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The best cheap soundbar deals and sales for September 2021

soundbar deals
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Quality soundbar speakers don't usually go on sale, but on the rare occasion, you can find a powerful and high-quality soundbar deal that you shouldn't pass up. We've done the hard work for you by finding the best cheap soundbar deals and sales for quality soundbar speakers. Our Soundbar deals include top brands such as Samsung, Bose, and LG. If you're worried about price in regards to quality, we've found some of the cheapest soundbars on the market can still add a decent level of clarity and audio oomph to your living room on a scale that your regular TV can't. 

Once you've got your hands on a new soundbar, the results speak for themselves. But trying to dig around and find the best soundbar deal right now can be a long slog. That's because the world of soundbars, and audio products more generally, are filled with a random series of numbers, Vizio SB-3830-D0 38-inch soundbar, anyone?

There are also a lot of drastic differences in price that can be overwhelming even to the most seasoned of audiophiles. But don't worry, that's where we come in.

What’s the best soundbar deal?

As you'd expect, the answer to that question is going to be different for everyone.

Some people are fine with a standard soundbar, that means no subwoofer and no streaming capabilities. Others might want the sub, but no streaming. Others might want all of the above, plus two satellite speakers. It’s a your-miles-may-vary situation. 

That said, we can give you some good ideas of what to look for and where to find those great deals when they pop up. 

For most folks, you really just want the basic package: a soundbar with a digital audio cable input that should connect to most modern TVs. You can get a bit tricky with HDMI passthroughs, RCA inputs and 3.5mm jacks, but sometimes basic is better. Of course, we also recommend looking for soundbars with a subwoofer included, that way you’ll get the full audio range from your favorite TV shows and movies, not just the highs and the mids. 

There’s plenty of soundbars to pick from, and more coming out every week, so without further ado here are the best soundbar deals we’ve found this month.

Samsung HW-J355 2.1 Soundbar

Samsung's HW-J355 is brilliant at the basics

Dimensions: 40.6" x 17.5" x 9.8" | Power: 120W | Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz | Connections: Bluetooth, TV SoundConnect, USB Connectivity, Aux Input, Auto Power Link

Basic, but in a good way
Bluetooth enabled
Comes with a subwoofer
Not a 'smart' soundbar

Samsung's HW-J355 is one of the best-selling soundbars, and for good reason. Not only does it offer good sound quality from its four combined-120W tweeters, but also comes with a wired subwoofer to add some meat to the sound. It's a bit on the trim side at 37.13 x 2.28 x 2.56 inches, but it only weighs 3.5 lbs. The accompanying subwoofer is wired, so that might be one hang-up, and you won't find a ton of ports here. On the plus side, though, it comes with 3D Sound Plus, which tries to simulate a surround sound effect using some clever sonic tricks. If you don't mind something basic, this is your guy.

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Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System

This basic soundbar from Bose is your solution to better sound

Dimensions: 3.4" x 21.5" x 2.8" | Weight: 3.73 lbs | Connections: Bluetooth, optical audio input, coaxial audio input, 3.5 mm aux input

Simple setup
Hefty bass
Awesome clarity
No subwoofer

Don't want to be tied to a subwoofer? We don't blame you. If you want the same robust quality of sound without the extra black box, check out the Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System. The bar measures in at a fair 2.6 x 21.6 x 3.4 inches (H x W x D) and 3.73 lbs, making it easy to wall-mount. As far as inputs and outputs are concerned it takes optical audio, coaxial audio and 3.5mm auxiliary. It comes with a remote control, which we appreciate, and has built-in Bluetooth. 

Q Acoustics M3 Soundbar

A premium-sounding soundbar without a premium price tag

Dimensions: 5" x 39.4" x 2.8" | Power: 80W | Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz | Connections: Blutooth, HDMI port

Beautiful musicality
Easy to use
Good value
No HDMI input

The M3 soundbar is easy to love. It might not be the most glamorous to look at, stubbornly only supports 2.1 channels of sound, and has never heard of Wi-Fi, but if there’s a better sounding soundbar on the market for less than £300/$300, we haven’t heard it. Unfortunately, there's no subwoofer here or shot at simulated surround sound, but that's because Q Acoustics has very deliberately kept things simple by not attempting to ‘muddy the waters’ by trying to apply (often ugly) psycho-acoustic processing. 

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The LG SH7B is a soundbar system that can do it all

Dimensions: 41.7" x 3.4" x 2.1" | Weight: 15.3 lbs | Power: 360W | Connections: Bluetooth, HDMI input/output, Spotify connect, Smart Hi-Fi, Google Cast

Flexible and painless setup
Good sound for the price
Syncs with other LG speakers
Music playback is lacking

If you're looking for a soundbar that strikes the balance between feature set,  performance and price, LG's SH7B is it. That said, it might cost a bit more than you were looking to spend. Thankfully, it's very often on sale. This soundbar measures in at 41.73 x 2.09 x 3.35 inches, making it perfect for 49-inch and up TVs. The soundbar excels in the movie department – lasers, explosions and crushing bodily impacts in football hit home with impactful blasts of sound –that said, it's probably not the best soundbar for the music lover out there. 

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Samsung HW-MS650 Sound+ Soundbar

Samsung's latest trumps traditional Hi-Fi systems

Dimensions: 41.73" x 5.14" x 3.07" | Speaker configuration: 3.0 | Claimed audio power: 9 x 20W | Connections: Single 4K/HDR HDMI loopthrough, one optical audio input, 3.5mm audio port, 2-way Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Fantastically powerful sound
Physics-defying bass handling
Supports lots of sources
No external subwoofer necessary
Slightly limited stereo effect

Not content with dominating the TV world, Samsung now seems to have its sights set on becoming the number one brand for home entertainment audio, too. To that end, the Samsung HW-MS650 Sound+ Soundbar is one of our favorite pieces of AV equipment made this year – which is why we gave it our coveted Editor's Choice award when it came out last year. 

Samsung has rewritten the rulebook with the HW-MS650. No other one-body soundbar has combined so much raw power with so much clarity, scale and, especially, bass, or excelled so consistently with both films and music. It’s the sort of performance that only genuine audio innovation can deliver.

If you can afford it, this is the soundbar you need in your living room.

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Sony HT-X8500 Soundbar

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony HT-X8500 Soundbar

High performance at an affordable price

Dimensions: 2.6" x 3.9" x 35.1" | Power: NA | Frequency Response: NA | Connections: 1 HDMI input, 1 HDMI Out (ARC), analogue audio in/out, Ethernet, optical audio in, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Slim, elegant design
Built-in dual subwoofer
Three-dimensional surround sound

The Sony HT-X8500 is a high-quality soundbar that delivers quality sound at an affordable price. The Sony soundbar includes dual built-in subwoofers for deep sounding bass, while still maintaining a slim, sleek design. The compact size will fit perfectly in front of your TV and won't clutter up your space.

The soundbar features Vertical Sound Engine technology that's combined with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X to produce a cinematic three-dimensional surround sound experience. The remote also includes seven different sound modes so you can control and enhance your entertainment experience.

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Razer Leviathan

It's made for gamers, but great for home entertainment enthusiasts too

Dimensions: 3.1" x 19.7" x 2.9" | Power: 30W | Frequency Response: 180Hz - 20KHz | Connections: Bluetooth, one optical audio input, 3.5mm audio port

Bass-heavy sound
Plenty of inputs
Supremely priced
Limited surround sound

Just when you think you really know a company, it goes and releases something completely out of left-field. Take Razer: historically, it’s been a peddler of pointers and the king of keyboards. Then they release the Razer Leviathan, a really smart soundbar that costs less than most TVs. Razer's audio monster might not have the most power-per-inch at only 30 watts, but we really liked how low it could go with the accompanying subwoofer. Plus, while other speakers on this list might not even attempt surround sound, Razer gives it the ol' college try and actually does a decent job with it. It might not be as good as a true 7.1 system, but try finding one of those for under $199/£159. 

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Arcam Solo Bar (UK only)

With 4K HDMI passthrough and Bluetooth aptX, this soundbar is in a class of its own

Dimensions: 39.4" x 39.4" x 5.1" | Power: 100W | Connections: Bluetooth with apt-X, four HDMI inputs

Four HDMI inputs
4K passthrough
Not very weighty

With four HDMI inputs and 4K passthrough, myriad other connections and Bluetooth streaming, it's tempting to call the Arcam Solo Bar as much of a home cinema hub as a soundbar. It also adds Bluetooth aptX for good measure, rendering your streamed tunes listenable at last. Well connected it may be, but this 1,000 x 130 x 110mm unit offers more than one-cable nirvana, with its two speakers offering a lot more meat than the average flat TV. Want more welly? Just add Arcam's wireless Solo Sub. Want it for a steal? We've got you covered.

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