The best Mint Mobile deals and coupon codes for July 2024

We've rounded up all of this week's best Mint Mobile deals into one easy to navigate page right here. Regardless of whether you're looking to save on a device or a plan, you'll be easily able to compare your options here and single out the best Mint Mobile deals for you. Mint has a surprisingly vast range of promotions for a prepaid carrier - and that's even before you factor in its superb value plans.

Mint Mobile deals: quick links

New customers in particular can switch over and get a free second line or a single plan for as little as $15 per month - including the unlimited data plan. If you're looking to buy a new phone, Mint is also offering six months for free with some of the latest and greatest devices from Google and Samsung, which is another great way to save some cash as a newbie. 

While these Mint Mobile deals above are specifically for new customers, there are still some promotions open to existing customers too. If you're looking for a new device and plan bundle especially you can get a few nice little price cuts here and there and, as always, you can save on your plan by buying in bulk. 

We've also included plenty of information on the Mint Mobile free trial just further down the page in the frequently asked Mint Mobile deals questions section. If you're still on the fence about Mint Mobile then we definitely recommend giving that a go, or alternatively, check out some of the other excellent prepaid carriers we've mentioned at the bottom of the page. As with most things, it really pays to shop around and do the research before you commit to a prepaid plan.

So, read on to see our best Mint Mobile deals this week, or use the jumper links provided to skip to the section that's relevant for you. We'd also recommend our guides to the best Mint Mobile phones and Mint Mobile plans if you're looking to do a little bit more research on this excellent prepaid carrier.

Alternatively, you can also see what the competition is up to with our weekly cell phone deals roundup, or our separate pages on this week's best Verizon deals and AT&T deals specifically.

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Added Mint's buy-one-get-one-free plan deal for big carrier switchers

Mint Mobile deals and coupons this month

Mint Mobile phone deals

Google Pixel 8 Pro: 99 now $559 with a six month plan at Mint Mobile
Mint's best phone deal

Google Pixel 8 Pro: was $999 now $559 with a six month plan at Mint Mobile
Mint's best phone deal
right now is on the Google Pixel 8 Pro - an excellent flagship device that's available with a huge $440 price cut right now. This is a pretty amazing upfront price for such a powerful phone, although note that this particular promotion is only eligible for new Mint customers who port their number over. You'll also need to pick up the device with a six-month plan, although Mint will also throw in an additional six months on the house to sweeten the deal. 

Google Pixel 8a: $499now $399, with a six month plan at Mint Mobile

Google Pixel 8a: was $499 now $399, with a six month plan at Mint Mobile
If you're really on a budget, the new Google Pixel 8a is a great pairing with Mint Mobile. Right now, the carrier is currently offering a decent $100 discount, making it the cheapest of the three Pixel devices at the carrier. While this particular model isn't as high-end as the other two, it's still a good choice with its powerful chipset and decent camera. We'd still go for the Pro if money was no object but this is a great budget option. As with other Mint Mobile phone deals this week, you'll also get six months of service for free when you pick this one up with a six month plan. 

Google Pixel 8: $699 now $519 with a six month plan at Mint Mobile

Google Pixel 8: was $699 now $519 with a six month plan at Mint Mobile
The standard Pixel 8 is also available with a decent price cut in this week's Mint Mobile deals - although we'd definitely recommend opting for the Pro model if you can afford to spend $40 more. While the Pixel 8 is still an amazing device the Pro model just takes it up another notch with it's better camera and display. 

Mint Mobile plan deals

Mint Mobile: switch and get a second line for free
limited time only

Mint Mobile: switch and get a second line for free
Here's a limited time only promotion that's perfect if you're looking to switch over from a pricey big carrier plan to Mint Mobile. This prepaid carrier will currently throw in a second line for free if you port over any two numbers from either AT&T and Verizon. This particular promotion is available with any three month plan - and each line will have to be the same data plan to be eligible. 

Mint Mobile: three month unlimited data plan for $15 per month

Mint Mobile: three month unlimited data plan for $15 per month
Looking to try out Mint Mobile? For a limited time only you can get three months of Mint's excellent unlimited data plan for just $15 per month - a massive half-price saving versus the usual cheapest rate. This awesome promotion is perfect if you're just starting out but unfortunately it's eligible for new customers only right now.

Mint Mobile: bundle and save with a 12-month plan

Mint Mobile: bundle and save with a 12-month plan
As always, the best way to save cash on a Mint Mobile deal as an existing customer is to commit to a longer plan. By going for a 12-month plan, for example, you're looking at at least a $10-a-month saving on the cheapest 5GB data plan versus the standard three-month period. Those savings get even better across the higher data plans too and all Mint Mobile plans are currently available at a cut-down introductory price for your first three months, just like the unlimited data plan above.

Mint Mobile: family plans starting at $15/mo

Mint Mobile: family plans starting at $15/mo
Another great way to save with Mint Mobile is by bundling together two or more lines into the new Mint Mobile family plan. Supporting anywhere from two to five lines at any one time, Mint will automatically enroll you on the cheapest monthly rate for three months on each line. That means paying just $15 per month for the entry-level 5GB data plan - a fee that's normally reserved for either new customers or those buying a yearly subscription. 

Mint Mobile 55+ plan: exclusive seniors plan for $15 per month

Mint Mobile 55+ plan: exclusive seniors plan for $15 per month
Here's another promotion that's relatively well-hidden on the Mint Mobile site - so much so that you might miss it unless you read the fine print. Seniors can immediately get access to the Mint 55+ plan, which entitles them to special customer service options and the lowest rate possible for the 5GB monthly plan. Unlike most users, Seniors don't have to pay for their plan on a multi-month basis upfront, instead opting for a simply pay-monthly rate of just $15 per month (no contract needed).

Mint Mobile coupon codes

There are a lot of sites out there right now that claim to have Mint Mobile coupon codes and promo codes but quite frankly we haven't found any that actually work or offer anything you don't already get with the deals above. Free shipping is a commonly advertised Mint Mobile coupon code on these sites for example, but Mint already offers free shipping with all orders anyway. Subsequently, we'd steer of those sites because they're essentially offering false advertising.

Mint Mobile coupon codes are in fact quite rare, although we'll of course always be updating this page with any we find on a regular basis. Please feel free to bookmark this page and check-in in the future if the above Mint Mobile deals aren't what you're looking for.

Mint Mobile deals: Frequently asked questions

Mint Mobile deals coupon free trial

(Image credit: Mint Mobile)

Does Mint Mobile have a free trial?

Yes! In fact, the Mint Mobile free trial is a brand new addition to the site and a great way to check out this prepaid carrier without incurring any additional cost. Simply visit the free trial page here, check if your phone is compatible, and sign up using your email. 

After signing up you'll receive two SIM cards from Mint Mobile that will allow you to trial the service for 7-days with 250 MB of data, 250 minutes, and 250 free texts. To start your trial, simply input SIM 1 and activate the service via the Mint Mobile app. After your 7-days are up you can choose to either continue on SIM 1 with a new number or insert SIM 2 to port over your old number from another carrier. Note, you'll need to sign up with a credit card but you won't be charged unless you decide to carry on your subscription after your trial is up.

Mint Mobile: 7-day free trial now available

Mint Mobile: 7-day free trial now available
Get yourself 250MB of 5G data, 250 minutes, and 250 texts free of charge with the new Mint Mobile free trial. With cell phone plans as little as $15 a month, plus excellent coverage on the T-Mobile network makes Mint Mobile an extremely competitive choice for those on a budget. Previously you had to pay $5 upfront to get yourself a starter kit so this is a great way to try out this excellent prepaid carrier for less this week.

How can I check coverage in my area?

You can very easily check whether you'll be covered with Mint Mobile's coverage checker over at its site. All you need to do is enter your zip code and Mint Mobile will check to see what your 5G and 4G coverage is like. Mint Mobile operates under the T-Mobile network, so coverage is generally pretty good across the board - especially in the big cities, which are the first areas to receive 5G coverage typically. Outside of the big cities, you may find you're restricted to 4G only right now, but you'll most likely find that's the case with most providers currently.

Does TechRadar recommend Mint Mobile?

If you're on a budget and looking for a no-nonsense and great value cell phone plan then we definitely have no hesitation in recommending Mint Mobile. Even though you have to pay upfront for your plan, Mint Mobile deals offer pretty unbeatable value when it comes to monthly data allowances. Being prepaid too makes it fairly easy to try out since you won't be tied into a lengthy contract.

That said, there are plenty of other great cheap prepaid plans on the market currently so there's no harm in shopping about at rival carriers before you jump on board. A really good alternative to Mint, especially for those who want an unlimited plan, is Visible. Coming in at just $25 a month with the basic plan tier and with options for a more premium plan, this Verizon sub-carrier is a great choice. See this his week's best Visible deals for more. Another great option is Boost Mobile, which has an unlimited prepaid plan for $25 a month currently. Boost has also launched a new service called Boost Infinite recently, which offers an all-inclusive unlimited plan and an iPhone 15 Pro for just $60 per month, which is fantastic value. 

We've included a couple more of our favorite plans just below for comparison's sake, and we'd also recommend checking out our best cell phone plans and best cheap cell phone plans roundups - which aim to provide a nice overview of the market as a whole if you should be interested.

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