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The Breakfast Club is a prime example of one of the best Netflix movies that will forever be iconic. You only need to say the name and people will immediately think of 80s fashion, an excellent soundtrack and high-school characters to fit every clique. from an athlete and a nerd to a criminal, princess and basket-case. It's so popular that you don't even need to see it to know something about it.

You should definitely watch it if it's one that's been on 'the list' for too long (everyone has one, admit it). While its premise is a simple one, the intimate approach to The Breakfast Club allows us to get closer to each of the five main characters, making up a group of misfits affectionately billed as the 'Brat Pack' – a documentary exploring the actors and the stint of 80s movies they starred in titled Brats landed on Hulu in June 2024

Interestingly, most of the movie takes place in the classroom, placing us in that confined space with them. Here, they end up connecting in ways they didn't expect. As a result, the movie does rely heavily on the strength of its dialogue and acting, with memorable performances from actors like Anthony Michael Hall, Judd Nelson, and Molly Ringwald.

Ultimately, The Breakfast Club does challenge some stereotypes associated with teens in particular, resulting in a funny, often poignant, coming-of-age movie.

The Breakfast Club Official Trailer #1 - Paul Gleason Movie (1985) HD - YouTube The Breakfast Club Official Trailer #1 - Paul Gleason Movie (1985) HD - YouTube
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An authentic look at teenagers

There's been high praise from other critics too, with many praising the John Hughes movie for its themes and for influencing the coming-of-age genre. It currently holds an 89% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, meaning it's certified fresh.

Roger Ebert wrote in the Chicago Sun-Times: "The Breakfast Club doesn't need earthshaking revelations; it's about kids who grow willing to talk to one another, and it has a surprisingly good ear for the way they speak."

Ben Falk at the BBC added in his glowing five-star review: "Shot in sequence during 1984, The Breakfast Club became a benchmark for all that followed in the genre." Elsewhere, Shay Casey at Film Written Magazine said: "It's easy to see why The Breakfast Club appeals to teens - it understands their problems, sympathizes, and tells them that, no, it's not always their fault."

So if you're looking for an 80s classic with a lot of heart, this one is well worth your time.

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