AT&T slightly loosens FaceTime restrictions after public backlash

Support for LTE plans in 8-10 weeks


Much has been made of the way AT&T has offered use of FaceTime over its cellular network since the arrival of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5.

Though rival companies like Verizon

This drew the ire of several net neutrality organizations, which criticized AT&T for potentially violating several Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines.

In other words, only customers with the iPhone 5 and certain iPads can enjoy FaceTime video chatting.

Intent to add more

Why the change of heart?

The opening up of the service to LTE is a good start, but the groups are advocating for FaceTime to be made open to all customers, otherwise the complaints will be filed.

"Without that language, we would not have agreeed to not file [with the FCC] eventually," Public Knowledge Senior Staff Attorney John Bergmayer told The Verge.

Via AT&T, The Verge, Free Press