Vivaldi gets a tab-management overhaul

Get tab title notifications and rename your tab stacks

Super-customizable browser Vivaldi has received a Christmas update, with new features to make managing your tabs a breeze – no matter how many you have open.

The first of Vivaldi 1.6’s new features is the ability to display notifications in tab titles, letting you see which pages have new content for you without opening them. These notifications appear as a small icon on each tab title, showing the number of new social media messages or emails.

Vivaldi’s handy tab-stacking feature has also received a small but welcome update. Stacking enables you to collect a group of tabs and minimize them together to keep your browser window tidy and avoid the need to hunt through dozens of tiny tab titles to find the one you want. You can now give each of your tab stacks a name to help you identify it more easily, rather than relying on a small thumbnail image.

Download here: Vivaldi


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