The best Nintendo Switch prices, bundles and deals for Christmas 2018

It's that time of year where we see retailers unleash some of the hottest Nintendo Switch bundle deals of the year! We'll be updating this page throughout all the sales for the Christmas shopping season and beyond.

We're listing all of the best Switch deals right here and we'll be on the lookout for the best bundles with extra games, controllers and other accessories. We've just added a whole new batch of them to this guide. Scroll past the bundles on this page and we'll show you prices on extra Joy-Con and Pro controllers and Nintendo Switch memory cards too. If you want to play online multiplayer and get other benefits like free games you'll want to pick up a Nintendo Switch Online subscription deal.

US bundles are small in number this week, but we've rounded up the best ones, including packs with extra controllers, Labo kits and Mario Tennis Aces. In the UK you can find plenty with the best Nintendo Switch games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Super Mario Odyssey, Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee, Mario Kart 8: Deluxe and more all with a decent discount too. You'll find all the best Nintendo Switch bundles from reliable retailers below.

If you're looking for another dose of Nintendo's handheld happiness then maybe you want to consider a cheap 3DS deal too. We have a dedicated page of Nintendo Switch prices for our Australian readers too.

The latest Nintendo Switch deals

Want to know where to buy a Nintendo Switch? Check out our comparison chart below for the latest Nintendo Switch prices. Below that you'll find the best value Nintendo Switch bundles with games/accessories. Don't forget, on its own, the MSRP/RRP Nintendo Switch price is $299/£279, so you don't want to pay more than that unless you're getting some extras.

Nintendo Switch bundles (USA)

We've highlighted our picks of the best Nintendo Switch bundles below. Just be aware that the game bundles don't really offer much of a discount over buying the items separately. We'll steer you clear of console bundles that actively charge you more than the regular combined RRP (not cool, guys!).

Nintendo Switch | Nintendo Labo | Ematic controller | $339.98 at Walmart
There are multiple Nintendo Switch bundles to consider in this offer. You get the console and a third-party wired Ematic wired controller (along with the two standard Joy-Cons in the box) and you can then choose between the Variety, Vehicle or Robot Labo assembly kits to build and enjoy.
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Nintendo Switch | Mario Tennis Aces | 1-2-Switch | $359.96 at Walmart
This is great Nintendo Switch bundle for multiplayer as it comes with the new Super Mario Tennis. And seeing as the Joy-Con controllers come as a pair, you're able to dive into the two-player action straight away. This Switch deal also comes with 1-2-Switch minigames collection to get used to your new console's unique controls.
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Nintendo Switch | carry case | play stand | $324.98 at Amazon
This Nintendo Switch bundle comes with a carry case that is ideal if you're taking the Switch out of the home and it has space for game cartridges and accessories too. You're also getting a play stand which will make it easier putting the console in a viewable position wherever you are.
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Nintendo Switch bundles (UK)

The UK scene for discounted Nintendo Switch deals is quite competitive thanks to the large number of retailers trying to get your business. We usually find a strong selection of bundles every week nowadays, even in those quieter times of year not particularly known for sales. So take a look below for discounts on packages with games, hardware and accessories.

Nintendo Switch | Mario Kart 8: Deluxe | £279.99 at Amazon
With so many of the best cheap Nintendo Switch bundles selling out so fast at this time of year, we're surprised to see this one going for such a low price. This deal comes with a free digital copy of Mario Kart 8: Deluxe which is one of the finest multiplayer games on the Switch. A surefire hit for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and just about any day really!
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Special Edition Nintendo Switch | Super Smash Bros Ultimate | £299.99 at Amazon
It's back in stock! And at a decent price too. This limited edition console comes with a Smash Bros-themed dock for the Switch. You also get a digital copy of the game, which has only just come out, making this discounted bundle a great Nintendo Switch deal before Christmas.
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Nintendo Switch | Mario Kart 8 | Super Smash Bros Ultimate | £329.98 at Amazon
This is an excellent Nintendo Switch bundle for multiplayer fans as both games are much more fun when played with friends and family. Don't forget, you already get two controllers in the box, but if you need more, scroll past the bundles on this page for the latest prices on extra options.
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Nintendo Switch | Mario Kart 8 | Zelda Messenger bag (or a different accessory) | £289.99 at Argos
Argos has a fantastic selection of offers on right now where you can get choose from a range of accessories to bundle in with a Switch/Mario Kart 8 package. For just £10 more than the £279.99 asking price you can choose from a discounted charger, dock, carry case, steering wheel grip, or our personal favourites (and biggest money savers) a NES grey or Zelda messenger bag. Scroll through the options via the link below.
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Nintendo Switch | Super Smash Bros Ultimate | Super Mario Odyssey | £334.99 at Currys
If you can spend a bit more, this is the bundle we'd go for as it adds the excellent Super Mario Odyssey to the Smash Bros bundle. That's an incredible single-player game to go with a fantastic multiplayer experience to boot.
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Nintendo Switch | Pokémon: Let's Go Eevee! | £289.99 at Currys
If you'd prefer the Eevee edition of the new Pokemon game, this this is the Nintendo Switch bundle for you. Pokemon bundles are going to be massive sellers before Christmas, so we wouldn't wait long on deals like this.
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Nintendo Switch Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! Edition Pack | £339.99 at Nintendo
It's about time we had some proper Pokémon games on the Nintendo Switch and this new special edition bundle comes with the upcoming Let's Go, Pikachu! game, a Poké Ball Plus controller and themed Joy-Cons. This has sold out at most stores already! There's a few left at Argos for £329.99 too.View Deal

Nintendo Switch Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! Edition Pack | £339.99 at Nintendo
Similar to the deal above, but this version comes with the Let's Go, Eevee! game instead. Otherwise you're getting the same limited edition console and controllers. We'd expect the Pikachu version to sell out first, but this one won't be far behind. Actually, both are proving difficult to find at most stores now. Limited stock has popped up at Argos for the same price.View Deal

Nintendo Switch  | + 1 game | £299.99 at Argos
Another Argos bundle with multiple games to choose from. This time you've got Lego Super Heroes 2, Cars 3 or Lego Ninjago to choose from. You can opt for the console with grey controllers for the same price if you prefer.
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Nintendo Switch | Pokémon: Let's Go Pikachu | £289.99 at Amazon
This is a very cheap Nintendo Switch bundle considering you're getting the brand new Pokemon game too. Stock is sold out pretty much everywhere, but we think Amazon is highly likely to get more soon.
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Nintendo Switch | Super Mario Odyssey | £289.99 at Currys
Super Mario Odyssey is an expensive game when bought on its own, so if getting it in a bundle like this will usually save you money. Odyssey is one of the best games on the console, so this is well worth a look.
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Nintendo Switch | Mario Tennis Aces | £289.99 at Currys
This is great Nintendo Switch bundle for multiplayer as it comes with the new Super Mario Tennis. And seeing as the Joy-Con controllers come as a pair, you're able to dive into the two-player action straight away. You're essentially getting the game for half price in this deal.
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As with any new console we imagine you're wanting to know a bit more about the console before you put any money down. So in addition to finding the best Nintendo Switch deals, we're going to help bring in answers to the burning questions.

Nintendo Switch Joy-con controller deals

What are the Joy-Con controllers?

The Joy-Con controller is actually a pair of controllers that attach to the sides the the Nintendo Switch when not in use or when playing in tablet form away from the TV. When playing the Nintendo Switch on the TV, you can remove them and play with one in each hand. The left hand gets a controller with an analogue stick and d-pad, the right hand handles the one with a second analogue and the usual A, B, X and Y face buttons. Or you and a friend can use one each in multiplayer games with the d-pad doubling up as impromptu face buttons. 

You get a pair with the console, but you might want to buy more to allow extra players to get involved in games like Mario Kart 8, FIFA 18 and many more. Or maybe you just fancy some different colors for your own use.

Extra Joy-Con deals

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Grip controller

What's the Joy-Con Grip controller?

The Joy-Con Grip is an additional accessory that joins the two Joy-Con controllers together, forming something something a bit more solid for you to hold thanks to the extended handles and plastic block between the two sides. The square dimension form-factor may remind older gamers of the Dreamcast controller, while everyone else will mainly be thinking how it resembles an odd-looking dog face. Nintendo is providing one in the box with the Nintendo Switch, so you won't have to buy one separately. This won't charge your controller though and doesn't have a battery pack.

Nintendo Switch Pro controller deals

Yes and it doesn't come with the console. But you won't actually need one to play any games, so don't feel pressured in to buying one. The Nintendo Switch Pro controller is a more traditional-style pad and launched alongside the Nintendo Switch. Prices aren't cheap though, starting around $69.99/£64.99. There's currently no sign of a Nintendo Switch Premium Edition console with one included.

Do I need to buy extra controllers for multiplayer on Nintendo Switch?

Possibly not! Remember how the Joy-Con controller splits in two? Turn them sideways and you get two basic controllers, each with their own analogue stick and face buttons - the d-pad acts as face functions on the left controller. So far we've seen 2K's NBA series, Snipper Clips and Mario Kart being used this way for local multiplayer in both docked and tablet modes. So you get multiplayer functionality straight out of the box with no additional purchase required.

However, if you want to play four-player games, then you're going to need to invest in an extra pair of Joy-Con controllers or some Pro controllers. We'd buy the Joy-Cons as a pair (see our comparison chart above) as you'll save a bit of cash over buying them separately. Better yet, if your friends own a Switch, ask them to bring their controllers to the party!

Super Mario Odyssey deals

This has been one of the best games on the Nintendo Switch so far and an absolute must for Mario and platforming fans. Like Zelda below though, this being a first-party Nintendo title, it's taking forever to go down in price. It's slowly happening though, so we've rounded up the cheapest Super Mario Odyssey prices for you below. If you're not getting this game in a bundle, we'd strongly advise picking it up separately as soon as possible.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild deals

The reviews have heaped huge praise upon this eagerly awaited launch title, making it an essential purchase for any Nintendo Switch buyer. As with any new console, the prices of the big games can be more expensive than usual. We've shopped around for you though and have found the best prices for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch. Take a look below.

Nintendo Switch Micro SD memory card deals

With only 32GB of internal storage, you'll be wanting to pick up a cheap memory card or two for your new Nintendo Switch for any digital purchases or the inevitable game-fixing patches. Don't fret though, they're actually surprisingly cheap, with even 64GB ones coming in at under £20/$25.

What memory cards does the Nintendo Switch need? Those will be Micro SD cards also known as, depending on their size, as MicroSDHC (up to 32GB) or MicroSDXC (up to a huge 2TB soon). Nintendo will be releasing their own branded cards, but you'll be paying more, just for a label. So for now, we'd take a look at this range of cheap MicroSDXC Nintendo Switch-friendly cards.