The best iPhone 13 deals for July 2024

Apple iPhone 13 deals are still available and a fantastic choice if you don't mind skipping over the latest devices in favor of a bargain. You can currently get this device for just $599 upfront at Apple thanks to the recent launches of both the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 - a massive $200 cheaper versus the original RRP. Even better still, there are also excellent iPhone 13 deals you can pick up from various carriers, which you'll find just below. 

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The iPhone 13 originally came at an introductory price of $799 at the time of its release in September 2021, but can now be found at a new price of $599 upfront thanks to the subsequent releases of the Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 14.  

On the surface, it's strikingly similar to 2020's iPhone 12 with the same fetching 'squared-off' edges and a somewhat blocky aesthetic. That said, there are a number of high-end internal improvements that look to justify that fairly high introductory asking price.

First up is the inclusion of the Apple A15 Bionic chip; a hefty processor that's still one of the most powerful from the Cupertino giant. Screen, battery, and a number of camera improvements also mean you're not simply getting a carbon copy of the iPhone 12 here - it's quite simply a refinement of an already outstanding device with plenty more power under the hood.

With the iPhone 13 now sitting at $699 and the iPhone 12 still hanging around at $599, there are now a decent number of flagship options for Apple fans on a budget. Apple iPhone 13 deals in general are offering a nice sweet spot in regards to value currently, with a nice mix of features for the price. Just below you can see our top picks for this week's promotions, alongside a much more detailed breakdown of this device's specs and a handy mini-review.

If you want the latest model in the range, head on over to our iPhone 15 deals page. Alternatively, see our main iPhone deals page for a direct comparison between all available models.

iPhone 13 deals

Apple iPhone 13 (unlocked): $799$599, plus up to $600 off with trade at Apple

Apple iPhone 13 (unlocked): $799 $599, plus up to $600 off with trade at Apple
Now the iPhone 15 has been released, Apple itself has cut the upfront cost on the venerable iPhone 13 by a further $100. It was already reduced by $100 from the release of the iPhone 14 so it's a really great mid-range option now for those who don't mind skipping out on a few of the latest features. Apple also operates its own trade-in program that can be used to knock a few further bucks off the upfront cost off a new device.

Apple iPhone 13: free with a new line, plus free iPad at Verizon
iPhone 14 PlusiPhone 15

Apple iPhone 13: free with a new line, plus free iPad at Verizon
This week's iPhone 13 deals at Verizon are giving the device away for free alongside a new unlimited data line - a superb promotion that doesn't need the usual trade-in to be eligible. This is a decent deal, but it's slightly overshadowed by the fact you can also get the newer iPhone 14 Plus or iPhone 15 for free under similar terms. The devil is in the detail here, however, as some of the newer devices specifically require you to be on one of the pricier unlimited plans to be eligible, whereas the criteria needed for the iPhone 13 deal is a little looser. 

Apple iPhone 13: free with a switch at T-Mobile

Apple iPhone 13: free with a switch at T-Mobile
T-Mobile has one of the strongest iPhone 13 deals going right now with the carrier giving the device away for free when you switch over from a rival. While the iPhone 13 isn't one of the latest devices in the range anymore, this particular promotion beats the current deals on the iPhone 14 and 15 for some simply because it doesn't require the usual trade-in. If you don't have a decent device ready to hand over then definitely consider picking this one up. 

iPhone 13 deals: what you need to know

iPhone 13: specs

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OS: iOS 15 | Screen size: 6.1-inch Retina XDR (60Hz)| Resolution: 2532 x 1170 | CPU: Apple A15 | Memory: N/A | Weight: 174g |Storage: 128 / 256 / 512GB | Battery: N/A | Rear camera: 12MP wide, 12MP ultrawide| Front camera: 12MP 

At first glance, 2021's Apple flagship the iPhone 13 looks rather similar to its direct predecessor - the iPhone 12. All the iPhone 13 series (and 14 series) rock the same 'squared' off aesthetic as the 12-series from 2022 as well as the introductory price of $799, which is where Apple has generally settled at for its flagships,

That's where the similarities end, though. Key new features include an upgraded OLED display with up to 28% improved peak brightness, plus A15 Bionic processor - a chip that Apple claims has up to 50% faster performance than any competitor. Take that Samsung

You'll also find a brand new diagonal rear camera system with an upgraded sensor and image stabilization on the iPhone 13. Supporting these improvements is a new 'Cinematic mode' for video capture - a very nifty little piece of software that uses computation for automatic and easy focus shifting. 

A slightly less glamorous, but always welcome upgrade is in the iPhone 13's battery life. Not only does it have a bigger capacity now, but improvements via the new 'smart data' mode enable more efficient usage overall. 

Overall, the iPhone 13 does have some very beefy upgrades under the hood versus the iPhone 12 and a newly reduced retail price of $699 makes it a very tempting option indeed. Even when paired up against the newer iPhone 14, it essentially features the same chip, screen, and overall design, which makes it a great buy in context. You'll have to do without improvements to the battery, camera, and a new satellite SOS system, however.

iPhone 13 deals: frequently asked questions

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Should I go for the iPhone 13 or the iPhone 14?

Tough question, and one that depends solely on your eligibility for the above deals in our opinion. Are you sitting on an iPhone 12 that's due for an upgrade? Depending on the carrier you may be able to get a big trade-in rebate on the iPhone 14, in which case it obviously makes more sense to simply pick up the latest device.

Where things get murkier is with buying the device outright, or if you're going for a non-trade-in promotion at one of the big carriers. Now the iPhone 13 is $200 cheaper across the board and available with a more flexible array of promotions, it's a tempting option for those looking to save a bit of cash.

In this case, we'd recommend comparing the specs and features of each device and deciding whether the upgrade is worth it to you. In regards to power, screen, and overall design both devices are roughly equivalent. Where the iPhone 14 pulls ahead is with an upgraded camera and better battery life. If those are important to you, then it may be worth ponying up the extra $100 to get the later device.

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