Panasonic Lumix GX1/GF7/GF8/GFPro: what you need to know

Release date, specs and more

Panasonic GF3

In our latest look at some of the new digital cameras tipped for release in 2011, we turn our attention to the Panasonic Lumix GX1/GF7/GF8/GFPro model which will be a more advanced version of Panasonic's GF range.

Panasonic's director of its DSC Business unit Ichiro Kitao confirmed to TechRadar in June that the company had plans to split the GF series into two lines and release a GF camera aimed at experienced photographers.

We're not quite sure what the new camera will be called, with some reports suggesting the GF7 is the most possible name, more recently43 rumors has been reproting that it will be the GX1. Others touted have been the GF8, along with the GFPro.

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Panasonic GX1/GF7/GF8/GFPro specs and price

At the moment, little is known about the likely specs of the GX1/GF7/GF8/GFPro camera, but there would seem to be some obvious features.

Given that this is aimed at the experienced enthusiast and pro end of the market, perhaps we will see the same 16 megapixel micro four thirds sensor as used on the GH2 implemented in the new camera.

Many users were disappointed by the handling of the GF2, so perhaps a return to the form of the GF1 is likely to be expected.

Given the prevalence of touch-screens however, such as on the Olympus PEN E-P3 and the Panasonic Lumix GF3, it's likely that this is one element of the GF2/3 that will be kept.

With the GF3 retailing for around £469 and the GH2 around £900, pricing is likely to fall somewhere between the two price points to create a complete line-up.

Panasonic GX1/GF7/GF8/GFPro release date

Update: September 2011 - Panasonic's Mr Uematsu has confirmed that there will be no GH3 released this year, making it likely that the GX1/GF7/GF8/GFPro will be available sooner.

According to a recent report by 43 rumors, the new camera will be announced within the next 3-4 months, perhaps even between August 26th and September 1st during IFA, a consumer electronics trade show in Berlin.

Initially, suggestions were made that the company was concentrating on an upgrade to the flagship GH2. However, Panasonic's Michiharu Uematsu speaking to TechRadar in July, suggested that the GH update was more of a long-term project than an immediate goal.

It's likely therefore that we will see the new GF camera first.

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