The best cheap Amazon Echo deals in October 2018


Who'd have thought a few years ago we'd be able to give our homes sci-fi smarts for the cost of a meal for two in a restaurant? It is what Amazon's Alexa-powered Echo kit gives us. Just read on for the cheapest places to buy an Amazon Echo device.

Whether you'll be happy with a little Echo Dot  or want a full smart speaker, Amazon's prices for its live-in AI gadgets are always alluring. 

Finding a deal on an Amazon Echo is even easier now you've found this page. You'll find the best deals for the whole Alexa family, from the original Amazon Echo to the compact Amazon Echo Dot to the Amazon Echo Show, the first Amazon Echo device to include a screen, the Amazon Echo Plus, and the Amazon Echo Spot, a dinky screen-equipped asssistant.

With all the best deals in place, your only job is to decide which one you like the sound of most. Screen or no screen? Big sound or will a micro speaker do the trick?

We’ve scoured the internet for all the best Amazon Echo deals, so you can join the voice assistant revolution as cheaply and as easily as possible. 

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen.) deals

The just-announced 3rd iteration of the Echo Dot won't be released until next month, but you can pre-order it today. It comes in three colors, charcoal, heather gray, and sandstone, and can be ordered with or without the just unveiled Amazon Smart Plug.  The Dot on its own will cost the same as the previous Echo Dot speakers: $49.99 for the US, and £49.99 in the UK.

The hockey-puck-shaped speaker has a more refined look with a fabric finish this year. However, the speaker driver will be much larger, going from a 1.1-inch driver to a 1.6-inch driver. It will also be purportedly 70% louder than Gen 2 and will retain an aux connection for a physical speaker output. You can also connect it wirelessly to external speakers via Bluetooth.

We've rounded up all the current deals available for the new Echo Dot below, but be sure to check back as we'll add more prices as they become available.

Amazon Echo deals

The Amazon Echo is the standard version of the speaker, and this is the second generation of the device. This new version is a little shorter than the original, and it has an upgraded speaker powered by some neat Dolby processing. 

This is the 'just right' option in the Echo lineup. It's not as budget as the Amazon Echo Dot nor is it as premium as the Amazon Echo Plus. 

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd gen.) deals

The Amazon Echo Dot is the smallest of the Echo speakers. It manages to save this space by including a much smaller speaker, which consequently offers a much weaker sound. The good news is that if you want to do some serious music listening then you’re able to plug the Echo Dot into an external speaker using its 3.5mm jack. It’s also a great deal cheaper than the original Echo, meaning that it’s a great way of cheaply getting Alexa into your home, or perhaps adding a second speaker to your setup. 

Amazon Echo Plus deals

The Amazon Echo Plus, as its name implies, is the bigger and better version of the Amazon Echo that was released in 2017. It's actually similar in size to the original Amazon Echo, but next to its second generation it looks a lot taller. 

The difference between the Echo and the Echo Plus is the inclusion of slightly better speakers on the Plus, as well as a smart home hub that theoretically removes the need for other hubs to be plugged into your router to get different smart home devices working. 

Amazon Echo Show deals

The Amazon Echo Show is one of only two Echo devices that come equipped with a screen. After releasing first in the US, the speaker has more recently made its way to the UK. 

Like its siblings, the Dot, the Plus and the Echo, the Show can play music, control your smart home and make calls to other Echo devices. 

However, what makes it different is that its display allows you to get visual information as well as audio. That means you'll be able to see the name of songs while they're playing, read recipes right off the screen, or see more in-depth five-day weather forecasts without asking Alexa to repeat herself time and time again.

Amazon Echo Spot deals

The Amazon Echo Spot is a miniature version of the Amazon Echo Show. 

It's got a much smaller screen that's designed to show you little pieces of information rather than let you catch up on the latest series of The Grand Tour. But that might be more than enough if you just want to quickly check directions or read a news bulletin. 

The Spot has been available in the US for a little while, but has just made its way to the UK. Check out today's best deals below. 

Amazon Echo (2014) deals

The original Amazon Echo might be looking a bit long in the teeth these days, but its age means that you're likely to get it at a deep discount. 

It might not have the improved speakers or Dolby audio processing of the newer models, but this is still a very capable entrypoint into the Echo ecosystem.