Amazon sales in Australia in 2024: key dates and the top deals to shop now

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When it comes to regular deals and discounts, Amazon has plenty. There's a dedicated page that runs year round, showcasing all the offers available and there could be hundreds of deals to browse on any given day.

To maximise your savings, you could considering becoming a Prime member (if you aren't already). Not only do you get free and fast delivery on several eligible products, but you also get exclusive deals, early access to some of these deals and free access to some of Amazon's other services like Prime Video, Prime Reading and Prime Gaming. You can sign up now and get a 30-day free trial. You can cancel any time and it will cost you AU$9.99 a month (or AU$79/year) after the first 30 days.

For a more in-depth look at what this subscription entails and if it's worth it, check out our guide to What is Amazon Prime in Australia.

While Amazon's daily deals are great, the best time to shop on the platform is during a big sale. Amazon hosts a few each year that could save you even more, particularly on some big-ticket items like laptops and cameras. While the Prime Day sale is arguably its most popular, the Amazon Black Friday sale is just as good in terms of the discounts we see. Amazon even has its own Boxing Day sale.

There are a few other smaller sales in between, like Big Smile Sale that typically happens in March and Mid-Year Sale that coincides with Australia's EOFY sales. Below is a list of the main Amazon sales that you can look forward to each year.

Amazon sales calendar

  • Big Smile Sale: previously in March/April
  • Mid-Year Sale: usually in June
  • Prime Day: typically held in July
  • Prime Big Deal Days: previously only held in October 2023
  • Black Friday: takes place in November
  • Boxing Day: takes place in December

Amazon quick links

This week's top 10 Amazon deals

Apple AirPods Max (Sky Blue) | AU$899 AU$709

Apple AirPods Max (Sky Blue) | AU$899 AU$709 (save AU$190)

If you've been waiting for a deal to come across your table before biting the bullet on a new pair of the Apple AirPods Max wireless headphones, this is the deal you've been waiting for. If you’re an Apple user they make complete sense, as we couldn't believe how good the audio was in our Apple AirPods Max review. With spatial audio and dynamic head tracking that provides a cinema-like experience – it only just outshines their comfort, user experience and noise-cancellation. If you're an iPhone user in the market for new headphones, this is the deal. The green colourway is also discounted, though not as heavily.

Samsung T9 Portable SSD 4TB | AU$969 AU$529

Samsung T9 Portable SSD 4TB | AU$969 AU$529 (save AU$440)

A compact SSD with a whopping 4TB of storage for just over AU$500? Yes, please. Our main gripe with this SSD in our Samsung T9 Portable SSD review, was its price compared to Samsung T7. Well, at 45% off its RRP, this T9 deal brings it well under the T7's regular price and retains the incredibly resilient structure, massive capacity, compatibility with both USB-A and USB-C cable types and performance that made its original price only slightly exorbitant. If you need a portable storage device that's guaranteed to handle the trials of everyday life, this deal on the durable, versatile and powerful T9 portable SSD from Samsung is a steal.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 (256GB; Cream) | AU$1,649 AU$961.50

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 (256GB; Cream) | AU$1,649 AU$961.50 (save AU$687.50)

If you've been waiting for a deal before jumping on Samsung's more affordable foldable phone, it's hard to get better than this. If you want a powerful flip phone, but aren't prepared to handle the sheer size or price tag of the Fold 5, the Flip 5 was literally made for you. In our Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 review we said that you should buy this if you're looking for a powerful, durable and versatile flip phone, however the price was prohibitive. With this deal, that's no longer the case – leaving you with just the fantastic foldable phone that now costs under a grand. You can also save on the 512GB, with both mint and green down 41%.

Tineco iFloor 5 Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum | AU$599 AU$479

Tineco iFloor 5 Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum | AU$599 AU$479 (save AU$120)

We haven't gotten our hands on the iFloor 5, but it comes from a brand we rate highly here at TechRadar. Just take a look at the Tineco Floor One S5 which earned four stars in our review, the impressive 4.5-star Tineco Floor One S7 Pro review and one of the best cordless vacuums – the Tineco S12 Platinum, and you’ll understand how well-regarded Tineco is The iFloor 5 can handle all your mopping and vacuuming needs, and you don't even need to clean it manually afterwards, as it excels at self-cleaning. If you're in the market for a vacuum that can take care of your wet and dry needs, this is a great deal.

Samsung T7 (2TB) Portable External SSD | AU$479 AU$

Samsung T7 (2TB) Portable External SSD | AU$479 AU$231.08 (save AU$140)

If the T9 further up is a little out your price range, then the T7 does an admirable job at filling in its place.. At almost 50% off its regular price, the 2TB Samsung T7 portable SSD is a must-have for anyone looking to store documents, movies, photos and anything else portably. Heck, our friends over at T3 gave it five-stars in their 2022 review. Fast, secure and more compact than the newer variant, there are few better 2TB options, especially at this price. If you don’t need all 2TB of storage, the 1TB Samsung T7 is also a whopping 47% off.

Shark SpeedStyle RapidGloss Finisher & High-Velocity Dryer | AU$559.99 AU$299

Shark SpeedStyle RapidGloss Finisher & High-Velocity Dryer | AU$559.99 AU$299 (save AU$260.99)

Despite the never-ending name, the Shark SpeedStyle is a fantastic compact hair dryer. Perfect at home or when travelling, it can even adjust its temperature and airflow thanks to Shark's 'IQ' functionality. Sitting perfectly in the zone between premium quality and over-priced costs, do mum's hair a favour with this deal. We didn't love how expensive it was in our Shark SpeedStyle RapidGloss Finisher & High-Velocity Dryer review, but at this price it's a lot easier to recommend.

ECOVACS DEEBOT N8+ | AU$1,099 AU$699 (

ECOVACS DEEBOT N8+ | AU$1,099 AU$699 (save AU$400)

If you're looking for even more ease when it comes to household chores, it's hard to look past this deal on the Deebot N8 plus from Ecovacs. With a 2L dustbag, this quiet little machine can even detect carpet, automatically adjusting its suction power to ensure it's cleaning up that hard-to-reach debris within the fibres. If vacuuming each week is your least favourite activity, let the Deebot N8 Plus take care of it. There is also a heavy discount on the X1 Omni that adds power and doubles as a security camera, and we loved it in our Ecovacs X1 Omni review.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3 | AU$149.95 AU$98

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3 | AU$149.95 AU$98 (save AU$51.95)

While it might not be the lowest price we've seen, a quality Bluetooth speaker for less than AU$100 is worth thinking about. In our original Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3 review we loved how much value it provided and though it's now older, its output hasn't changed, but its price has dropped significantly. Compact and durable, with a long-lasting 14-hour battery and several pretty colourways, if you're looking for an affordable speaker to join you on a hike, camping trip, in the shower or during household chores, this is it.

Samsung 32-Inch Odyssey Neo G7 | AU$1,599 AU$1,099

Samsung 32-Inch Odyssey Neo G7 | AU$1,599 AU$1,099 (save AU$500)

While it might not quite reach the gaming heights of the near five-star Odyssey G7 review way back in 2021, the Odyssey Neo G7 is still a fantastic monitor for both gaming and work. With a lovely 32-inch display, the Odyssey Neo G7 provides a snappy response that will be more than ample for any game thanks to its 165Hz refresh rate, along with a glorious 2160p resolution. With 2000 nit peak brightness and an immersive curvature, whether you're scrolling through socials, typing up a doc or demolishing bugs in Helldivers 2, the Odyssey Neo G7 will let you do it in style. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro | AU$349 AU$195.19

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro | AU$349 AU$195.19 (save AU$153.81)

We loved our time with the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro, but while their regular price is reasonable, this deal is music to our ears. Forgoing the futuristic aesthetic of previous products, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro nail the meat and potatoes, which when it comes to earbuds, are great, adaptable sound and supreme comfort. While it held them back from a perfect score, the only issue we had in our Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro review was an average battery life. If you're in the market for earbuds, this deal sounds almost too good.

How to save money when shopping on Amazon

1. Become a Prime member

While it might cost you a monthly (or annual) fee to be a Prime member, it's the best way to maximise your savings, particularly if you think you're going to shopping on the platform regularly. If you're not a Prime member yet, you can sign up now for a 30-day free trial and, if you do so just before a big sale and cancel the subscription before the trial ends, you get the full benefits without having to pay anything extra, albeit for a short period of time. 

Benefits include free and fast shipping, exclusive and early access to select deals, plus free subscriptions to some of Amazon's other services like Prime Video, Prime Reading and Prime Gaming. Find out more about this subscription service in our guide to what is Amazon Prime.

2. Use Amazon coupons

We've got a dedicated page that lists a lot of Amazon coupon codes to help you save on your next shop, but there are always select items on the site that have a little check box that you can tick to bring the price down a little. These coupons can save you anywhere from 5% to 20% off a particular item, and occasionally there's a specific amount of money that gets deducted (e.g. AU$5 off a AU$20 portable power bank), so keep an eye out of them when shopping on Amazon.

Note that when you use these little boxes, the discounted price will only appear when you finally check out – not when the item is sitting in your virtual cart.

3. Track your cart

If you aren't in a hurry to buy something specific, you can always add it to your cart and click "save for later". Amazon has a handy functionality that automatically lets you know if an item in your cart has had a price change.

4. Set up alerts

If you don't want to keep logging into Amazon to check your cart, you can use a site called to see an item's price history. You just have to copy and paste the URL of the Amazon item you're interested in into Camelcamelcamel's search bar and voila, you get the price history represented by an easy-to-understand graph.

Monitoring this manually, though, can be annoying, so the folks behind this tracking site have created a handy browser plug-in that you can install to receive email alerts when a specific item gets a discount. This is particularly useful during Amazon's big sales if you know what you're after.

5. Use Amazon's Subscribe & Save program

If there are certain products you know you will buy regularly, particular pantry staples and toiletries, you can use the Subscribe & Save feature on Amazon. This option shows up as the default offer when click on items like laundry detergents, coffee pods, nail colour, baby-care items and more, and it's possible to save as much as 15%, with free shipping already available for Prime members.

6. Check Amazon's daily deals

Amazon has a dedicated hub that lists hundreds of offers, called Today's Deal. It sits right on top of the any Amazon page and, while it looks a little daunting to browse, there are filters you can use to narrow down your search if you know what you're after.

If you happen to use an Echo smart device, you can also use a simple voice command to find out what the day's offers are by saying, "Alexa, what are my deals?"

7. Browse overstocked items in the Amazon Outlet store

Amazon also has a dedicated section called the Outlet Store that stocks clearance items going cheap. It also houses overstocked new items too, and these usually have some significant discounts. From electronics to homewares, the Outlet Store can save you a pretty penny, but note that some items may come in a damaged box. If so, there will be a note on the product listing page about its condition.

8. Shop during the big sales

If you're not in a rush to buy something, particularly an expensive item, consider waiting till a big sale comes knocking. By 'big', we mean Prime Day and Black Friday as these two sales are when we see the biggest discounts. 

That said, there usually a lot of good deals during Big Smile Sale and the Mid-Year Sale, so don't ignore those if you're keen on shopping through the year.

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