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Overwatch gets the Lego treatment with all-brick Bastion

Overwatch Lego

Blizzard has released its first Lego Overwatch model - a limited-edition Lego Omnic Bastion.

The exclusive model sees Bastion in the character's orange Omnic Crisis skin, with a display plate also built from Lego. The figure has a swivelling upper body, movable arms, and a weapon built into the right arm. In addition, Bastion's trusty companion Ganymede is also included - in chunky black and red Lego form. 

The release comes in the run-up to the launch of a full Lego Overwatch collection, which hasn't received an official launch date yet. 

Lego Omnic Bastion is now available to order from the Blizzard Gear Store for $25 (or £22.50). However, Australian pricing has not been confirmed. The figure will also be available during Blizzcon.