Apple Events 2023: product predictions and launch dates

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Apple's CEO Tim Cook during an Apple launch (Image credit: Apple)

When is the next Apple Event? The year is almost halfway through, and we still haven't gotten to the best Apple product launches and announcements, but they're coming up soon. Apple generally holds two guaranteed events every year, and the first is right around the corner. 

The two big Apple events are the Worldwide Developer Conference and the iPhone launch. In addition, Apple tends to have an early-year announcement for new laptops and such. If there are a ton of products in the pipeline, we occasionally get one last fling before the holiday season late in the year, as well. 

Apple WWDC 2023 is happening in June, and we'll be there to cover all of the announcements. 

When is the next Apple Event?

  • The next Apple Event will be WWDC on June 5
  • It's online, but there's a keynote address at Apple HQ

In the middle of each year, Apple holds its annual Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC). While we'd love to see cool new gear, this event is always focused on the developers making software for Apple's kit. That doesn't mean we won't see any hardware, it just means we usually don't get a new product that goes on sale soon after. 

WWDC takes place on June 5, and we'll be at the show covering any news and product launches. Actually, the conference is online only, and free for Apple developers. It starts with a keynote speech on June 5 at the Apple Park HQ in Cupertino, California. That's where news usually breaks. 

What will be announced at the next Apple Event?

  • We could see Apple Glasses AR/VR headset
  • Watch OS 10 will be a huge update

In fact, Apple is rumored to show off its Apple Glasses for the first time at WWDC. An AR/VR headset from Apple has long been rumored, and earlier this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook told GQ magazine more about the company's vision for augmented reality (AR), but was not forthcoming about any specific product.

Because an AR device would need a ton of new software development support to make it great, it would make sense for such a product, or even a concept, to be shown at the developer conference. We don't expect a retail announcement, but we have fingers crossed that we could learn more about the secretive Apple Glasses in June.

Every major Apple platform could get upgrade news at WWDC, including iOS, iPad OS, and Mac OS. We don't have details about developments or new features, but there are some things we expect, whether or not Apple wants to discuss them.

For one thing, there is a rumor that Apple could start allowing third-party app markets on its platform for the first time. In anticipation of European Union laws forbidding Apple's walled garden from keeping away competitors, Apple may open iOS and iPad OS a bit more. It's unclear if this will be discussed at WWDC.

We expect some big upgrades for the Apple Watch with Watch OS 10. Recent leaks of the next Apple Watch have shown a major overhaul of the Watch system that puts more focus on widgets and usability. This would be an easy topic for WWDC.

What happened at the last Apple Event?

  • Apple M2 Pro: Macbook Pro and Mac Mini with the new chip
  • Apple M2 Max: Serious performance in the Macbook Pro
  • Apple HomePod: A 2nd generation HomePod speaker

Apple usually waits until later in the year to start refreshing its product lineup, but in 2023 we got an early surprise in January when the company announced more powerful renditions of its in-house Apple M2 processor: the M2 Pro and the M2 Max. 

To accompany the new chips, Apple launched a Macbook Pro model, and you can equip both the 14-inch and 16-inch model with the new CPU options. There was also a new Mac Mini desktop computer announced, and it is now available with the Apple M2 or Apple M2 Pro chip inside. 

The Apple M1 chip was used in everything from the Macbook Air to the iPad line with the iPad Air and iPad Pro. We haven't seen the M2 chip appear in every product bearing an M1 currently, but every announcement brings us a step closer to that upgrade. 

The day after we got the devices with the new M2 chips, Apple gave us a new HomePod speaker. It's been two years since Apple gave us the original HomePod speaker, though the HomePod Mini arrived in the interim. Apple gave the HomePod a big overhaul inside, but didn't change the looks much, and kept the price pretty much the same.

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