The best Chromebook deals in May 2024

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Chromebooks are more affordable alternatives to Windows laptops and can be a smarter buy if you just need a basic device for light everyday use or are a student in need of a flexible and capable machine for school work. If either of those sounds like you then we've gathered up all the best Chromebook deals available right here.

We've searched through all the major retailers and brought together all the top offers right now, including the biggest discounts on some of the best Chromebooks we've tested here at TechRadar. The ones we've chosen offer solid performance, portability and all-day battery life – and usually cost around $300 / £300 or less.

These hand-picked Chromebook deals will be able to handle basic tasks, school work, and everyday browsing or double as a tablet for media streaming. You'll find small and lightweight options, more high-performance laptops, flexible 2-in-1 devices, and everything in between. At least one should suit your budget and needs.

Today's best Chromebook deal in the US

HP Chromebook 14: $299$159 at Best Buy

HP Chromebook 14: was $299 now $159 at Best Buy
- 14 inches
Processor - Intel Celeron N4120
Storage - 64GB
OS - ChromeOS

💰 Cheap
✅ Great for students or light use at home
❌ Struggles with anything beyond basic tasks

I'm somewhat underwhelmed by the Chromebook deals this week but if you're after a cheap laptop for light use then this is a decent option. This HP Chromebook 14 is a basic device but it doesn't cost a lot and is capable of handling general browsing and schoolwork. It also prioritizes battery life and portability with the slim design, 14-inch display and full-day battery life. It's one that's well-suited to students or those always on the move that just need a cheap laptop.

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Today's best Chromebook deal in the UK

Lenovo IdeaPad 5 Chromebook: £499.99£289 at Amazon
DisplayProcessor RAM StorageOS

Lenovo IdeaPad 5 Chromebook: was £499.99 now £289 at Amazon
- 14 inches
Processor - Intel i5
Storage - 512GB
OS - ChromeOS

💰 The best value laptop deal right now
✅ Outstanding performance for the price
❌ Some older components

This Asus Chromebook Plus offers almost unreal value for money if you need a day-to-day laptop. The Intel i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and large 512GB SSD combine to offer an impressive performance boost while dramatically reducing boot times and load times. The only caveat is that it's a slightly older machine, but at under £300 it's a bargain for school, college and uni, or just as a home laptop for light use and everyday tasks.

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Chromebook deals: FAQs

Acer Chromebook 15

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How much should I pay for a Chromebook?

On average, you only need to pay somewhere around $200 / £200 to get a decent Chromebook. Of course, there are options to spend slightly less (and a whole lot more, too) but that is the ballpark figure to keep in mind. Anything lower and the machines are very basic. This can be fine, though, if you're aware of those limitations and are willing to accept the dramatic dip in performance.

If you pay much more a Chromebook can lose its edge in terms of value for money. We would say that once you get closer to $500 / £500 you're better off taking a look at some of the more general laptop deals available right now as you get more for your money. And if you want really high performance you'll want today's cheap gaming laptop deals or MacBook deals for that.

What to look for in Chromebook deals

The cheapest Chromebook deals are already pretty good for the price, and tend to be aimed at those who don't want to blow all their cash on a single gadget purchase. You're not picking up bags of storage at the lowest end of the price spectrum, but with Chrome OS removing the need for updates (these laptops don't run on Windows), you won't need as much space as you would on a conventional laptop. Plus, everything will run through your web browser on a Chromebook, which means you need even less storage.

The models above all carry decent processors for the cash, so you'll be sorted for an acceptable speed considering how little you're spending on your laptop here. However, it's worth checking out display quality and keyboard textures, as this is where manufacturers tend to cut corners in order to squeeze into these cheap Chromebook prices. 

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