Best Virgin broadband deals and bundles in February 2024

Virgin broadband deals
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Virgin’s broadband deals often stand out as some of the best broadband deals you can get in the UK. With everything from a big selection of speeds to its own reliable network and of course its broadband and TV bundles, it’s not difficult to see why it’s such a top-notch choice.

It's also fair to point out that one of Virgin’s biggest appeals is that it offers ultrafast broadband speeds. As such this makes it an especially tempting option, particularly for those of us working from home and requiring secure and dependable connections. 

Virgin Media also regularly features in our run-down of the top UK internet service providers, but to see what it can offer for you in your area, be sure to enter your postcode into our widget below.

Alternatively, to learn more about this popular ISP, you can read through the rest of our guide to learn more about Virgin broadband, its service, and what options you have with it.

Today's best Virgin broadband deals

Via its own broadband network, which uses DOCSIS® 3 cable technology. This is capable of providing average download speeds of 1,130Mbps via Virgin's Gig1 package.

Virgin says using this particular network tech which ‘runs from the cabinet to your home’ is what helps its customers to retain the fast speeds it offers, no matter how far their respective properties might be from their nearest cabinet. In addition to this, it also means that Virgin can offer a wide choice of speeds, from slower connections through to the market-leading gigabit broadband option we mentioned above.

Here's a breakdown of the broadband speeds Virgin currently offers. You can also head further down the page to compare all the latest Virgin broadband deals.

M125 | 132Mbps | £29 a month for 18 months

M125 | 132Mbps | £29 a month for 18 months
This is a popular option from Virgin and it’s perfect for working from home, streaming, gaming and general heavy use of the internet. Get average download speeds of 132Mbps with uploads of 20Mbps. 

M250 | 264Mbps | £36 a month for 18 months

M250 | 264Mbps | £36 a month for 18 months
The M250 plan will be especially useful if you’re downloading a lot of content, playing online games competitively and you live in a house with a lot of people using a lot of smart tech. 

M350 | 362Mbps | £42 a month for 18 months

M350 | 362Mbps | £42 a month for 18 months
The M350 plan should easily manage the demands of even the heaviest users of data. Whether you're streaming constantly, running a business from home or exporting content at a constant rate, you would be struggling to push this package to its limits.

M500 | 516Mbps | £42 a month for 18 months

M500 | 516Mbps | £42 a month for 18 months
Taking things up a notch is the M500 plan, which as Virgin’s second fastest option, means you won’t need to worry about UHD 4K streams dropping out, or your internet being affected, even in large and busy households. Those on O2 can also get exclusive prices and extras with the ‘Volt’ bundle it offers with this package (you can see more about this further down in our guide).

Gig1 | 1130Mbps | £48 a month for 18 months

Gig1 | 1130Mbps | £48 a month for 18 months
This is the top speed you can get with Virgin and it’s an ultrafast option that Virgin claims is 19 times faster than the UK’s average download speeds. As you might expect you won’t have to worry about your streaming, online gaming or browsing with this connection and you can also get Volt benefits like with the M500 package. Virgin also says this is the ‘most widely available gigabit broadband in the UK’ as it has now been rolled out across its network.

Currently, all of the above deals are available without any setup fees. However, this isn't always the case and Virgin does sometimes have some one-off fees in place. These can cost upwards of £35.

What types of broadband bundles does Virgin offer?

Alongside the above 'broadband-only' products, Virgin's bundle deals can range in terms of the options you have to choose from, these include:

  • Broadband and phone - specific fibre broadband and phone service deals.
  • Broadband and TV - different TV service and entertainment packages can be paired with your broadband.
  • Broadband and mobile - Virgin has a special partnership with O2 and pushes sim packages with its broadband that come with additional 'Volt' perks and benefits.
  • Broadband, phone and TV - deals that are 'all-in-one' for this trio of services.
  • Broadband for low-income households - special, cheaper rates on broadband are available if you meet certain low-income criteria.

Virgin Media: broadband customer services

Although Virgin Media has some great speeds, you should note it has faced some criticism for the quality of its customer service.

Ofcom's latest complaints data shows Virgin has above the industry average in terms of customer issues, it also scored worst of all the major providers for its Pay-TV complaints. One of the main complaints was ‘driven by how customers’ complaints were being handled’.

Despite this, where it does do well in this area is with the fact it has multi-channel communications. In other words, Virgin can be reached online, over the phone and via email. What’s more, Ofcom’s separate ‘customer satisfaction survey’ shows that customers have above-average levels of satisfaction with the provider.

Virgin Media's broadband tech

As our above deals show, with Virgin’s broadband you can get an excellent selection of routers - plus lots of other performance-boosting tech.

Depending on which speed you opt for with Virgin Media, you'll receive either its Virgin Media WiFi Hub or a Virgin Media WiFi Hub 5, which is needed to handle its ultrafast speeds. Both come with intelligent WiFi technology that optimises performance. 

Whichever you get you'll also get everything from antivirus to parental controls and browser protection. In addition, the Hubs can optimise your connection automatically to help improve the performance they offer. 

Lastly, Virgin has speed guarantees and on some packages will give you free WiFi boosters to ensure there's top coverage throughout your home or business. 

Virgin Media's awards and recognition

You might be interested to know that Virgin has in fact won numerous awards for its broadband, particularly around the quality of its services. Three of its most recent accolades are:

  • ‘Best in Test’ based on the umlaut Fixed Broadband Benchmark 2023 which compares major UK ISPs.
  • The Uswitch ‘Most Popular Broadband Provider’ 2023
  • The ‘Best Combined Connectivity Experience’ GWS Award 2023

Volt: bundling O2 with Virgin

As we’ve mentioned above, Virgin offers something called ‘Volt’ - which is its joint venture with O2 that can offer certain customers exclusive benefits.

Whether you’re a new or existing customer to either Virgin or O2, if you sign up for both - essentially combining these services - you can get access to some or all of the following:

  • Double data on some pay monthly O2 plans.
  • Free ‘supercharge’ broadband speed boosts (a popular choice here is upgrading the M350 to the M500).
  • Free WiFi pods if you need to boost the signal in your home.
  • O2 Travel Inclusive Zone, so you can use your O2 phone or sim in 75 destinations at no extra cost.

These are subject to your eligibility, but the simple truth here is that if you’re already an O2 customer and are considering switching to Virgin, these are some top benefits you wouldn’t get elsewhere.

Virgin broadband deals: TV add-ons

Virgin broadband deals

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Virgin is now a rival for the likes of Sky when it comes to its TV and broadband offering. While Sky may have previously been the go-to for such bundles, Virgin now has lots of choice and opportunities for customers to access packages which can suit different viewing tastes and preferences.

To get you up to speed, below we’ve answered some of the most common questions consumers tend to ask about Virgin’s TV add-ons.

What TV options does Virgin offer?

Virgin categorises the TV channels it offers into different package options, so you can choose an option that suits your needs. On top of this you can also get a number of ‘premium channels’, plus the chance to include what it calls your ‘personal picks’.

Each package offers a choice of TV channels that range from a basic selection of a few, up to several hundred, including things like Sky Cinema and TNT Sport. As you might expect though, the more you want, the more it will cost.

You can learn more about the current Virgin TV channel list here.

What broadband and TV bundles does Virgin offer?

Although Virgin has the TV channel packages we’ve just named above, it also puts these into different TV bundles. Below are the typical packages you’re likely to encounter if you want to go for a Virgin broadband and tv deal:

Big - 100 Channels

Bigger Combo Bundle - 190+ channels

Bigger Combo Bundle + Movies - 200+ channels

Bigger Combo Bundle + Sports - 195+ channels

Biggest Combo Bundle - 210+ channels

Mega Volt Bundle - 230+ channels

Whatever bundle you decide on, you’ll likely get a Virgin TV 360 box with it. These smart TV boxes allow you to pause, rewind and record what you watch and you can access different streaming apps. You may also be offered its new streaming TV service – aptly named ‘Stream’ – where you can select and watch one of their TV bundles all via your broadband.

A couple of examples of Virgin broadband and TV deals in the 2024 ‘Winter Sale’ include:

Virgin Media Bigger Combo Bundle | M250 Fibre Broadband | 264Mbps | Virgin TV 360 Box | 190+ channels | Weekend chatter | £49 a month | 18-month contract | No setup fees

Virgin Media Bigger Combo Bundle | M250 Fibre Broadband | 264Mbps | Virgin TV 360 Box | 190+ channels | Weekend chatter | £49 a month | 18-month contract | No setup fees
This bundle deal includes Virgin’s popular M250 broadband as well as its Virgin 360 TV Box, plus unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines, all for the discounted price of £36 a month. This is an 18-month contract and doesn’t have any upfront fees. The broadband is ideal for busy households and has impressive average download speeds of 264Mbps. The TV service allows you to pause, record and rewind live TV across 190+ channels. You can also add channels and streaming services if you wish. 

Virgin Media Mega Volt bundle | M500 Fibre Broadband | 516 Mbps | Virgin TV 360 Box | 230+ channels | O2 sim + Volt perks | Anytime chatter | £85 a month | 18-month contract |  No setup fees

Virgin Media Mega Volt bundle | M500 Fibre Broadband | 516 Mbps | Virgin TV 360 Box | 230+ channels | O2 sim + Volt perks | Anytime chatter | £85 a month | 18-month contract |  No setup fees
With this bundle deal, you’ll get Virgin’s speedy M500 (516 Mbps) broadband, a Virgin 360 TV Box, calls to any UK landlines and mobiles, Netflix, and an O2 sim with extra benefits, all for just £70 a month. The broadband speeds will cover all online needs and again with the TV service you can record, pause, and rewind live TV. The channel package even includes Sky Cinema HD and Sky Sports HD. The partnered O2 Volt benefits also include free WiFi boosters. This is another 18-month contract during the current ‘Winter Sale’ without any setup fees. 

Virgin’s ‘Stream’ service discounts

If you do opt for a Virgin broadband and TV bundle, but choose its ‘Stream’ offering, you can get additional discounts if you add any existing streaming services you might have to this device. For instance, if you have an Amazon Prime account and you were to run this through your ‘Stream’ box, you could get 10% of bill credit for the cost of this service. This credit can then be increased the more services you add on top.

Virgin broadband deals: FAQ

Virgin broadband deals

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How reliable is Virgin Media’s broadband?

Virgin’s continually expanding independent cable broadband network is one of the most reliable out there, thanks mainly to the durable and dependable technology used in the cables themselves. 

However, it isn’t perfect and can suffer from outages - which is par for the course with all providers at some point - but usually it’s quick to respond to any downtime issues and get them resolved. 

One issue you might have though is whether or not you can actually get it. The UK network coverage for Virgin is around 60% - much less than Openreach’s 97% - but as we mentioned above, this continues to grow each year. You can check about your network coverage with Virgin here.

Can I get a phone line with Virgin Media broadband?

You can indeed - and the good news is that you can keep the phone number you previously had.

The starting cost is roughly the same as a Virgin broadband only plan for the first 12 months, and then goes up after the first year. That includes unlimited weekend calls to landlines and numbers on Virgin Mobile.

After that, you can start adding extra talk time to your plan. A little extra a month gets you Talk More Weekends, which adds all UK mobiles to your allowance. Talk More Evenings and Weekends allows calls to any UK number after 7pm on weekday evenings, while Talk More Anytime gives you as many calls as you like at any time of day.

Got friends or family abroad? A further upgrade allows calls to 30 international locations - including Australia, Canada and the USA - as part of the Talk More International Anytime plan.

Do I have to pay anything upfront for Virgin broadband?

Sometimes but not always. This is because Virgin occasionally runs promotions where it cancels its setup costs (this is the case right now). 

But, when Virgin does have these fees in place, how much they are can also depend on the type of broadband you want and whether you want to add a TV bundle. 

As such you can get one-off upfront costs of anything from around £15 to upwards of £35. 

How long will my Virgin Media contract be?

The typical Virgin contract will tie you in for 18 months. However, every so often a 12-month contract will pop up and you can sometimes have the option to go on to rolling 30-day contracts. 

How do I contact the Virgin Media helpline?

You can call 0345 454 1111 to speak to one of Virgin's customer advisers, or 150 from a Virgin phone. But that's only Monday until Friday, 8am until 9pm and Saturday until Sunday, 8am until 6pm - outside of those times you'll have to rely on the company's online support pages.

How do I switch to Virgin Media?

Virgin Media has a simple, four-step process for switching. Its official guidance is:

1. Check your postcode: to see what deals you can get.

2. Sign up today: and we’ll confirm your installation date within 48 hours.

3. Contact your provider: so that they can cancel your contract.

4. Our WiFi Hub arrives: just plug it straight in or we can set it up for you.

So why choose Virgin Media?

Hopefully all of the above will have given you some additional insights into why Virgin Media is one of the UK’s most popular broadband providers and why it currently has millions of customers across the country. However, if you’re still on the fence, here’s a quick summary of why it’s such a top choice:

  • It’s currently the fastest (widely available) provider for average download speeds
  • It offers an excellent TV service without the need for a satellite
  • It’s won numerous awards for its services
  • You can bolt on additional TV channels and phone options
  • The partnership it has with O2 offers a variety of top perks and benefits
  • It’s customer services are of a high quality
  • You can regularly find some top deals and promotions that make it more affordable

Switch to Virgin Media today

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