Pebble smartwatch skips its way into AT&T's exclusive pond

Limited online, in-store availability begins Sept. 27


Before the Samsung Galaxy Gear, a different kind of smartwatch made waves with a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign. Now, that watch will land on retail shelves this week.

AT&T announced a carrier exclusive deal to carry the Pebble smartwatch, an accessory that pairs with iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth.

Pebble first made waves by raising more than $10 million

on its website and in roughly 500 retail stores starting this Friday, Sept. 27, with wider availability expected next month.

Gear who?

Like the Samsung Galaxy Gear, Pebble allows smartphone owners to receive call alerts, emails and text notifications from their wrist - perfect for on the go users who prefer to keep their handset out of sight in a pocket.

Unlike Samsung's connected accessory, the Pebble features a water-resistant, e-paper display that works equally well outdoors as it does inside as well as a rechargeable battery that lasts up to seven days.

The Pebble can also be customized thanks to downloadable apps available from an increasing number of third-party developers aimed at runners, cyclists, golfers and other on-the-go users.

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