Apple Event: what's happened in 2024 so far and what could be next

iOS 18 Siri
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Apple's most recent event was WWDC 2024, in which is unveiled iOS 18, macOS 15 Sequoia, watchOS 11 and more; for a blow-by-blow account of the keynote, check out our WWDC 2024 live blog recap. 

Before that we had the Apple 'let Loose' event where Apple showcased the iPad Air and iPad Pro OLED models with access to the new M4 chip. 

Looking forward, later this year, we should get the iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Plus, iPhone 16 Pro, and iPhone 16 Pro Max, along with the Apple Watch 10 and perhaps even more iPads. 

Read on for more about WWDC 2024, future Apple events, and more details on what happened at the last Apple showcase. 

When is the next Apple event or product reveal?

  • Expect the iPhone 16 to debut in September
  • The Apple Watch 10 could be revealed in the same month
  • We could even see the rumored AirPods Pro 3 and AirPods Max 2

We're expecting the next Apple event to take place in September, which is traditionally when Apple reveals new iPhones. 

Come the fall, we expect to see the iphone 15, iphone 15 Plus, iphone 15 Pro ande iPhone 15 Pro Max. And we could also get a new Apple Watch, and maybe even the AirPods Pro 3 and AirPods Max 2

Expect design changes and smart software tools and features for these devices. 

What happened at the last Apple Event?

WWDC 2024

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  • WWDC 2024 revealed big upgrades to iOS, macOS, wachOS and more
  • Apple Intelligence is Cupertino's push into AI 
  • A smarter Siri with generative AI powers
  • Apple Vision Pro finally gets global launch dates

Apple's last event took place on June 10, 2024, with the Worldwide Developers Conference. As mentioned we got to see official updates to all of Apple's main software platforms. 

These included smarter features of iOS  (and a new Game Mode), and macOS, slicker fitness tools for watchOS and... err... a native calculator app for iPadOS 18. If you want to try out early versions of these updated operating system, check out our guides on how to download the iOS 18 beta on your iPhone and how to download the watchOS 11 beta onto your Apple Watch.

But the most attention-grabbing announcement was the reveal of Apple Intelligence, which is Apple's big push into AI with a consumer-focus; so bringing AI tools and services to iPhones, iPads and Macs, while keeping user data as private as possible. 

And Siri got a big dose of smarts via ChatGPT, allowing users to talk naturally to the virtual assistant and have it better understand them. On top of this, the clever Siri will be deeply integrated into letting you do things like type questions to Siri by double-tapping the bottom of the screen, and switch between voice and text.  

Fior a neat summary of what was revealed, check out our article on 13 things we learned from WWDC 2024 including what Apple Intelligence is and why a Calculator app can be exciting

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