The best PlayStation VR deals in May 2024 - the latest prices on PSVR 2 and PSVR 1 sets

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The best PlayStation VR deals are worth keeping an eye out for, especially now the PSVR 2 is on the cards. Although Sony's VR tech is impressive, it holds an eye-watering price tag that more than likely turns the average consumer away. 

But before you invest in either the PSVR or the PSVR 2, it's entirely down to which console you own. If you have a PS5, then we highly recommend Sony's latest headset. However, if you have a PS4 and are eager to try out the original hardware for yourself, then any remaining PSVR deals could be better value for money. 

There's also the option to look out for Oculus Quest 2 deals instead if you really want to escape to the virtual realm and get a more future-proofed device. Our guide to all the cheap VR headset deals is also on hand if you want to spend a little less.

PSVR 2 deals and bundles

The PlayStation VR 2 costs $549.99 / £529.99 / €599.99. This standard package includes the PSVR 2 headset, PSVR 2 Sense controllers, and stereo headphones. For a player looking for a little more, there's also a PlayStation VR 2 – Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle that comes with all of the above and a download code for one of the headline PSVR games, Horizon Call of the Mountain, for $599.99 / £569.99 / €649.99.

However, honestly, PSVR 2 deals and bundles are hard to come by right now. We've enlisted the help of our price-finding tech below to point you in the latest, lowest prices on the kit no matter where you are though, so this is the place to be for the latest deals.

PSVR 1 deals and bundles

While PSVR 2 is actually available to buy, the older PSVR 1 isn't being made anymore so being able to spot a new one at retailers is much like seeing a unicorn. However, if there is one out there, our price-finding tech below will find it, and we've also included the latest prices on PSVR 1 accessories in the round-up below too, in case you're coming to it late and want to kit out the original set.

PlayStation VR deals - FAQs

How much better is PSVR 2 than PSVR 1?

In terms of pure tech, PSVR 2 offers twice the detail that PSVR 1 could. This comes from the PSVR 2's per-eye resolution of 2,000 x 2,040 pixels. - way more than the PSVR 1's 960 x 1,080 pixels. It also supports HDR, can track your eye movements, and offers superb Sense controllers. PSVR 2 is comfortably better than PSVR 1 in terms of sheer power and tech.

Is PSVR 1 still worth it?

If you have a PS4 and actively use it and have always wanted to try PSVR, then the first-gen PSVR 1 is absolutely worth a go if you can find a respectable price or decent second-hand deal. It wasn't perfect but it offered some stellar experiences - and with a lot of, if not all, those being tied to only PS4 (not compatible with PSVR 2), then the PSVR 1 could provide some unique PSVR experiences for you.

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