Vodafone UK confirms HTC Legend and Desire

Exclusive deal and UK release date for the Legend

Vodafone UK has finally confirmed that it will be bringing the HTC Legend and HTC Desire to the UK.

The two phones will be offered on Vodafone's network, with the Legend an exclusive handset for the carrier.

Vodafone was on stage at the launch of the HTC duo at Mobile World Congress and stated that it was bringing the phones to Europe, but inexplicably Vodafone UK refused to admit it was bringing either to our shores.

The truth is out there

But now the truth is out, as we revealed earlier this week, and customers can start getting excited about getting the two hottest handsets of the year.

In our HTC Legend review, we saw a phone that we consider a real contender for phone of the year. And for our hands on HTC Desire review it also became clear that the 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered phone is also going to be a real winner.

Both have been given a UK release date for April on Vodafone, and users can register their interest in the phones on the red network's site.


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