Samsung Galaxy S8 price: how much does it cost?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 price is the last bit of information we needed following leaks on pretty much everything else regarding the new flagship smartphone.

The same goes for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus price, which costs more money due to its larger screen at 6.2 inches, making it massive in both price and size.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were expensive, but topped our list of the best phones for over a year. From our early impressions, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ could pull off a repeat this year as well. 

That said, price is still going to play an important role in your buying decision when the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus go on sale April 21 in the US, and April 28 everywhere else.

Samsung Galaxy S8 price in the US

  • Slightly more than the Galaxy S7 price
  • Carriers are selling it for either $25 or $30 a month
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 pre-orders start March 30

The Samsung Galaxy S8 price in the US is the most confusing because it’ll launch through the major carriers like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

That means there's a whole range of prices, and all of them are broken down into monthly payments. These aren’t two-year contracts, according to the networks – but they really are.

AT&T is pricing the Galaxy S8 at $25 a month for 30 months – or slightly more, while Verizon’s phone will cost $30 a month over the course of 24 months.

T-Mobile is selling the Galaxy S8 for $30 down with a $30/month payment stretched over 24 months on its Equipment Installment Plan. If you're a member of its JUMP! On Demand program, the Galaxy S8 can be yours for $0 down and $33/month.

Sprint is charging $31.25 per month with an 18-month plan, which is technically cheaper than the rest. It would be $23.43 for the same plan over 24 months.

Samsung Galaxy S8 unlocked in the US

  • The S8 costs either $720 or $750, depending where you shop
  • The S7 was $669 and the S7 Edge was $769

Everyone who hates contract commitments and confusing monthly plans will be wondering: will there be a Samsung Galaxy S8 unlocked version? In the US, the answer is just as complicated.

Samsung usually released an unlocked Galaxy phone four months after the initial carrier launches. That’s what happened with the Note 5. That’s what happened with the S7. 

The Galaxy S7 eventually launched SIM-free at $669, which was about the full price that carriers sell it at under lock and key. The Note 7 didn’t make it this long before exploding.

However, you can get an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 from Best Buy for $724.99. Verizon has the phone for $720, while AT&T and T-Mobile list the S8's full price as $750. The one carrier outlier is Metro PCS, where the phone starts at $729.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus price in the US

That Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus sports a 6.2-inch display and nearly identical specs to the Galaxy S8, yet it's more expensive than the "normal" Galaxy S8 thanks to all that extra phone.

Here's the breakdown: At AT&T, the Galaxy S8 costs $28.34 per month for 30 months. Verizon will have the plus-sized phone on sale for $35/month over 24 months.

Sprint is leasing you the Plus for $35.42 per month over 18 months. Again it's technically cheaper paying this off faster with Sprint than the other networks. 

Finally, T-Mobile is carrying the phone on its Equipment Installment Plan and JUMP! On Demand for $130 down and $30/month for 24 months.

The full retail Galaxy S8 Plus price is listed as $850 at both AT&T and T-Mobile, while Verizon has the phone for $840.

For comparison, at launch the Galaxy S7 Edge price was $32.49 a month through T-Mobile, $33 a month through Verizon and $31.25 via Sprint – all over 24 months. AT&T was the only outlier because it cost $26.50 a month for 30 months. The S7 Edge price was $769 when it finally came out in an unlocked variant in the US.

Samsung Galaxy S8 price in the UK

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is more expensive than the Galaxy S7, which cost £569. In the UK, you'll pay £689 for Samsung's latest Galaxy phone.

Phone prices have been climbing in the UK, and the Galaxy S8 is no exception to higher prices. The phone goes on sale on April 28, with pre-orders starting April 20.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is even more, as it costs £779. That's up from the S7 Edge price of £640. Bigger screens, bigger prices. The larger S8 variant also goes on sale April 28 and pre-orders get underway April 20.

Samsung Galaxy S8 price in Australia

Get ready to pay more for Samsung's new phones if you live in Australia.

In Australia, the full Galaxy S8 price is $1,199, up from the S7 price of $1,149. The Galaxy S8 Plus will run you $1,349, a $100 lift from the Galaxy S7 Edge launch price of $1,249.

Pre-orders for the devices start on Friday, March 31, with the phones officially coming to retailers on April 28.

One thing is for certain: no matter where you are in the world, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is an expensive phone with its top-end specs. The price, however, may be worth paying.

Michelle Fitzsimmons contributed to this report