The best Nintendo 3DS deals in February 2024

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Nintendo's venerable old range of handhelds might have come to the end of its lifecycle but we're still on hand to track down the best prices still available. You may not find any truly thrilling Nintendo 3DS or 2DS deals anymore given they are now out of production, but there's still a booming second-hand market due to the console's popularity and the vast library of games. 

Our price comparison widget below always checks the top retailers for the latest stock. Given some of the prices we've seen over the last few months, though, we would suggest a look at the current Nintendo Switch deals if you're after a new portable console. Sure, it's very different to the handheld, but you might end up paying more for a brand new 3DS or 2DS.

Ultimately, then, second-hand is the best way to go if you really want a 3DS or 2DS. There are still plenty of reasons to check out these fantastic little handhelds, especially the solid lineup of first-party Nintendo titles available, many of which are highlighted in our pick of the best Nintendo 3DS games. It's no surprise they've always been the boss in this area since the heady, humble days of the Gameboy.

So, do have a browse below at the best 3DS and 2DS deals around. We can't promise a serious bargain given the older models are very hard to get nowadays and prices have shot up disproportionately. If you want something even more modern instead, do check out the latest news when it comes to Nintendo Switch OLED stock.

James Pickard
Senior Deals Editor

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