Samsung Galaxy S9 price drop: £639.95 for SIM-free handset deal

Unlocked SIM-free Samsung Galaxy S9

Mayday! Mayday! We've just got wind of a price reduction on the SIM-free Samsung Galaxy S9 handset and it's dropping from...well, May Day.

Yep, Direct Mobiles has just got the month off to a great start by knocking £100 off the RRP of Samsung's latest flagship mobile phone. You can get this unlocked Galaxy S9 deal for £639.95, which appears to be by far the cheapest that any trusted retailer is able to sell the SIM-free S9 for right now.

It's a real Brucie Bonus of a price, considering how expensive the Samsung S9 cost on release. It was such a big jump from the S8 that we've been bending over backwards to think of ways to reduce the costs for you.

As you'll see from our rundown of the best SIM-free Galaxy S9 prices (or on the widget at the bottom of this page), the next best offer comes from Amazon Marketplace for well over £700. While most retailers are still loitering around the the £740-mark. But it may still be cheaper in the long run to get the S9 on contract...

Best ever Galaxy S9 deal on contract

Despite this brilliant one-off price from Direct Mobiles, you can actually save money over the two year contract by opting for the incredible Galaxy S9 deal currently being peddled by the Carphone Warehouse-owned - and it's just got even better!

For £23 per month and an upfront spend of £165 (down from £180 when using our exclusive 10OFF voucher code), you can get the S9 on Vodafone with 4GB of data and unlimited calls and texts. That makes a total two year cost of £717. Even if you inserted today's cheapest 3GB data SIM only plan into the unlocked S9, at £8 per month you'd end up paying £832 over two years. That;s over £100 more than going for the £23pm contract.