Three broadband deals: the best 5G, home and mobile offers in September 2023

Three broadband deals
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Three broadband deals offer an excellent alternative to the regular cabled-up fibre internet we're all used to. Whether you can't get the likes of BT, Virgin or TalkTalk where you live or you just want a temporary solution, Three could be an excellent alternative.

Unlike regular broadband deals, Three specialises in more flexible options, offering 4G home broadband and mobile broadband. These kind of plans involve no set-up processes and can usually be up and running within a day or two.

All of the Three broadband deals work by combining Three SIM only deals with a router to amplify its signal. Some give off more power but need to be plugged in and others can be taken on the move but offer slightly weaker signals.

Considering contracts range from a 1-month rolling option through to 24 month contracts, Three broadband can be useful in a number of situations. Maybe you just need something temporary, can't get fibre installed where you live or you want something that can be taken on the move, Three can fit all of these situations.

Of course, because these routers use mobile signal, it is important to consider what kind of signal you get where you plan to use this router first. Below we've listed everything you will need to know about Three's broadband plans.

Three's broadband deals compared:

4G Home broadband

4G Home broadband
Three has recently redesigned how its 4G home broadband router offers work. You now decide between just the regular device on its own, or you can get it with Apple TV HD, Amazon Echo Show 5 or a Google Nest Audio. Whichever option you choose, the costs will vary and you can choose from three different contract lengths - 24, 12 or 1 month plans. These all use Three's 4G Hub. This allows for up to 64 devices to be connected at once and uses a 4G SIM for its network.

Three Mobile broadband

Three Mobile broadband
Three's mobile broadband is the more flexible and affordable option of the two. It doesn't need to be plugged in and because of that, it can be taken on the move. Take it on trains, on a walk or even just use it in your house. Like the option above, there are multiple different contract lengths you can use starting from 1-month rolling. However, this router isn't as powerful as the one above so expect weaker coverage and less devices being able to be connected.

5G Home broadband

5G Home broadband
While you used to simply be able to use Three's 4G Hub for access to everything, there is now a separate option - the 5G Hub. This is slightly more expensive but allows for access to faster speeds. It has a similar design to Three's 4G Hub and still allows for 64 devices to be connected. Like Three's 5G Hub, you can also include the Google Nest Audio, Apple TV or Amazon Echo Show.

Three SIM only deal + router:

If you want to try and secure the cheapest and most flexible Three broadband plans, you can make one yourself. This can be done by buying a router and a SIM plan separately and then pairing them together.

By doing this, you can decide how long you're tied in, how powerful your router is, how much data you have and even consider a different network. However, it is important to note that while any SIM only deals will work, you need to make sure you get the right router.

You don't want a router that boosts fibre or ADSL internet but instead one with a focus on 4G internet. It will be made very clear in any product description of a router on what you're buying.

Where to find a SIM card router:

Three broadband deals: FAQ

How fast is Three broadband?

This completely depends on how good the mobile signal is where you are planning on setting up the router. As Three uses the same technology that your phone uses, it will produce better performance and faster speeds where the coverage is better.

In most cases, Three's broadband will be able to outperform most ADSL broadband deals and if you're lucky, it will be able to beat out some fibre internet plans.

However, because of the lack of consistency in mobile coverage, we can't say exactly how fast Three will be where you live. Use Three's coverage map to see what connection is like where you live.

Does Three have the best broadband deals of the networks?

Arguably, yes. Three has the cheapest option from the main four networks and it is also the one offering the best price on unlimited data - the option most people will likely go for.

On top of that, Three has the most variety in its contract lengths. However, both EE and Vodafone do also have excellent options and many will find EE's position as the fastest network as a tempting place to be.

Vodafone has also put a lot of time into developing a great 4G home broadband scheme. O2 is the only one which doesn't do it as much with more of a focus on mobile broadband instead.

Does Three offer any other benefits?

While the obvious benefits come in price, flexibility and speeds, one of the other main benefits of the Three broadband plans is the addition of free gifts. Three frequently includes freebies.

These can be anything from Google speakers, through to smart speakers and more. As they are included in the price of your plan, its a great way to get a new tech toy at a lower cost.

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