Vodafone to launch Samsung Blade in UK?

Spanish site hints at impending new release

Vodafone looks set to launch the Samsung Blade in the UK, after its Spanish began offering the phone for sale.

Some of you might recognise the Blade as the Samsung S5600 / Player / Preston, but Vodafone has decided the phone needs another name, and will label its version the Blade.

The main difference is a Jet-style prismic button on the front to replace the square button, although it will be in a more triangular shape - like a Blade in fact. Not a shiv-style blade, more a throwback to ancient daggers or something.

Same specs, different name

Featuring the same spec list as we brought you back in March on the S6500, the Blade has actually managed to lose four grams of weight in the transformation - either it was ill or the button it replaced was super-chunk.

Just to refresh your memory, the Blade has a 2.8-inch touchscreen, a 3.2MP camera, a microSD slot and the TouchWiz interface, so we'd imagine it will come in at a pretty nice and low price point.

It's currently free on contract over in Spain-land, so we'd hope the same generosity would be offered over here (especially as Orange already have the S5600 on free anyway).

Via Vodafone Spain


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