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Today is the last day to get Hulu for 99¢ per month for 12 months

Hulu Black Friday deal
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We're nearing the end of Cyber Monday and when it ends, so does this fantastic deal on Hulu that offers new and valid returning customers 12 months of access for $0.99 per month versus the streaming service's regular price of $6.99 per month.

The deal went live a few days ago, but it's now in its closing hours – making it one of the last chances you'll get to subscribe at this price for another 365 days.

Hulu (with ads): 12 months for $0.99 per month

Hulu (with ads): 12 months for $0.99 per month
Save $72 -
For cord-cutters, this Hulu Cyber Monday deal is a must-buy, offering 12 months of the service for just a dollar per month. This is the version with ads (boo!), but you'll still be able to watch next-day showings of your favorite NBC, ABC and Fox shows, along with a great selection of movies and anime. 

The obvious caveat here is that you’re subscribing to the Hulu with Ads service, rather than the ad-free service that typically runs you $12.99 per month. 

Admittedly, the ads are frequent and annoying, but being able to watch hit shows from NBC, ABC and Fox one day after they air is really nifty, especially at this price point.

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Want to see how much Hulu's other plans cost? We’ve included the pricing on all three services down below. 

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