyers indeed with an eye-watering introductory retail price of $999 and $1,099 respectively. As you'd expect, however, you're getting some wild power and the very latest 

Like the iPhone 13 and 13 mini, Apple has carried over the same design language from the 12-series devices with the Pro models but packed them with new components. A new A15 Bionic processor with a 5-core GPU means you'll be blazing through any number of apps and particularly games with these devices. The 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max are also the first Apple device's to feature a variable 120Hz refresh rate display - finally! No more playing catch up to those big Android flagships.

Key improvements have also been made to the battery life and camera system. The latter is of particular note since the iPhone 12 Pro already had one of the best smartphone cameras around. Now you'll be able to enjoy a new 'cinematic mode' for better depth and Dolby Vision in video capture, plus better low light performance and several new filters which Apple is calling 'Photographic Styles'. 

iPhone 12 & 12 mini deals

Apple iPhone 12 mini:  $2/mo with unlimited plan at AT&T

Apple iPhone 12 mini: $2/mo with unlimited plan at AT&T
The iPhone 12 mini is getting long in the tooth now but it's still worth considering if you're on a budget. Over at AT&T, this device is currently the subject of one the carrier's best iPhone deals right now, with the device retailing for just $2 per month on an unlimited data plan. Considering no trade-ins are needed here, this could be a good option for those who are unable or unwilling to hand over an older device for a discount. 

Apple iPhone 12: free with unlimited plan, plus $200 off iPad and Apple Watch at Verizon

Apple iPhone 12: free with unlimited plan, plus $200 off iPad and Apple Watch at Verizon
Another decent option for those on the hunt for a free iPhone is the older iPhone 12 model, which is also being given away with a new line on an unlimited data plan. Under normal circumstances this would be an amazing deal but considering the iPhone 13 is currently available for free under the same terms (and with freebies), we'd definitely advocate going for that one instead since it's the later (and more highly valued) model. 

Apple iPhone 12 (unlocked): $799

Apple iPhone 12 (unlocked): $799 $599, plus up to $600 off with a trade-in at Apple
Price cut -
Apple's recently cut the upfront price on both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini by a whole $100 thanks to the release of the 13-series. That makes both devices a much more compelling option if you're looking to save a bit of cash - plus, there are also very good trade-in options right now that could potentially bag you a significant additional discount.

Now retailing for $699

iPhone deals apple sales cheap price

(Image credit: Apple)

OS: iOS 14 | Screen size: 6.1-inch Retina (60Hz)| Resolution: 2532 x 1170 | CPU: Apple A14 | Memory: N/A | Weight: 190g |Storage: 128 / 256 / 512GB | Battery: N/A | Rear camera: 12MP wide, 12MP ultrawide, 12MP telephoto| Front camera: 12MP 

The iPhone 12 is still a strong choice for 2022 - especially after the release of the 13-series has yielded a hefty upfront price cut of $100 on both the 12 and 12 mini. These devices now retail for $699 and $599 respectively, great prices for a device that's still fully 5G capable and pretty much virtually identical design-wise to the 13.

2020 was a first for Apple in that it essentially released two 'standard' flagship iPhones to consider. This small but mighty new iPhone 12 Mini essentially still packed in that 5G connectivity and all the new tech under the hood but rocked a smaller 5.4-inch display and comes in at $599 - $100 cheaper than its bigger sibling.

Key upgrades included a brand new Apple A14 chipset, which the company itself claims is 40% faster than the A13 on the previous range. Apple also claims that the new Ceramic Shield glass on the front display and rear panel too is significantly tougher than any glass it's previously used on any iPhone. There's also a new MagSafe charging system that's intended to make wireless charging a lot less finicky - it's essentially an in-built magnet within the phone that'll make your device stick to the pad.

Both the iPhone 12's and iPhone 12 Pro's also have a few camera upgrades, although the most premium stuff is of course reserved for the 12 Pro. If you're interested in these top-of-the-line devices, simply scroll down for more information.

If you'd like to read more, check out our iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 Mini reviews.

iPhone SE deals

Apple iPhone SE 2022: starting at $209 with activation and trade-in (T-Mobile) at Best Buy

Apple iPhone SE 2022: starting at $209 with activation and trade-in (T-Mobile) at Best Buy
Best Buy's got iPhone SE 2022 deals available right now for T-Mobile devices specifically - with a combination of an activation rebate and trade-in saving up for grabs. Currently, the minimum saving with these combined is $220, which means you can get a device for just $209.99. We imagine, combined, you can potentially get a device for free here, although the fine print is a little obscure.

Apple iPhone SE 2022: free with an unlimited data plan, plus $200 off iPad and Apple Watch at Verizon

Apple iPhone SE 2022: free with an unlimited data plan, plus $200 off iPad and Apple Watch at Verizon
Verizon's latest deal on the iPhone SE 2022 is offering this new budget device for free with a new line on an unlimited data plan - easily its best promotion yet on the device. While this one gets top marks from us in regards to value, several more premium devices are available for free under the same terms right now (iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12). Because of this, we'd recommend those over the humble iPhone SE 2022 right now at Verizon.

Apple iPhone SE 2022:  $5/mo with an unlimited data plan at AT&T

Apple iPhone SE 2022: $5/mo with an unlimited data plan at AT&T
One of the best iPhone deals for those on a budget at AT&T is this particular promo on the iPhone SE 2022. No trade-ins are needed to get this device for a relatively low price of $5 per month, which makes it a flexible option with a low barrier of entry. While you can get the device for free elsewhere under the same terms right now, this is a good promotion in context to the other offerings found at AT&T this week.

Apple iPhone SE 2022: $429

Apple iPhone SE 2022: $429 $379.99 at Boost Mobile
Sure, it's not the biggest price cut in the world, but this week's $50 discount at Boost Mobile is its best yet on the new Apple iPhone SE 2022. Valid with any data plan, you'll be saving a decent chunk here - not to mention the savings you'll be making on your monthly payments should you forgo the usual unlimited data plans at one of the bigger carriers. With some great pay-monthly and family options, Boost is one of the better prepaid carriers out there at the moment.

Apple iPhone SE 2022: get up to $600 off with a trade-in at Apple

Apple iPhone SE 2022: get up to $600 off with a trade-in at Apple
Ahh, the classic. Yes, the Apple trade-in program is, as you would expect, available on the latest budget device from the brand. At launch, you'll need an iPhone 8 or later to be eligible here but a maximum saving of up to $600 will be in effect. While enough to technically cover the entire cost of the device, it's likely you won't get the full amount if you're upgrading from a 2020 SE, so bear that in mind.

The updated budget iPhone

Apple iPhone SE 2022 in Midnight, Starlight, and Product Red

(Image credit: Apple)

OS: iOS 15 | Screen size: 4.7-inch Liquid Retina| Resolution: 750 x 1334 | CPU: Apple A15 Bionic | Memory: 4GB | Weight: 144g |Storage: 64 / 128 / 256| Battery: N/A | Rear camera: 12MP wide | Front camera: 7MP 

The biggest selling point for the new iPhone SE is undoubtedly the A15 Bionic chip, which is the same processor featured in the high-end iPhone 13. Having such a powerful chip in a mid-range device is a real scoop and now means this humble 'budget' iPhone is challenging even the most premium Android devices when it comes to power.

However, for most users, it's going to be the features that this chip unlocks that are the real highlight of this device. Not only will it get you 5G on a budget Apple device (finally), but it'll mean you'll unlock some handy algorithmic features like live text translation and more camera wizardry. Apple also claims that this new chip will enable this iPhone SE 2022 to be more battery efficient, something its predecessor struggled with its tiny battery capacity.

It's not all good news, though, as the iPhone SE 2022 has the same basic design as the old iPhone SE 2020. That means you've got all the latest tech crammed into a basic design that's been around in some form or the other since 2018 with the iPhone 8. It still holds up in a way but bear in mind you're getting big, thick bezels and a relatively small 4.7-inch display - something that lags behind the competition when it comes to screen real estate.

According to the company, the new iPhone SE 2022 will ship with Apple's latest iOS 15 operating system and be guaranteed updates for many years to come. Check out our full Apple iPhone SE 2022 review for our full thoughts on this device.

Older iPhone deals

We've included a small selection of today's best deals on older iPhone deals just down below. Before you jump, however, know that a lot of these devices will most likely be refurbished, either by Apple itself or by a third party vendor. Therefore, be cautious before you jump in and snap one up. Read the reviews and be prepared to use the retailer warranty in case the phone isn't up to scratch.

iPhone deals FAQ

iPhone 13, iPhone 14, iPhone 12 on creme background

(Image credit: Future)

Should I get an iPhone 14 or an iPhone 13?

A difficult question to answer. Both devices are markedly similar, with the iPhone 14 being a little more feature-packed at the cost of a $100 higher price tag. Basically, this one is going to come down to whether you value the small iterative upgrades to the camera, new SOS satellite feature, and your overall budget.

If you're looking to save a bit of cash, the iPhone 13 essentially features the same processor (very minorly worse) and an identical screen. It's still an amazing phone for 2022 and probably the best you can buy if your budget can't stretch to $799. Now it's no longer the latest in the range, Apple has reduced its price to just $699, which ain't half bad if you get a trade-in discount on top. Note, the iPhone 12 is also still available for $599 right now, which is yet another option if you're on more of a budget. 

Should I upgrade to the iPhone 14?

Again, a tough question to answer. Firstly, what device are you on now? The iPhone 14 is a very iterative upgrade versus the iPhone 13 but if you're eligible for an upgrade deal then you could potentially get the new device for free, depending on your plan. If you are eligible for this type of promotion then we'd advocate upgrading. This is also the case if you're on an iPhone 12 or similar device.

If you're buying an unlocked device outright, then the upgrade gets a lot more questionable in our eyes. The iPhone 14 is a very, very minor update to the iPhone 13 and one that's fairly safe to skip if it's going to put you significantly out of pocket. If you're paying big, you may as well go for the iPhone 14 Pro since that's the device that's carrying the lion's share of upgrades and new features for 2022. 

Are refurbished iPhone deals any good?

Looking to bag a cheap iPhone? Refurbished could well be the way to go. When you invest in a refurbished iPhone, you're looking to save a good few hundred dollars. Apple's official refurb program doesn't tend to stock the latest devices but you can often get some great discounts on models like the iPhone 11 Pro or 12 Pro.

There is a certain stigma about refurbished iPhone deals. People expect a phone covered in fingerprints and weird marks you can't quite place. Luckily, most of these issues don't actually occur on refurbished devices.

The large majority of second-hand phones have simply been bought and returned in a few weeks. Also, most refurbished iPhone deals sold via reputable vendors have at least a 12-month warranty.

How can I get cheap iPhone deals?

iPhone deals aren't exactly notorious for their affordability, however, there are still a few ways to land a smaller price tag with Apple. The most obvious option is to go for this week's iPhone SE 2022 deals, which, while not an older device (well, relatively speaking), currently offers the best balance of price and features.

But, if you want your cheap iPhone to look, feel, and act like a flagship - things get a little bit harder. You won't, for example, get the latest iPhone 14 handsets for cheap right now, and even the now older iPhone 13 is still carrying a premium. Where you may get lucky, however, is with a 12-series device - some of which have been offered for free with an unlimited data plan at some of the big carriers recently.

Another option is to keep an eye out for a refurbished iPhone. Generally speaking, discounts range in the $100 - $200 ballpark, depending on the age of the device, with plenty of options for unlocked devices. Despite the common objections, refurbished iPhones aren't broken or dirty, in fact, they are usually just returned within 2 weeks of their purchase.

What is the best iPhone right now?

iPhone 14: Apple's latest 'standard' flagship for 2022. It's essentially a refined version of the previous iPhone 13, with the main upgrades being the camera system and new SOS satellite feature. If you want a nice balance of price and specs this is going to be the iPhone for you.

iPhone 14 Plus: A new model for 2022. This one is essentially an upscaled version of the standard iPhone 14 with a larger 6.7-inch display (the iPhone 14 is 6.1). Under the bigger chassis, however, everything is the same here with an A15 Bionic processor, upgraded camera, and new satellite SOS feature.

iPhone 14 Pro: The 2022 model for people who want the bleeding-edge features in a reasonably sized 6.1-inch package. This stunning flagship features a shiny new A16 Bionic processor, new slimmed-down screen notch, and the best camera system ever offered on an iPhone.

iPhone 14 Pro Max: The same device as the iPhone 14 Pro but beefed up to feature a hefty 6.7-inch display. This is the one if you're looking for the very best of the best, although it obviously comes at an eye-wateringly high price.

iPhone 13: The 2021 flagship from Apple. Essentially a refinement of the 12-series, inside it's packing a powerful A15 Bionic processor, a better battery, and a few cameras upgrades too. This model still holds up great for 2022.

iPhone 13 Mini: A slightly shrunken, more palm-friendly version of the main iPhone 13 flagship for 2021. It's just as powerful, has the same camera, but is a little cheaper. If you prefer smaller phones, this is the one for you.

iPhone 13 Pro: The 2021 iPhone for people who want... more. It's got a stainless steel chassis, a better camera, and a few processor upgrades over the standard iPhone 13, while essentially being the same size. 

iPhone 13 Pro Max: The biggest (and most expensive) of the 2021 iPhone 13 series. It's essentially just an upscaled version of the iPhone 13 Pro - which isn't a bad thing with its lush 120Hz display. 

iPhone 12: The first Apple flagship to feature the now-standard squared-off edge design and 5G compatibility, the iPhone 12 is an aging but still great phone that originally came out in 2020. While the processor and camera are older now, this one still holds up - especially if you can get a great deal.

iPhone 12 Mini: A shrunken, more palm-sized friendly version of 2020's iPhone 12. It's got the same basic design, processor, and upgrades as the 12, just with a smaller screen. It's was $100 cheaper at launch but this model is getting harder to find now it's officially discontinued.

iPhone 12 Pro: Apple's 2020 flagship, the now older iPhone 12 Pro has a few key camera upgrades inside that are sure to be of particular interest to keen photographers alongside a stainless steel chassis. 

iPhone 12 Pro Max: The biggest and meanest iPhone from 2020. It's essentially a bigger-screen version of the iPhone 12 Pro but it does have an ever so slightly bigger sensor on its camera, which means it'll get a 5x telephoto zoom as opposed to the 4x on the standard 12 Pro.

iPhone 11: Like the previous iPhone XR the iPhone 11 had one sole goal - bring high-end Apple specs at a more affordable price. For the majority of people wanting a new iPhone this is still a great option, although one that doesn't feature the latest design or 5G capabilities. 

iPhone SE: A good budget choice, the iPhone SE 2022 features an outwardly older design (akin to the iPhone 8), while packing in the same chip as the iPhone 13 - an A15 Bionic. That gives this device a ton of power for the price if you don't mind an older-looking phone.

iPhone XS: It is now much older, but the iPhone XS still offers a lot of what Apple's most recent phones can do but without the head-splitting price tag.

iPhone XR: Same premise as the iPhone XS - it is a cheaper option for Apple fans than the iPhone 11 and still offers an excellent phone. And, offering a bigger battery than the iPhone XS, you'll be able to power through the day with ease.

When is the best time to buy iPhone deals?

Like a lot of the other questions here, there isn't an exact answer but there are certain times that can offer better prices on Apple's phones.

- New releases: Like all other phones, when a new iPhone comes out we frequently see the other devices in Apple's arsenal come down in price. Apple generally releases phones in the August to October time window, so that's often a good time to upgrade.

- Black Friday: The yearly mega sale, Black Friday, can be the perfect time to get iPhone deals. Every year we see phones come crashing down in price and we'll be shouting out the best offers to grab when the time comes this year.

- Amazon Prime Day: Amazon's impressive sale for Prime Subscribers, we almost always see a load of cheap iPhones appear during this two day sale - as long as you're looking for an unlocked or prepaid device.

- Absolutely any day: Realistically, there isn't any specific time or place that is best for getting a new iPhone deal. There are price cuts, promotions and major discounts every day and you just have to catch them as they happen. Luckily, our iPhone deals round-up is here, freshly updated and aims to offer all the best from across the web.

What's the cheapest iPhone right now?

If you're looking to simply buy a device outright, then the cheapest iPhone you can buy right now is an unlocked iPhone SE 2022 - which retails for $449 / £449. If you can, you can also bring that cost down further by handing over an old device to the Apple trade-in rebate program. While rebates will vary dramatically depending on the model, age, and state of your old device, you should be able to get at least a small sum off the upfront price. After you've got your unlocked iPhone SE, you can then pair it up with a cheap cell phone plan for maximum value.

Another option for those on a budget - and in particular those who don't mind a second-hand device - is to consider the official Apple refurbished store. All devices sold via this program are guaranteed to work and come with warranty so it's generally considered a great way to get some discounted tech. While it's usually older flagships that are offered via the Apple refurbished store, sometimes you can get a decent discount ($300 to £300 off original list price). 

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