Opera extends browser deal with Vodafone

Opera - three more years on Voda
Opera - three more years on Voda

Opera has announced that it has renewed a deal to provide its browser on Vodafone handsets for the next three years.

A Vodafone-branded Opera Mini browser is a familiar site for users of handsets from Vodafone, and helped towards a 300 per cent rise in the usage of the mobile surfing tool.

"In our complex world of advanced technology and a multitude of services, it's easy to forget that consumers want a simple approach to their mobile device," said Opera CEO Lars Boilesen.

Addressed needs

"Vodafone is one of those companies that truly understands the needs of their consumers and addresses them," he continue.

"The extension of the partnership between Vodafone and Opera Software is a testament to the close relationship between the two companies, a relationship that has refined the concept of the mobile browser."

For its part, Vodafone is aware that the internet experience on a phone can be a crucial feature in our increasingly connected world, especially in poorer areas where it can be the cheapest way to access the web.

"What makes Vodafone Opera Mini's story special is the role it plays in bringing mobile Internet, along with its social and economic benefits, to the masses, particularly in regions under-penetrated by standard communication services," said Cenk Sedar, Director of Data and Communications Services, Vodafone.

"Providing customers with a good Internet experience on even the most affordable handsets has been key to Vodafone Opera Mini's success.

"Further we see how Vodafone WebBox powered by Opera Mini is able to effectively extend the reach of mobile communication services by bringing great quality affordable internet experience to the TV screen as well, empowering communities as a whole."

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