iPad leads mobile online shopping on Black Friday

Nearly ten percent of e-commerce came from Apple tablets


IBM findings indicate that online shopping increased this Black Friday, due in part to users purchasing from iPads.

The tech company's Digital Analytics Benchmark platform discovered that in a year where online purchasing increased by 20.7 percent over last year, shopping from mobile devices accounted for 24 percent of online shopping traffic.

Browsing and buying on iPads accounted for almost 10 percent of online sales, with iPhones making up almost 9 percent and Android devices bringing up the rear at 5.5 percent.

Apple consumerism

The iPad represented almost 90 percent of online shopping tablet traffic on Black Friday.

When combined with the overall figures, a clear and telling picture forms. In a mobile marketplace where iOS devices are well-outnumbered by Android devices, online shopping is dominated by the iPhone and iPad.

Apple's product suite has long held its stance as a family of premium tech products, and the numbers from Black Friday seem to indicate that users with pricier tech spend more online.

Oddly enough, the average value of orders made on Friday decreased by 4.7 percent from the previous year to $181.22.