The best PlayStation 4 controller deals in July 2024

PS4 controller deals.
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The PS5 might be the very latest Sony console, but there's still a significant demand for cheap PS4 controllers, either as a replacement for your legacy setup or a spare gamepad for when you have friends or family visiting. All of the best PS4 controllers are still worth a look too, offering different overall shapes and features that might be better fit your needs or preferences.

It's worth noting, however, that a cheap PlayStation 4 controller doesn't always cost significantly less than the PS5 DualSense controller, despite its relative age. That means if you're playing on a PS5 you might as well look for a cheap PS5 controller and get an upgraded experience for a similar cost.

With the PS4 now over ten years old, we're seeing a significant shift toward the PS5. If you're after some more bargains on more recent tech, we've also got all the latest PS5 deals for you to browse, as well as today's PlayStation Plus deals and plenty of cheap PS5 game deals.

Best PlayStation 4 controller deals - Quick links

Best PlayStation 4 controller deals in the US

DualShock 4: $59.99 at Best Buy

DualShock 4: $59.99 at Best Buy
Although not a saving, Best Buy still has plenty of DualShock 4 stock right now which might be worth keeping an eye on for any future sales. In addition to the standard Jet Black controller, a number of cool colourways including Green Camouflage and Midnight Blue are available for $64.99 each.

DualShock 4 (Renewed): $54.99 at Amazon
Save $8 -

DualShock 4 (Renewed): was $62.99 now $54.99 at Amazon
Save $8 - Brand-new DualShock 4 stock is becoming increasingly difficult to find at a discount. If you're willing to settle for a second-hand (renewed) offer, then this modest saving at Amazon is worth a look. This listing is in "Excellent" condition, which denotes a product with no cosmetic damage visible when the product is held 12 inches away.

Best PlayStation 4 controller deals in the UK

DualShock 4: £44.99 at Currys
Free next day delivery -

DualShock 4: £44.99 at Currys
Free next day delivery - You can find loads of DualShock 4 stock at Currys, including in the Green Camouflage colorway. Free next day delivery is included in the price, which currently lower than many other retailers. If you're looking for a quick replacement, this is going to be a great choice.

If you can't find the PS4 controller deal that you're looking for, or if you're not in the US or the UK, then worry not as our price-finding tech below will serve up the latest and lowest price going on DualShock 4s wherever you are in the world.

Best PlayStation 4 controller deals - FAQs

How much does a PS4 controller cost?

The PS4 controller price largely depends on the color that you're choosing. The standard 'Jet Black' model can drop as low as $25 - $30 / £25 - £30 in sales events, but is usually found closer to $49.99 / £49.99. In general, other colors follow this suit, but the more premium limited or special edition designs can reach into the $70 / £70 price range. 

Is a cheap PS4 controller still worth it?

Even though many have taken the leap to the PS5 now, cheap PS4 controllers still have their place on your shelf. PS4 controllers will still work with previous-gen titles running on PS5 so having a spare handy will come in useful for older multiplayer games as well. You can also use a PS4 controller for PS5 Remote Play on your phone, tablet, or laptop as well.  

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