Best movies on Netflix UK: the best films to watch in June 2019

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Image Credit: Netflix
(Image credit: Netflix)

For a long time Netflix was hands-down the best streaming platform. But these days, competition is mounting. Amazon is producing more and more fantastic TV shows every month and upcoming services Disney+, as well as Apple TV Plus, could change your streaming habits for good. Especially considering Netflix has recently raised its prices   giving anyone unsure about whether they should renew their subscription at least some pause for thought.      

UPDATE: There are a few new additions this month that are bound to suit all tastes: Tom Holland shines as one of our favourite heroes of the MCU in Spider-Man: Homecoming. There's also Sofia Coppola's beautiful movie The Beguiled, with some top casting choices. Or sci-fi classic The Terminator might be more your cup of tea, which also lands on Netflix this week.

But, for now at least, Netflix is still our favourite place to catch up on all of the best movies and TV shows. Sure that may be a bold claim, but there are many reasons why Netflix takes the top spot. Including its (mostly) intuitive interface, original series and films, offline modes, huge catalogue of movies and, most importantly, the fact it's constantly updated week-on-week (and sometimes even daily) with the best entertainment on the planet.  

We've found that every single day Netflix adds at least a movie or two. Every week at least three or four of those are worth a watch. And for us that's what sets Netflix apart from Amazon Prime. Amazon may have a great back catalogue and some good movies added now and again, but it also has a really big back catalogue of rubbish titles – and we wouldn't want you settling for that.

What's new on Netflix in June?

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This month, catch up on Tom Holland's Spider-Man: Homecoming for a slightly more light-hearted dose of the MCU after the emotional rollercoaster that was Avengers: Endgame. It's also worth rewatching even if you've watched it a few times given that Spider-Man: Far From Home is hitting cinema screens in a matter of weeks.

Sofia Coppola's beautiful The Beguiled also lands on the streaming platform, with top performances from Elle Fanning, Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst and Colin Farrell.

Image Credit: Netflix

It's nothing short of life-changing that Netflix delivers fresh movies to your home every day. But what this constant stream of great flicks also means is that many of us spend a lot of time scrolling through anything and everything the service has to offer. 

And, as many of us are all too aware, often the dilemma of so much great stuff to choose from (which is known as ‘decision fatigue’ in psychology circles) leaves us feeling fed up – it's Netflix analysis paralysis, and it isn't pretty. 

In an attempt to put an end to this indecisive cycle of doom once and for all, we’ve created this extensive list to the best movies that Netflix UK has to offer you right now. That's right. No more endless scrolling and no more movie-induced anxiety that you've made the wrong choice.

We'll be updating this cinematic hall of fame at least once a week, so be sure to keep it bookmarked so you can find out what's hot and ready to be watched on Netflix in the UK right now. 

If you’ve been signed up to Netflix for a while now, you’ll be well aware there are lots of mediocre movie choices. But if you only have time for the best of the best, don't waste those all too precious minutes searching through the site's extensive and exhausting back catalogue. Instead, delve straight into this guide.

To make your life easier (and enable your worrying Netflix addiction), we’ve divided more than 40 movie recommendations up into categories that we're sure will suit every taste. We’ve got indie and horror through to kids and documentaries.

And make sure you keep checking back. Unlike Netflix's TV output, which seems to stay on the streaming platform for longer, movies on the streaming site tend to appear and disappear quickly. Enjoy!