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Watch watchmen online
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HBO did something special when it brought Watchmen to the small screen, somehow delivering a fresh and original take on the groundbreaking Alan Moore graphic novel - despite it having already been made into a critically-acclaimed movie. Late to the party or ready to re-watch it? Keep reading to find out how to watch Watchmen online – no matter where you are right now.

Watchmen season 1 cheat sheet

All episodes of this hit TV series has aired but you can still watch Watchmen online. You can find a full list of  locations and prices down below no matter where in the world you live.

Based on the groundbreaking graphic novel Watchmen, Damon Lindelof has remixed the plot with a fresh vision to create the incredible Watchmen TV series.

It's an incredible powerful series, with plenty of mystery, twists and turns and even a love story. 

What makes it so spectacular is that it is also filled with social commentary on issues that are ongoing and present in our current society, the parallels drawn are eerily similar - but that's what makes it such a gripping watch.

Can't wait to start watching or watch again? Keep reading to find out how to watch Watchmen online – no matter where in the world you are.

Watch Watchmen online from outside your country:

If you find yourself in the unlucky position where you're out of the country, on holiday or temporarily abroad when you want to watch the show, don't panic just yet - you can still watch all of the Watchmen episodes. Using a little handy trick, you can get around geo-blocks and digital borders using a VPN.

This will allow you to gain access to all the gripping Watchmen content without even having to be in one of the countries that has the episodes available in by changing your IP. That way you can binge watch the show on your holiday.

Which VPN is best for you? Our personal favourite is ExpressVPN. And how do you use that to watch Watchmen online? Read on to find out all you need to know.


The easiest way to stream Watchmen outside the countries mentioned below is to download and install a VPN with a 30-day money back guarantee or free trial.

We've done the easy part for you and tested over 100 Virtual Private Networks and rank ExpressVPN as the number one best. It's quick, robust, secure and incredibly easy to use. It's compatible with devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Xbox and PlayStation, too, as well on your mobile.

Another great thing about ExpressVPN is that it features that handy 30-day money back guarantee to give it a try. But then again, if you sign up for an annual plan you'll get a 49% discount and 3 months extra FREE - a brilliant deal on a brilliant bit of software.

Once downloaded, change your location to a server back in your home country (it's actually really easy) and then watch Watchmen online as if you were sat back at home.

How to watch Watchmen online

How to watch Watchmen online in the US


As it is an HBO original, it comes as no shock that that HBO is the go-to place to watch Watchmen online in the US. 

The good news is that you have some choice in how much you pay as HBO offers a few packages and deals, plus most of these packages are pretty flexible.

HBO offers free trials on all of its packages, which helps soften the blow. Prices start at $14.99 a month with HBO and go up depending on which package you choose.

watch Watchmen online

How to watch Watchmen online in the UK 


If you're watching from the UK then we've got some bad news for you - you're going to have to buy Watchmen season 1 if you want to watch it.

While the show was aired in the UK on Sky Atlantic and therefore available to stream with a NOW TV Entertainment Pass for a while, that's no longer the case and you'll have to shell out for individual episodes, or pay for the season in full, to stream it right now.

There are a handful of options available, but the one most people will likely be familiar with is Amazon Prime Video, which offers episodes in HD at £2.49 a pop or season 1 in its entirety for £19.99.  

You could also check out a free 30-day Prime trial while you're at it, because while Watchmen season 1 isn't currently included in the core streaming catalogue, loads of great TV shows and movies are - it's the only place to can watch Alex Rider, for instance. Plus. there's that whole unlimited one-day delivery thing...

And if you're out of the country and still want to watch shows like you would in the UK, then you'll need to download and install a VPN as described above.

watch Watchmen online

  How to watch Watchmen online in Canada 


For those wanting to watch this drama mini series in Canada, Crave is the way to go. 

You can pay for Crave on a monthly basis or get an annual subscription. Unfortunately unlike HBO, Crave doesn't do free trials but if you do pay for a subscription, they will throw in one free month.

Crave prices vary, but you can get packages which include HBO, starting at $20 per month.

watch Wactchmen online

  How to watch Watchmen online in Australia


For all of the Australian fans out there, the new Foxtel-owned streaming service Binge is your best (and cheapest) way to stream HBO's Watchmen series. Additionally, subscribers to Foxtel's cable service or the company's streaming service, Foxtel Now can also view the series through those avenues. 

Still, Binge is likely going to be the preferred option for most people due to its more affordable price points. Though Watchmen is officially over, you will find every episode of the acclaimed series ready to stream on Binge.

To access Binge, simply click on the sign-up links below. There are three tiers on offer starting at AU$10 per month, however, you could opt to try the service out via its 14-day free trial.

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