Best office chairs of 2024


For a comfortable workspace, the best office chairs and computer desk seats are essential. We assembled, tested, and reviewed almost fifty different office chair models to find the top choices, whether you want improved ergonomics, better posture, neck and lumbar support, or just all-day comfort. 

Our team of reviewers have hand-tested everything from the best ergonomic office chairs for relieving back pains to professional budget desk seats that let you just focus on your latest project. 

During tests in real-world home office environments, we measured office chair assembly times, assessed weight capacities and height ranges for different body types. We explored extra features like recline and tilt controls and dynamic or adjustable lumbar support. And, of course, we checked build quality, stability, and breathability when sitting for long periods.

We've extensively tested and reviewed each of the best office chair recommendations here - so you can see what we really thought and why we think each one dramatically improves workspaces and productivity. For an extra productivity boost, we also tested the best standing desks and best office desks

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Recent updates

For 2024, we've overhauled our rankings for the best office chair to include newer and better models with greater availability across territories, including the US, UK, and Australia. We have first-hand experience testing each of our top picks - you can see what we really think in our full reviews, and why we rate each chair for specific use-cases.

Best office chair overall

Steelcase Series 2 in a home office during our review

(Image credit: Steelcase)
Our top pick for best office task chair


Backrest: 22.5 x 18in
Seat depth: 14.5 to 17in
Seat height: 16.5 to 21.5in
Weight load: 400lbs
Warranty: 12 years

Reasons to buy

Affordable ergonomic design
Backed by Limited Lifetime Warranty

Reasons to avoid

No recline lock
Not a budget model
Buy it if

✅ You want comfort
The Series 2 provides plenty of comfort if you’re at your desk all day, with a breathable fabric that stays cool. 

✅ You want options and lots of them
This office chair comes in a variety of models and materials to match your office furniture and seating preferences. 

Don't buy it if...

You like to lean back a lot
The Steelcase Series 2 doesn’t feature a recline lock, so the back springs back once pressure is lifted.

You need a budget office chair
While it’s very well-priced for a professional ergonomic office chair, the Series 2 isn’t the cheapest on the market.

The Steelcase Series 2 takes the top slot when it comes to the best office chair. With its cushioned seat. breathable mesh fabric back, and one of the best ergonomic chair designs with height-adjustable lumbar support, we found it incredibly comfortable to sit in, even for long hours. Its gentle, elegant design makes it ideal for both the office and home office, and it’s even backed by a 12-year warranty. 

Beyond all-round comfort, what really makes the Steelcase Series 2 stand out is the configuration line-up. We reviewed the task chair version, a mid-back executive-style desk chair, but the seat is available with a foot-stool, a headrest, or armless, letting you tailor the chair to your preferences. Seat height rests between 16.5 and 21.5in, armrests boast 3in adjustability, and there’s a 400lbs weight load. Overall, then, a good office chair for big and tall and most body types. In our experience, operating these adjustments with the under-seat levers and dials was very intuitive. Certainly no fumbling for controls here. 

Our only real issue is that the recline doesn’t lock into place, returning to the upright position each time. Not a bad choice for those looking to improve posture at their desks. Plenty of chairs offer similar specs, but we found the Steelcase Series 2 to be the complete package - and at a fraction of the cost of similar ergonomic office chairs. No wonder we awarded it an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

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Best budget office chair

Corsair TC100 Relaxed on a bedroom office

(Image credit: Future)
An office chair that won’t break the bank


Backrest: 31.8 x 23.4in
Seat depth: 19.6in
Seat height: 17.7 to 21.6in
Weight load: 264lbs
Warranty: 2 years

Reasons to buy

Smart, monochromatic design 
Comfortable with good all-over support

Reasons to avoid

No breathable mesh variant
Weight load is low to average
Buy it if...

✅ You want a budget office chair
Smart and affordable, this understated seat will seamlessly blend in under any desk. That it’s really a gaming chair will be your own little secret. 

✅ You want simple comfort
It may be a basic office chair, but it’s surprisingly comfortable, with good back, neck, and lumbar support. 

Don't buy it if...

 You need a mesh office chair
The Corsair TC100 Relaxed comes in either fabric and leatherette variants, which aren’t as airy as mesh. 

 You need extra support
The weight load here is just 264lbs - our 200lbs reviewer had no issues with support - but it is low to average.

The Corsair TC100 Relaxed is, technically speaking, a gaming chair - and one of the cheapest you’ll find from a genuine gaming brand. But don’t let that put you off. There’s no dazzling RGB strip lights surrounding the backrest, no racing stripes along the adjustable arms. Instead, what we have is a surprisingly professional-looking office chair, available in black or black-and-gray, with fabric and leatherette models, clocking in for under £200 / $250. 

With a seat height of 17.7 to 21.6in, the chair ably supports those up to 6ft 2in. However, even with that wide, comfortable seat cushion, the lower weight load (264lbs) makes it less suitable for bigger users. If you’re within range, though, you’ll find ample support here from seat, back, and neck-rest. We certainly did. We couldn’t fault the overall comfortability here, feeling well-supported across both back and shoulders throughout our use. 

It is a budget chair, so there are some trade-offs. Despite plenty of experience in this department, we didn’t find it especially easy to assemble (set aside 30 to 45 minutes, and grab someone to help). It might help if instructions were included in the box, rather than served up online. Nor is the design a stand-out. Like Corsair’s premium line, the TC100 Relaxed is muted, monochromatic. It looks as basic as they get. But it’s cheap, comfortable, and we found even the build quality is surprisingly good for the price. 

For a slightly cheaper budget mesh office chair, we’ve heard excellent reviews of the Sihoo M18 (available from Amazon US and Amazon UK). And we’ve enjoyed using other Sihoo office chairs we’ve tested. 

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Best office chair for back pain

Sihoo Doro-C300 in a smart home office during our testing process

(Image credit: Collin Probst // Future)
Ergonomically designed to relieve discomfort


Backrest: 20.4 - 22.8 x 21.2in
Seat depth: 16.5in
Seat height: 15.7 to 17.7in
Weight load: 300lbs
Warranty: 3 years