The best EE broadband deals in March 2023

The latest EE broadband deals show that EE isn't just trying to conquer phone contracts, the world of 5G and more... it's also here to seize the world of internet with a load of different speed and pricing options.


Like a lot of broadband providers out there, EE offers a number of different ADSL, fibre and Full Fibre packages. Plus, EE has even started dipping its toes into the world of broadband and TV deals... well, technically. You can now get EE broadband with Apple TV and BT Sport, but you do have to be an existing EE phone customer.

As we mentioned above, EE is still best known for its phone plans. You'll be pleased to know that if you're a current EE customer, then you're eligible to receive extra treats, including 10% off your EE broadband bill each month, an extra 20GB of mobile data each month and an Xbox Game Pass worth up to £120 (with selected EE Full Fibre plans). 

Whether you want something for your home or something to take on the go, we've tracked down the best EE broadband deals and listed them below. And if you're still undecided about whether EE's options are right for you, we've covered some important FAQs below as well.

EE broadband deals

EE broadband deals

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EE broadband packages compared - what speeds can I get?

When you're choosing a new broadband deal, one of the trickier questions to answer is 'what speed should I choose?' After all, you could go slow and save yourself some money, or you could speed it up and splash out on a faster fibre broadband package.

Luckily, EE has plenty of different options with varying speeds available, so you're spoilt for choice. Here's a breakdown of the different speeds offered by EE and the type of customer they're best for: 

EE broadband deals

EE Standard Broadband

This is EE's base package when it comes to broadband and it's also the company's cheapest. With this deal, you'll get average speeds of 10Mbps.

This ADSL package is best for small households who only really use the internet for checking emails, surfing the web and updating social media. If you regularly try to stream or have large download requirements, an ADSL connection will likely be too slow for your needs.  

EE broadband deals

EE Fibre Broadband

ADSL speeds not doing it for you? Don't worry, EE has fibre packages available, too. You can upgrade to speeds averaging 36Mbps or 74Mbps - perfect for busy families or big households who regularly watch Netflix or download in HD. 

EE broadband deals

EE Full Fibre Broadband

Need speeds that are even quicker? Take a look at EE's impressive range of Full Fibre packages, including options that provide average speeds of 100Mbps, 500Mbps and 900Mbps. These ultrafast speeds should be more than enough even the busiest and largest households, including those that are full of gamers and streamers.

EE broadband deals

EE broadband deals

Can I order over the phone?

All of EE's packages are available online. However, if you would rather speak to someone over the phone about your new broadband deal, then the number to call is 0800 079 5128. This will allow you to check any extra details or questions you have before committing. If you're an existing EE customer, you'll need to call 0800 079 8586.

Is EE broadband any good?

What is an EE Router?

All EE broadband packages come with a Wi-Fi router. Depending on which package you go for, you will either get EE's Smart Hub router (fibre connections) or EE's Bright Box Router (ADSL connections). 

The Smart Hub can be monitored from your laptop or phone and can be turned on from anywhere. You can also set time limits so it will turn off at certain times - perfect for kids.

How long will my EE broadband contract last?

The majority of EE's broadband contracts will lock you in for 24 months. However, 18-month plans are also available. On occasion, EE offers 12-month deals. But, you should be aware that these deals come with much larger monthly fees. 

cheap EE broadband deals

Do I get a EE landline?

EE used to offer landlines with all of its broadband packages. However, times have changed and now the company specialises in what's known as 'broadband-only' deals. This means that you don't receive a landline as part of your contract. 

That said, you can add a landline to many of the company's packages. You'll just need to pay an extra fee for this service. 

How long does EE broadband take to activate?

If you switch to EE, then the process of switching providers should be straightforward. This is because EE will handle the switching process for you. 

When you purchase a new plan, EE will contact your current provider on your behalf (unless you're with virgin Media). They'll even give you £50 in credit if you're charged a fee for terminating your contract early. 

Exactly how long it takes to switch will depend on your current provider and the type of broadband you want. For example, if you switch from Virgin Media to EE then an engineer will need to visit your home to conduct a line switch. 

Sadly, EE doesn't offer exact timescales for performing switches. But the company does say that it will keep you informed about how the process is going. Online estimates suggest that the switching process often takes around two weeks and is seamless. 

Can I add TV to my plan?

Wanting to add TV to your EE broadband deal? As we mentioned above, EE doesn't quite do this in the traditional sense... However it does have an option for those wanting to bundle TV in - Apple TV+.

If you're an EE pay monthly mobile customer, EE exclusively offers you the ability to add 4K Apple TV and BT Sport to your plan. 

Can I get portable EE broadband deals?

On top of its home broadband plans, EE also offers mobile broadband, 4G home broadband and 5G home broadband

For those who can't get EE's regular home broadband installed in their home, the 4G or 5G home options could get you online at home without worries over the set-up. And if you need internet access when you're out and about, EE mobile broadband will be just what you require.  

If EE broadband has won you over, head to our comparison table at the top of this page and narrow down your perfect plan. 

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