New Netflix movies: the biggest films to stream in February 2024

Evelyn performs some moves in Everything Everywhere All at Once, one of the new Netflix movies for February 2024
2023 Oscar winner Everything Everywhere All at Once is out now on Netflix. (Image credit: A24)
New Netflix movies: February 23, 2023 update

Tom Power, senior entertainment reporter

This week's update sees the addition of Netflix Original Mea Culpa, a legal thriller starring Kelly Rowland, make its streaming debut. 2023 Best Picture Oscar winner Everything Everywhere All at Once is also available to watch now on Netflix in the US and Australia. Lastly, we've removed The Kitchen from this guide as we don't consider it to be new anymore.

Welcome to TechRadar's new Netflix movies article. In this guide, you'll find a small selection of the biggest new movies that have joined the streaming giant's film library since late January, with recently released Netflix Originals and older licensed flicks alike taking pride of place on this list.

This week, there are two new additions to be aware of: Mea Culpa, a Kelly Rowland-starring legal thriller, and the long-awaited arrival of 2023's multi-award-winning Everything Everywhere All at Once, a mind-bending multiverse-style film with Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan. We'll certainly be watching the latter, even though we've seen it numerous times already.

Anyway, if you're after a more substantial list comprising other Netflix movie recommendations, we'd like to point you in the direction of our best Netflix movies round up, which houses many more highly entertaining offerings on the world's best streaming service. Bookmark that page for later, though, and read on to learn about the other new Netflix movies that have recently joined the service.

New Netflix movies: February 2024

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Release date: February 23 (US and Australia)
Directors: Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert
Cast: Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan, and Stephanie Hsu

Thanks largely to Marvel's cinematic juggernaut, multiverse films have exploded in popularity (among studios, not necessarily audiences) in recent years. This absurdist multi-genre flick, which garnered universal acclaim and a seemingly infinite number of trophies on the 2023 awards circuit, though, is one of the best we've ever seen.

Everything Everywhere All at Once (EEAAO) stars Yeoh (The Witcher: Blood Origin, The Brothers Sun) as Evelyn Wang, a Chinese-American immigrant who learns that she must connect with alternate reality versions of herself in order to stop a supremely powerful being from destroying the multiverse. Quan (Loki season 2, The Goonies) plays Evelyn's husband Waymond and Hsu (Joy Ride) is Evelyn's daughter Joy.

An epic assault on the senses with tons of heart, spectacular visuals, and an mind-boggling appreciation for philosophical themes like existentialism, nihilism, generational trauma, and racial identity, EEAAO is a masterpiece that deserves every gong in its stuffed awards cabinet. Expect to see one of February's new Netflix movies on our best Netflix movies list shortly.

NB: EEAAO is only available to rent or buy in the UK.

Mea Culpa

Release date: February 23
Director: Tyler Perry
Cast: Kelly Rowland, Trevante Rhodes, Nick Sagar, and Shannon Thornton

Billed as a courtroom thriller, Mea Culpa stars Rowland as Mea Harper, a criminal defense attorney who takes on the case of murder suspect Zyair Malloy (Rhodes). As night follows day, there's more to this case than meets the eye – indeed, as Harper struggles to wrestle the requisite information from her mysterious and seductive client to help prove his innocence, things don't work out as intended for everyone involved.

Reviews have been few and far between for this one so far, but the critics who have seen it have labeled it an erotica that lacks the necessary thrills and spills to be recommendation-worthy. Still, for fans of Perry's previous works, it might have enough to entertain.


Release date: February 14
Director: Trish Sie
Cast: Gina Rodriguez, Tom Ellis, Damon Wayans Jr., Joel Courtney, Augustus Prew, Liza Koshy, Ego Nwodim, and Marin Hinkle

A schlocky rom-com that arrived in time for this year's Valentine's Day, Players primarily follows New York sports reporter Mack (Rodriguez) and her crew of "players", a gang who enjoy the finer arts of creating successful hook-ups to add another notch to their individual bedposts. However, Mack soon finds herself falling head over heels for charming war correspondent Nick (Ellis), which throws everything she thought she knew about no-strings-attached dating into disarray.

As has become the norm for romance-based Netflix films, Players has received mixed reviews since it arrived. Its middling 46% critics and 51% audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes means it's a passable watch, but it's not all that stimulating if you're after something more cerebral or narratively substantial to stream.

Ready Player One

Release date: February 3 (US and Australia)
Director: Steven Spielberg
Cast: Ty Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, Ben Mendelsohn, Simon Pegg, and Mark Rylance, among others

Based on Ernest Cline's beloved book of the same name, this Spielberg-directed sci-fi movie was expected to be a massive hit in 2018. While it was fairly successful for Warner Bros, though, it wasn't the epic, money-spinning film that many observers expected it to be. Still, it's worth checking out if you're a sci-fi nerd, adore Cline's novel, or are a Spielberg diehard. 

For the uninitiated, Sheridan plays Wade Watt, an orphaned teen who spends virtually (see what we did there?) all of his time in the metaverse. When Wade and his friends start finding clues about a contest that promises them full control of the OASIS, the virtual reality world he's obsessed with, though, Wade and company race against an evil organization for ownership of the escapist-based virtual universe.

NB: Ready Player One is only available to rent or buy in the UK.

Orion and the Dark

Release date: February 2
Director: Sean Charmatz
Cast: Jacob Tremblay, Paul Walter Hauser, Werner Herzog, Angela Basset, and Colin Hanks

What would you get if you crossed Pixar and DreamWorks with writer/filmmaker Charlie Kaufman's (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Anomalisa) creative mind? You'd get Orion and the Dark, an endearing kid-friendly flick that's based on the same novel by Emma Yarlett. Tremblay (Luca, The Little Mermaid) voices the titular kid Orion, who is taken on a dreamy adventure to overcome his fear of the dark by, well, Dark, aka the physical manifestation of shadows and the night.

With a runtime just shy of 90 minutes, Orion and the Dark is the kind of film that'll keep the kids quiet if you need something to distract them. They're likely to enjoy what's on offer, though, with the film currently holding an 90% positive score from critics on Rotten Tomatoes (its 61% general viewers ratings isn't as impressive). Stick it on and *ahem* enlighten the lives of your children (and yourself!) with this fun-filled animated adventure.

New Netflix movies: January 2024

Badland Hunters

Release date: January 26
Director: Heo Myung-haeng
Cast: Don Lee, Lee Hee-joon, Lee Jun-young, Roh Jeong-eui, and An Ji-hye

A sequel to 2023 South Korean disaster-thriller Concrete Utopia, Badland Hunters stars Don Lee (Eternals) as Nam-san, a fearless huntsman who embarks on a mission to rescue a teenager from maniacal doctor Yang Gi-su (Hee-joon) and a camp full of menacing cultists.

Badland Hunters' first trailer, which you can watch above, is a heady mix of earthquakes, zombies and an evil doctor. Based on the few reviews we could find on it pre-release, it seems there might be enough gun-fuelled action and horror-laced drama to save it from being labeled a dud. We'll leave it up to you to decide whether it's any good or not, though.

New Netflix movies: what's coming in 2024?

A close up shot of Adam Sandler's astronaut in Netflix movie Spaceman

Spaceman is one of many new Netflix movies set to arrive in Q1 2024. (Image credit: Netflix)

Interested in finding out what other new Netflix movies are set to debut this year? Read the list below for a round-up of the most notable films that'll arrive on the streaming titan soon:

  • Code 8: Part II (February 28)
  • The Parades (February 29)
  • Spaceman (March 1)
  • Damsel (March 8)
  • 24 Hours With Gaspar (March 14)
  • Irish Wish (March 15)
  • Shirley (March 22)
  • The Casagrandes Movie (March 22)
  • The Beautiful Game (March 29)
  • The Wages of Fear (March 29)
  • Scoop (April 5)
  • Stolen (April 12)
  • Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp (April 12)
  • Rebel Moon – Part 2: The Scargiver (April 19)
  • City Hunter (April 25)
  • Beautiful Rebel (May 2)
  • Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story (May 3)
  • Mother of the Bride (May 9)
  • Thelma the Unicorn (May 17)
  • Hit Man (June 17)
  • Ultraman: Rising (June 14)
  • Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F (July 3)
  • The Union (August 16)
  • Trigger Warning (Q2 2024)
  • The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep (Q4 2024)

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