Nokia brings NFC technology to London museum

Nokia's new NFC tech at the Museum of London
Nokia's new NFC tech at the Museum of London

Nokia is bringing brought Near Field Communication technology to life by giving London's museum visitors an easy way to learn more through their phones.

Nokia is using its new NFC Hub service at the Museum of London to enable users to touch their phones to certain exhibits and instantly learn more information about the display.

The tags around the museum will not only give information on exhibits but also allow users to directly interact with the location's social networks, download dedicated apps for their phone and get vouchers for the shops and cafes.

It's not all direct information - things like booking tickets or app downloads offer redirects to the relevant website, but still offers an easy way for users to see how smartphones can be used in new ways.

New interaction

"NFC technology has the potential to change how we interact with our visitors. By simply touching tags located throughout both our venues, visitors can delve deeper into London's story in an immediate and engaging way, plus keep in touch with us by following the museum online," said Vicky Lee, Marketing Manager, Museum of London.

It's interesting to note that Nokia has carefully removed any mention of its own NFC-enabled handsets in this release; given the only device using the tech is the N9, which is apparently not coming to the UK, we'd have to assume the Finns are planning to launch new NFC-packing phones soon.

Either way, we're fans of this initiative - NFC has been talked about for a long time now, and beyond paying for a coffee we've been itching to see new uses for the tech.