The best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus deals for March 2023

We've got all the best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus deals all neatly lined up on this page, regardless of whether you're looking for an unlocked or carrier promo on this great plus-sized flagship. As you probably already know, the newer Galaxy S23 deals (opens in new tab) are on the market now and offer a device that's arguably better value than the older S21. If you're looking for the latest and greatest we recommend that device specifically - especially since stocks are starting to dwindle on the now discontinued S21...

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Alongside the standard Samsung Galaxy S21 and the more premium Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus is one of three new flagship devices that was launched this January from the leading Android brand.

Coming in at an introductory price of $999, the Galaxy S21 Plus is definitely aimed at those who prefer a bigger phone in the pocket but found last year's flagship prices a little too much to handle. Indeed, it's now coming in at the same price as last year's standard Galaxy S20, and closely mirrors the introductory price of its main rival - the excellent Apple iPhone 12 Pro.

Key upgrades are mostly iterative, but the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus features a significantly beefier processor, new camera design, and a couple of interface and camera software upgrades. Currently, there are two storage capacities available (128GB and 256GB), as well as three colors - Phantom Black, Phantom White, and Phantom Purple, the latter of which being a brand-new hue from Samsung.

Just below we're showing you where to pre-order this new device with our recommendations of this week's best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus deals. If you'd also like a full breakdown of our initial thoughts on this new flagship, we've included a mini-review just below with our first impressions, plus a handy specs sheet.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus deals

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus deals: what you need to know

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus: specs

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus deals preorders sale

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OS: Android 11 | Screen size: 6.7-inch AMOLED, 120Hz| Resolution: 1080 x 2400 | CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 | Memory: 8GB | Weight: 202g |Storage: 128 / 256| Battery: 4,000mAh | Rear camera: 12MP dual wide/ultrawide/telephoto| Front camera: 10MP 

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, sitting between the standard Galaxy S21 and the more premium Galaxy S20 Ultra, is of course the successor to the prior Galaxy S20 Plus and looks to offer that bigger screen experience without going too wild.

As expected it sits smack bang in the middle between its two siblings at an introductory starting price of $999. Interestingly, that's actually the same launch price as the standard Samsung Galaxy S20 last year, showing that Samsung really is trying to drive down that once prohibitive asking price for a true 5G flagship phone.

Key upgrades are mostly internal and iterative, although you are getting a rather fetching new vertically aligned rear camera area - an improvement in our eyes over the rectangular box out of its predecessors.  Inside the Galaxy S21 Plus is also rocking the latest chipset from Snapdragon - the 888, which, if initial benchmarking is to be believed, should offer at least a 25% increase in both power and efficiency. 

That beefier processor is, however, offset by a slight downgrade in RAM (from 12GB to 8GB), which is a fair compromise considering the new lower introductory price. You can also only get the S20 Plus in 128GB and 256GB capacities now. Sorry if you were looking for a 512GB capacity model, that's only available on the Ultra now!

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus also features a slightly bigger battery than its predecessor (4,800 vs 4,000 mAh) and a few extra clever improvements to its photo tech in the form of the newly improved 'Single Take 2.0' mode and new 'Zoom lock' feature. Oh, and one more thing - it's also available in a rather fetching new purple color now too.

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