The best Surface Pro deals and bundles in April 2018

surface pro deals

This is the best time of year to be on the lookout for discounted Microsoft Surface Pro deals. Our price comparison tools below dive into the latest options for you across multiple Surface devices. 

We've tracked down the best prices on the brand new 2017 Surface Pro and we've also provided prices for the older Surface Pro 4 and Surface Pro 3. Microsoft's vision is to make a professional tablet so good, you'll be able to replace your laptop and many are saying they've done just that with the latest models. 

So with Christmas just around the corner, why not take a look and see if there's a price that's right for you or your loved ones. If you're after something considerably cheaper, you may find it in our cheap laptop deals pages.

Important note: Most Surface Pro deals, especially the cheaper ones, do not come with the Type cover keyboard attachment or Surface Pen. Retailer sites can be a bit misleading as they'll generally show the device with the keyboard, so be sure to check the full description. We've included a price comparison chart for the keyboard and pen below too if you need to pick them up separately. Most retailers have the option to add one to standalone deals too.

Surface Pro (2017) deals and bundles

You'd think after the Surface Pro 4 Microsoft would have gone with a Surface Pro 5? But no, just to confuse matters, and searching shoppers, the latest device is simply called Surface Pro. Thankfully, we're here to bring you the latest deals for the new version, so don't worry about our price comparison chart below showing you deals for the very first Surface Pro.

The new Surface Pro is a big improvement over previous models, perhaps justifying the reboot of the brand. The battery lasts much longer than the Pro 4 and all of the accessories (like the Surface Pen and Type Cover keyboard attachment) have also been tweaked, although we're a bit annoyed you have to buy them separately. Microsoft is closer than ever to genuinely replacing your traditional laptop for work at home, the office or on the move.

Surface Pro 4 deals and bundles

With the new 2017 edition out now, the older Surface Pro 4 is ripe for some big discounts. Unlike the 2017 version, you get the Surface Pen with most models. We've even seen a few bundles that include the type cover too.

Some of the prices differences between the Surface Pro 4 and 2017 model aren't as big as we'd like to be honest, so in all honesty it might be worth spending a bit more for the newer version in some cases. At this time of year though, we can expect some discounts on the entire range.

Surface Pro 3 deals

The Surface Pro 3 is the oldest of the still reasonably available Surface Pro deals, with older models being increasingly hard to come by, not to mention sporting some rather outdated spec by now.

If you can sacrifice a bit of power and functionality over the newer models you could find yourself something of a bargain with the Surface Pro 3.

Surface Pro Type Cover deals

We can't iterate it enough, but most Surface Pro deals no not come with the Type Cover keyboard, despite most retailer images blatantly showing the Surface Pro with one attached. Always check the product description to see if you're getting one bundled in.

So chances are you're looking to buy one separately? The Type Covers in the comparison chart are compatible with all of the Surface Pro models in this article. The newer 'Signature Type' have a soft textured fabric finish around the keys and comes in muted colors, while the older versions are more brightly colored and have a more traditional plastic build.

Surface Pen deals

If you're buying a Surface Pro deal that doesn't include a Surface Pen, there's nothing stopping you from buying one separately. Take a look at our price comparison chart below for the latest prices from a wide range of retailers.