iPod on the dock

Harman Kardon wants to love your music

US audiovisual manufacturer Harman Kardon has launched a new iPod / iPhone dock that connects your music and video to its home entertainment system.

The idea is to integrate your Apple device into your day to day viewing, with on-screen menu display, remote control and charging all possible.

However, it seems this is only possible if you have the Harman Kardon AV 354 7.1 channel system to connect it to, which retails for around £400.

Dock tales

The dock itself costs nearly £65, though is included if you buy the receiver as well, so the company has clearly thought about incentives.

Linking the iPod into a home system makes sense, especially until PCs are fully transformed into media centres.

The only gripe is charging…why do all docks charge when the iPod is placed in? Surely they know this destroys the battery?

Minor points aside, it will be available from early summer this year.



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