Sustainability week 2024

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Welcome to TechRadar’s Sustainability Week! To celebrate Earth Day, we've put together a set of stories from across the tech industry to celebrate, challenge, and highlight all things sustainable.

Whether it's progress towards circularity, more energy-efficient devices, or tips and tricks to contribute towards the health of our planet with your tech, we've got a host of exciting content in store this week, and we're thrilled to share the stories we've been working on. 

We've interviewed tech giants like Samsung, gone behind the scenes with companies championing sustainability, and gathered all of the latest news as the tech industry makes some much-needed changes. We'll also be sharing tips on how to use your smartphone to save the planet, how to recycle your tech, and how to reduce food, energy, and even water waste with your devices.

There will also be new video content on our TikTok, Instagram and YouTube channels, so make sure you're subscribed on those platforms, and bookmark this page to see all of our sustainability coverage.

Plus, stay tuned, because on Friday we've got some exciting news about how we're planning to make our own impact on sustainability in tech. 

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