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Libratone's new wireless earbuds come packing four levels of noise cancellation

The fact that advanced technologies get smaller over time shouldn't surprise us, and yet we're still impressed by the ability of modern in-ear headphones to pack in active noise cancellation without adding extra bulk.

The Libratone Track+ wireless in-ear headphones continue this trend. Yes, they still have a cable connecting the two earbuds (unlike the likes of the true wireless Sony WF-1000X), but they're pretty sleek all the same. 

With a battery life of eight hours, it appears the sleek design hasn't come at the expense of playtime. 

Four levels of cancellation

Like the Libratone products that have proceeded it, the Track+ features four levels of noise cancellation, allowing you to let in varying levels of outside noise such as traffic and train announcements. 

You can also disable noise cancellation entirely and have the headphones's external mics pass through noise from around you, so you can hold a conversation without having to take them out of your ears. 

The new headphones will be available in the summer for £169 (around $230 / AU$290) in white and black finishes. A cheaper version which lacks noise cancellation will be available for £120 (around $160 / AU$210).